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Arc sensitivity to cluster ellipticity, asymmetries, and substructures 2007 Meneghetti M.; Argazzi R.; Pace F.; Moscardini L.; Dolag K.; Bartelmann M.; Li G.; Oguri M.
Testing the reliability of weak lensing cluster detections 2007 Pace F.; Maturi M.; Meneghetti M.; Bartelmann M.; Moscardini L.; Dolag K.
Statistical properties of SZ and X-ray cluster detections 2008 Pace F.; Maturi M.; Bartelmann M.; Cappelluti N.; Dolag K.; Meneghetti M.; Moscardini L.
An analytic approach to number counts of weak-lensing peak detections 2010 Maturi M.; Angrick C.; Pace F.; Bartelmann M.
Spherical collapse model in dark-energy cosmologies 2010 Pace F.; Waizmann J.-C.; Bartelmann M.
Strong lensing in the MARENOSTRUM UNIVERSE I. Biases in the cluster lens population 2010 Meneghetti, M.; Fedeli, C.; Pace, F.; Gottlöber, S.; Yepes, G.
The effect of primordial non-Gaussianity on the skeleton of cosmic shear maps 2011 Fedeli C.; Pace F.; Moscardini L.; Grossi M.; Dolag K.
A numerical study of the effects of primordial non-Gaussianities on weak lensing statistics 2011 Pace F.; Moscardini L.; Bartelmann M.; Branchini E.; Dolag K.; Grossi M.; Matarrese S.
Relativistic virialization in the spherical collapse model for Einstein-de Sitter and ΛcDM cosmologies 2012 Meyer S.; Pace F.; Bartelmann M.
Structure formation in cosmologies with oscillating dark energy 2012 Pace F.; Fedeli C.; Moscardini L.; Bartelmann M.
Bounded scalar perturbations in bouncing brane world cosmologies 2013 Maier R.; Pace F.; Soares I.D.
Extended spherical collapse and the accelerating universe 2013 Del Popolo A.; Pace F.; Lima J.A.S.
Shear and rotation in Chaplygin cosmology 2013 Del Popolo A.; Pace F.; Maydanyuk S.P.; Lima J.A.S.; Jesus J.F.
Spherical collapse model with shear and angular momentum in dark energy cosmologies 2013 Del Popolo A.; Pace F.; Lima J.A.S.
Structure formation in inhomogeneous Early Dark Energy models 2013 Batista R.C.; Pace F.
Effects of shear and rotation on the spherical collapse model for clustering dark energy 2014 Pace F.; Batista R.C.; Del Popolo A.
A comparison of structure formation in minimally and non-minimally coupled quintessence models 2014 Pace F.; Moscardini L.; Crittenden R.; Bartelmann M.; Pettorino V.
Hydrodynamical chemistry simulations of the sunyaev-zel'dovich effect and the impacts from primordial non-Gaussianities 2014 Pace F.; Maio U.
Effects of ghost dark energy perturbations on the evolution of spherical overdensities 2015 Malekjani M.; Naderi T.; Pace F.
Constraints on Ωm and σ8 from the potential-based cluster temperature function 2015 Angrick C.; Pace F.; Bartelmann M.; Roncarelli M.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 59
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