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Muscle dysmorphia and psychopathology: Findings from an Italian sample of male bodybuilders 2017 Longobardi, Claudio; Prino, Laura Elvira; Fabris, Matteo Angelo; Settanni, Michele
School violence in two Mediterranean countries: Italy and Albania 2017 Longobardi, C.*; Prino, L.E.; Fabris, M.A.; Settanni, M.
The interplay between ADHD symptoms and time perspective in addictive social media use: A study on adolescent Facebook users 2018 Settanni, Michele; Marengo, Davide*; Fabris, Matteo Angelo; Longobardi, Claudio
Highly-visual social media and internalizing symptoms in adolescence: The mediating role of body image concerns 2018 Marengo, D.; Longobardi, C.*; Fabris, M.A.; Settanni, M.
The relationship between internalized homonegativity and body image concerns in sexual minority men: a meta-analysis 2018 Badenes-Ribera, Laura; Fabris, Matteo Angelo; Longobardi, Claudio*
Attachment Style and Risk of Muscle Dysmorphia in a Sample of Male Bodybuilders 2018 Fabris, Matteo Angelo; Longobardi, Claudio; Prino, Laura E.; Settanni, Michele
Muscle Dysmorphia and anabolic steroid abuse: Can we trust the data of online research? 2018 Settanni, Michele; Prino, Laura Elvira*; Fabris, Matteo Angelo; Longobardi, Claudio
Soap bubbles as a distraction technique in the management of pain, anxiety, and fear in children at the paediatric emergency room: A pilot study 2019 Longobardi, Claudio*; Prino, Laura E.; Fabris, Matteo A.; Settanni, Michele
Parent and peer attachment as predictors of facebook addiction symptoms in different developmental stages (early adolescents and adolescents) 2019 Badenes-Ribera L.; Fabris M.A.; Gastaldi F.G.M.; Prino L.E.; Longobardi C.
The association between muscle dysmorphia and eating disorder symptomatology: A systematic review and meta-analysis 2019 Badenes-Ribera L.; Rubio-Aparicio M.; Sanchez-Meca J.; Fabris M.A.; Longobardi C.
Prevalence of Student Violence Against Teachers: A Meta-Analysis 2019 Longobardi, Claudio*; Badenes-Ribera, Laura; Fabris, Matteo Angelo; Martinez, Andrew; McMahon, Susan D.
Violence in school: An investigation of physical, psychological, and sexual victimization reported by Italian adolescents 2019 Longobardi, Claudio; Prino, LAURA ELVIRA; Fabris, MATTEO ANGELO; Settanni, Michele
Effects of Bullying Victimization on Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms: The Mediating Role of Alexithymia 2019 Prino, Laura E.; Longobardi, Claudio; Fabris, Matteo A.; Parada, Roberto H.; Settanni, Michele
The moderating role of gender in siblings of adults with intellectual disabilities 2019 Prino, Laura Elvira; Scigala, Dawid; Fabris, Matteo Angelo; Longobardi, Claudio
Examining the selection of university courses in young adults with learning disabilities 2019 Longobardi C.; Fabris M.A.; Mendola M.; Prino L.E.
Preference for videogames and its correlations with moral disengagement, personality traits and academic achievement in Italian pre-adolescents 2019 Fabris M.A.; Longobardi C.; Gastaldi F.G.M.
Students' psychological adjustment in normative school transitions from kindergarten to high school: Investigating the role of teacher-student relationship quality 2019 Longobardi C.; Settanni M.; Prino L.E.; Fabris M.A.; Marengo D.
Problematic gambling behaviour in adolescents: prevalence and its relation to social, self-regulatory, and academic self-efficacy 2020 Bozzato P.; Longobardi C.; Fabris M.A.
Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Victimization Across Three Generations: a Cross-Sectional Study 2020 Badenes-Ribera L.; Fabris M.A.; Prino L.E.; Gastaldi F.G.M.; Longobardi C.
COVID-19 Emergency: Social Distancing and Social Exclusion as Risks for Suicide Ideation and Attempts in Adolescents 2020 Longobardi, Claudio; Morese, Rosalba; Fabris, Matteo Angelo
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