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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
An IR study to investigate the structural relationship of lignin-like matter and lignosulphonates obtained from animal-vegetable wastes 2005 E. MONTONERI
Biohydrogen and biomethane production sustained by untreated matrices and alternative application of compost waste 2016 Arizzi, Mariaconcetta; Morra, Simone; Pugliese, Massimo; Gullino, Maria Lodovica; Gilardi, Gianfranco; Valetti, Francesca
Chemical, dimensional and morphological ultrafine particle characterization from a waste-to-energy plant 2011 Giorgio Buonanno; Luca Stabile; Pasquale Avino; Elena Belluso
Different leachate phytotreatment systems using sunflowers 2017 Garbo Francesco; Lavagnolo Mc; Malagoli M; Schiavon M; Cossu R
Effects of particle size on properties and thermal inertization of bottom ashes (MSW of Turin’s incinerator) 2019 Caviglia, Caterina; Confalonieri, Giorgia; Corazzari, Ingrid; Destefanis, Enrico; Mandrone, Giuseppe; Pastero, Linda; Boero, Renato; Pavese, Alessandro
Evaluation of anaerobic digestates from sewage sludge as a potential solution for improvement of soil fertility 2019 Cristina G.; Camelin E.; Pugliese M.; Tommasi T.; Fino D.
From the Naples emergency to the waste-to-energy miracle. How and why the Italian newspapers coverage of the 2008 waste emergency in Naples influenced local public opinion’s attitude towards a waste-to-energy plant in Turin 2012 Giuseppe Tipaldo
Improving the recycling technology of waste cooking oils: Chemical fingerprint as tool for non-biodiesel application 2019 Mannu A.; Ferro M.; Dugoni G.C.; Panzeri W.; Petretto G.L.; Urgeghe P.; Mele A.
Influence of speciation distribution and particle size on heavy metal leaching from MSWI fly ash 2022 Bernasconi D.; Caviglia C.; Destefanis E.; Agostino A.; Boero R.; Marinoni N.; Bonadiman C.; Pavese A.
Influences of winery-distillery waste compost stability and type on soil carbon dynamics in amended soils 2010 Bustamante M.A.; Said-Pullicino D.; Paredes C.; Cecilia J.A.; Moral R.
Modification of soil humic matter after 4 years of compost application 2007 F. ADANI; P.L. GENENVINI; G. RICCA; F. TAMBONE; E. MONTONERI
Polyalkylphenyl-sulphonic acids with acid groups of variable strength from animal-vegetable wastes 2004 E. MONTONERI; F. ADANI; P. L. GENEVINI; G. RICCA; S. CHERUBINI; C. SPITALERI
Refuse derived soluble bio-organics enhancing tomato plant growth and productivity 2012 Sortino O.; Dipasquale M.; Montoneri E.; Tomasso L.; Perrone D.G.; Vindrola D.; Negre M.; Piccone G
Sunlight photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in aquatic systems 1990 E. Pelizzetti; E. Pramauro; C. Minero; N. Serpone
WEEE Recycling: Pyrolyisis of Fire Retardant Model Polymers 2005 M. LUDA DI CORTEMIGLIA; N. EURINGER; U. MORATTI; M. ZANETTI
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 15 di 15
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