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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
1H NMR Spectra of a series of Disperse Azo Dyes. 1991 FEDOROV L.A.; SAVARINO P.; G. VISCARDI; BARNI E.
beta-cyclodextrin adducts of Gd(III) chelates: useful models for investigating the structural and dynamic determinants of the relaxivity of gadolinium-based systems 2003 S. AIME; E. GIANOLIO; E. TERRENO; I. MENEGOTTO; G. CRAVOTTO; L. MILONE; C. BRACCO
Characterization of human hair melanin and its degradation products by means of magnetic resonance techniques 2008 S. Ghiani; S. Baroni; D. Burgio; G. Digilio; M. Fukuhara; P. Martino; K. Monda; C. Nervi; A. Kiyomine; S. Aime
Coordination equilibrium in an Ln(III) macrocyclic chelate modulated by a reversible interaction with a weakly donor substituent 2002 DUNAND FA; S. AIME; GENINATTI CRICH S; GIOVENZANA GB; MERBACH AE
Determination of the 15 N chemical shift anisotropy in natural abundance samples by proton-detected 3D solid-state NMR under ultrafast MAS of 70 kHz 2019 Rossi F.; Duong N.T.; Pandey M.K.; Chierotti M.R.; Gobetto R.; Nishiyama Y.
Deuterium Isotopic Effects on 17O N.M.R. Spectra 1986 S. Aime; E. Santucci; R. Fruttero
Electron beam radiation effects on UHMWPE: an EPR study 2011 Valentina Brunella; Maria Cristina Paganini
EPR study of the relationship between ultra high molecular weight polyethylene structure and radicals formed during irradiation with high energy sources 2015 Brunella, Valentina; Paganini, Maria Cristina
Exploring the tumour extracellular matrix by in vivo Fast Field Cycling Relaxometry after the administration of a Gadolinium based MRI contrast agent 2019 Baroni, Simona; Ruggiero, Maria Rosaria; Aime, Silvio; Crich, Simonetta Geninatti
H-1 and O-17 NMR relaxometric study in aqueous solution of Gd(III) complexes of EGTA-like derivatives bearing methylenephosphonic groups 2008 Tei L; Botta M; Lovazzano C; Barge A; Milone L; Aime S
H-1 and O-17 relaxometric investigations of the binding of Mn(II) ion to human serum albumin 2002 S. AIME; CANTON S; GENINATTI CRICH S; TERRENO E
Heterogeneity of surface colour centres on alkaline earth metal oxides as revealed through EPR/ENDOR spectroscopy 2002 I. J. PURNELL; M. CHIESA; R. D. FARLEY; D. M. MURPHY; C. C. ROWLANDS; M. C. PAGANINI; E. GIAMELLO
HYSCORE and Davies ENDOR study of irradiated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene 2012 Paganini MC ; Brunella V ; Chiesa M
NMR Relaxometric Studies of Gd(III) Complexes with Heptadentate Macrocyclic Ligands 1998 S. AIME; M. BOTTA; S. GENINATTI CRICH; G. B. GIOVENZANA; R. PAGLIARIN; M. SISTI; E. TERRENO
Novel radical-responsive MRI contrast agent based on paramagnetic liposomes 2003 Glogard C; Stensrud G; Aime S
OH-D2 (OD-H2) isotopic exchange at the surface of CaO monitored by electron paramagnetic resonance 2000 Pescarmona; M. Chiesa; M.C. Paganini; E. Giamello
OH-D2 isotopic exchange at the surface of CaO monitored by electron paramagnetic resonance 2000 PESCARMONA P; CHIESA M; PAGANINI MC; GIAMELLO E
Os-187 subspectra in H-1 and P-31{H-1} spectra of triosmium carbonyl clusters 2002 STCHEDROFF MJ; AIME S; R. GOBETTO; SALASSA L; NORDLANDER E
Para-hydrogen induced polarization of Si-29 NMR resonances as a potentially useful tool for analytical applications 2012 S. Ellena; A. Viale; R. Gobetto; S. Aime
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