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Abstracts of the Twentieth Meeting of the European Neurological Society. June 19-23, 2010. Berlin, Germany 2010 P. Caroppo, F.D’Agata; Caglio, M.; Rizzi, L.; Croce, M.; Pacca, P.; Fontanella, M.; Ferrio, F.; Coriasco, M.; Bradac, G.B.
C1 anterior arch preservation in transnasal odontoidectomy using three-dimensional endoscope: A case report 2015 Zenga, Francesco; Marengo, Nicola; Pacca, Paolo; Pecorari, Giancarlo; Ducati, Alessandro
Craniovertebral junction 360°: A combined microscopic and endoscopic anatomical study 2016 Jhawar, Sukhdeep Singh; Nunez, Maximiliano; Pacca, Paolo; Voscoboinik, Daniel Seclen; Truong, Huy
Three-Dimensional Endoscopic Endonasal Approach and Outcomes in Sellar Lesions: A Single-Center Experience of 104 Cases 2016 Pennacchietti, Valentina; Garzaro, Massimiliano; Grottoli, Silvia; Pacca, Paolo; Garbossa, Diego; Ducati, Alessandro; Zenga, Francesco
Three-dimensional endoscopy in transnasal transsphenoidal approach to clival chordomas 2016 Garzaro, Massimiliano; Zenga, Francesco; Raimondo, Luca; Pacca, Paolo; Pennacchietti, Valentina; Riva, Giuseppe; Ducati, Alessandro; Pecorari, Giancarlo
Nanofibrous Synthetic Dural Patch for Skull Base Defects: Preliminary Experience for Reconstruction after Extended Endonasal Approaches 2016 Zenga, Francesco; Tardivo, Valentina; Pacca, Paolo; Garzaro, Massimiliano; Garbossa, Diego; Ducati, Alessandro
Endoscopic Endonasal Approach to the Odontoid Pathologies 2016 Zenga, Francesco; Pacca, Paolo; Tardivo, Valentina; Pennacchietti, Valentina; Garbossa, Diego; Pecorari, Giancarlo; Ducati, Alessandro
3D HD Endoscopy in Skull Base Surgery: From Darkness to Light 2016 Altieri, Roberto; Tardivo, Valentina; Pacca, Paolo; Pennacchietti, Valentina; Penner, Federica; Garbossa, Diego; Ducati, Alessandro; Garzaro, Massimiliano; Zenga, Francesco
"Live cadaver" Model for internal carotid artery injury simulation in endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery 2017 Pacca, Paolo; Jhawar, Sukhdeep S.; Seclen, Daniel V.; Wang, Eric; Snyderman, Carl; Gardner, Paul A.; Aboud, Emad; Fernandez-Miranda, Juan C.*
Detailed anatomy knowledge: first step to approach petroclival meningiomas through the petrous apex. Anatomy lab experience and surgical series 2017 Altieri, Roberto; Sameshima, Tetsuro; Pacca, Paolo; Crobeddu, Emanuela; Garbossa, Diego; Ducati, Alessandro; Zenga, Francesco
Scalp Metastasis from Glioblastoma Multiforme: A Case Report and Literature Review 2017 Mammi, Marco; Altieri, Roberto; Agnoletti, Alessandro; Pacca, Paolo; Franchino, Federica; Garbossa, Diego; Ducati, Alessandro; Melcarne, Antonio
Is Pseudotumor Cerebri An Unusual Expression of Chiari Syndrome? A Case Report and Review of the Literature 2017 Pacca, Paolo; Altieri, Roberto; Zenga, Francesco; Garbossa, Diego; Ducati, Alessandro; Lanotte, Michele
Rectus capitis lateralis muscle: Anatomical relationships in posterior and anterior approaches to the jugular foramen 2017 Jhawar, Sukhdeep S.; Nunez, Maximiliano; Pacca, Paolo; Seclen Voscoboinik, Daniel; Truong, Huy Q.
Single level anterior cervical fusion. A new method to evaluate the real need of plate augmentation 2017 Ajello, Marco; Marengo, Nicola; Pacca, Paolo; Federico, Pecoraro; Zenga, Francesco; Ducati, Alessandro; Garbossa, Diego
The endoscopic endonasal approach to craniovertebral junction pathologies: Surgical skills and anatomical study 2019 Pacca, Paolo; Tardivo, Valentina; Pecorari, Giancarlo; Garbossa, Diego; Ducati, Alessandro; Zenga, Francesco
Nasal Functions in Three-Dimensional Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery 2019 Garzaro M.; Pecorari G.; Riva G.; Pennacchietti V.; Pacca P.; Raimondo L.; Tron E.; Ducati A.; Zenga F.
Endoscopic Endonasal Approach for Urgent Decompression of Craniovertebral Junction in Syringobulbia 2019 Pacca P.; Marengo N.; Di Perna G.; Penner F.; Ajello M.; Garbossa D.; Zenga F.
Super Giant Growth Hormone−Secreting Pituitary Adenoma in Young Woman: From Ventricles to Nose 2019 Penner, Federica*; Prencipe, Nunzia; Pennacchietti, Valentina; Pacca, Paolo; Cambria, Valeria; Garbossa, Diego; Zenga, Francesco
Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring during spinal surgery: technical review in open and minimally invasive approaches 2019 Cofano, Fabio; Zenga, Francesco; Mammi, Marco; Altieri, Roberto; Marengo, Nicola; Ajello, Marco; Pacca, Paolo; Melcarne, Antonio; Junemann, Carola; Ducati, Alessandro; Garbossa, Diego
Cortical Bone Trajectory Screw Placement Accuracy with a Patient-Matched 3-Dimensional Printed Guide in Lumbar Spinal Surgery: A Clinical Study 2019 Marengo N.; Matsukawa K.; Monticelli M.; Ajello M.; Pacca P.; Cofano F.; Penner F.; Zenga F.; Ducati A.; Garbossa D.
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