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The p23 co-chaperone protein is a novel substrate of CK2 in Arabidopsis 2011 Tosoni K.; Costa A.; Sarno S.; D'Alessandro S.; Sparla F.; Pinna L.A.; Zottini M.; Ruzzene M.
Limits in the use of cPTIO as nitric oxide scavenger and EPR probe in plant cells and seedlings 2013 D'Alessandro S.; Posocco B.; Costa A.; Zahariou G
Limits in the use of cPTIO as nitric oxide scavenger and EPR probe in plant cells and seedlings 2013 D'Alessandro S.; Posocco B.; Costa A.; Zahariou G.; Lo Schiavo F.; Carbonera D.; Zottini M.
Involvement of Arabidopsis p23 in hormone regulation through regulation of reactive nitrogen species 2013 D'Alessandro, S; Zanin, S; Schiavo, Lo; Ruzzene, M; Zottini, M
Biochemical and functional characterization of p23, a regulatory co-chaperone of HSP90 in Arabidopsis 2013 D'Alessandro; Stefano
The co-chaperone p23 controls root development through the modulation of auxin distribution in the Arabidopsis root meristem 2015 D'Alessandro S.; Golin S.; Hardtke C.S.; Lo Schiavo F.; Zottini M.
Beneficial bacteria isolated from grapevine inner tissues shape arabidopsis Thaliana roots 2015 Baldan E.; Nigris S.; Romualdi C.; D'Alessandro S.; Clocchiatti A.; Zottini M.; Stevanato P.; Squartini A.; Baldan B.
Uncoupling high light responses from singlet oxygen retrograde signaling and spatial-temporal systemic acquired acclimation 2016 Carmody M.; Crisp P.A.; D'Alessandro S.; Ganguly D.; Gordon M.; Havaux M.; Albrecht-Borth V.; Pogson B.J.
METHYLENE BLUE SENSITIVITY 1 (MBS1) is required for acclimation of Arabidopsis to singlet oxygen and acts downstream of β-cyclocitral 2017 Shumbe L.; D'Alessandro S.; Shao N.; Chevalier A.; Ksas B.; Bock R.; Havaux M.
Use of beta-cyclocitric acid or a salt thereof to enhance plant tolerance to drought stress (PATENT) 2018 Michel Havaux; Stefano D'Alessandro
Decoding β-cyclocitral-mediated retrograde signaling reveals the role of a detoxification response in plant tolerance to photooxidative stress 2018 D'Alessandro, Stefano; Ksas, Brigitte; Havaux, Michel
Phosphorylation of p23-1 cochaperone by protein kinase CK2 affects root development in Arabidopsis 2019 D'Alessandro S.; Golin S.; Zanin S.; Cendron L.; Zottini M.; Ruzzene M.
OXI1 and DAD regulate light-induced cell death antagonistically through jasmonate and salicylate levels 2019 Beaugelin I.; Chevalier A.; D'Alessandro S.; Ksas B.; Novak O.; Strnad M.; Forzani C.; Hirt H.; Havaux M.; Monnet F.
Sensing β-carotene oxidation in photosystem II to master plant stress tolerance 2019 D'Alessandro S.; Havaux M.
The Apocarotenoid β-Cyclocitric Acid Elicits Drought Tolerance in Plants 2019 D'Alessandro S.; Mizokami Y.; Legeret B.; Havaux M.
L’acide β-cyclocitrique, un phytostimulant naturel pour protéger les plantes de la sécheresse 2020 stefano d'alessandro; michel havaux
Tanned or Sunburned: How Excessive Light Triggers Plant Cell Death 2020 D'Alessandro S.; Beaugelin I.; Havaux M.
Endoplasmic reticulum-mediated unfolded protein response is an integral part of singlet oxygen signalling in plants 2020 Beaugelin I.; Chevalier A.; D'Alessandro S.; Ksas B.; Havaux M.
MoBiFC: development of a modular bimolecular fluorescence complementation toolkit for the analysis of chloroplast protein-protein interactions 2021 Florent Velay, Melanie Soula, Marwa Mehrez, Stefano D’Alessandro, Christophe Laloi, Patrice Crete, Ben Field
A ppGpp-mediated brake on photosynthesis is required for acclimation to nitrogen limitation in Arabidopsis 2021 Shanna Romand, Hela Abdelkefi, Cecile Lecampion, Mohamed Belaroussi, Melanie Dussenne, Brigitte Ksas, Sylvie Citerne, José Caius, Stefano D’Alessandro, Hatem Fakhfakh, Stefano Caffarri, Michel Havaux, Ben Field
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