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Astrophysical fluid simulations of thermally ideal gases with non-constant adiabatic index: numerical implementation 2015 B. Vaidya.;A. Mignone.;G. Bodo; S. Massaglia
MHD simulations of three-dimensional resistive reconnection in a cylindrical plasma column 2016 Striani, E.*; Mignone, A.; Vaidya, B.; Bodo, G.; Ferrari, A.
Scalable explicit implementation of anisotropic diffusion with Runge-Kutta-Legendre super-time stepping 2017 Vaidya, Bhargav; Prasad, Deovrat; Mignone, Andrea; Sharma, Prateek; Rickler, Luca
A Particle Module for the PLUTO Code. I. An Implementation of the MHD–PIC Equations 2018 A. Mignone, G. Bodo, B. Vaidya, G. Mattia
A Particle Module for the PLUTO code: II - Hybrid Framework for Modeling Non-thermal emission from Relativistic Magnetized flows 2018 B. Vaidya.; A. Mignone; G. Bodo; P. Rossi; S. Massaglia
A Particle Module for the PLUTO Code. III. Dust 2019 Mignone, A.; Flock, M.; Vaidya, B.
Simulating the dynamics and non-thermal emission of relativistic magnetized jets I. Dynamics 2020 Mukherjee D.; Bodo G.; Mignone A.; Rossi P.; Vaidya B.
Particle-Gas Hybrid Schemes in the PLUTO Code 2020 Mignone A.; Vaidya B.; Puzzoni E.; Mukherjee D.; Bodo G.; Flock M.
Simulating the dynamics and synchrotron emission from relativistic jets – II. Evolution of non-thermal electrons 2021 Mukherjee, Dipanjan; Bodo, Gianluigi; Rossi, Paola; Mignone, Andrea; Vaidya, Bhargav
Numerical study of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and its effect on synthetic emission from magnetized jets 2021 Borse N.; Acharya S.; Vaidya B.; Mukherjee D.; Bodo G.; Rossi P.; Mignone A.
Morphology of radio relics-I. What causes the substructure of synchrotron emission? 2021 Dominguez-Fernandez P.; Bruggen M.; Vazza F.; Banda-Barragan W.E.; Rajpurohit K.; Mignone A.; Mukherjee D.; Vaidya B.
A numerical study of the interplay between Fermi acceleration mechanisms in radio lobes of FR-II radio galaxies 2022 Kundu S.; Vaidya B.; Mignone A.; Hardcastle M.J.
Modelling X-shaped radio galaxies: Dynamical and emission signatures from the Back-flow model 2022 Giri G.; Vaidya B.; Rossi P.; Bodo G.; Mukherjee D.; Mignone A.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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