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[Evaluation of some blood clotting parameters in relation to the administration of estroprogestins] 1978 ORLANDI F ;CATTANEO C ;GABASIO S ;SPANDRE M ;PACCOTTI P ;RUSTICHELLI S
[Treatment of refractory arterial hypertension with a converting enzyme inhibiting drug (Captopril)] 1981 LAVEZZARO GC ;ANGELINO PF ;GASTALDO D ;MINELLI M ;PACCOTTI P ;ANGELI A
Adenohypophyseal hormone levels in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with pituitary disease. 1983 DOGLIOTTI L ;FAGGIUOLO R ;ORLANDI F ;PACCOTTI P ;ANGELI A
Acute administration of melatonin at two opposite circadian stages does not change responses to gonadotropin releasing hormone, thyrotropin releasing hormone and ACTH in healthy adult males. 1987 PACCOTTI P ;TERZOLO M ;TORTA M ;VIGNANI A ;SCHENA M ;PIOVESAN A ;ANGELI A
Effects of exogenous melatonin on human pituitary and adrenal secretions. Hormonal responses to specific stimuli after acute administration of different doses at two opposite circadian stages in men. 1988 PACCOTTI P ;TERZOLO M ;PIOVESAN A ;TORTA M ;VIGNANI A ;ANGELI A
Plasma steroid responses to circadian-stage-specified injection of different doses of the ACTH analogue alsactide (ACTH 1-17) in healthy adult human males. 1988 VEGLIO F ;PADOAN M ;GAMBINO M ;PACCOTTI P ;TERZOLO M ;ANGELI A
Ketoconazole treatment in Cushing's disease. Effect on the circadian profile of plasma ACTH and cortisol. 1988 TERZOLO M ;PANARELLI M ;PIOVESAN A ;TORTA M ;PACCOTTI P ;ANGELI A
Effects of long-term, low-dose, time-specified melatonin administration on endocrine and cardiovascular variables in adult men. 1990 M. TERZOLO; A. PIOVESAN; B. PULIGHEDDU; M. TORTA; G. OSELLA; P. PACCOTTI; A. ANGELI.
24-hour profiles of blood pressure and heart rate in Cushing's syndrome: relationship between cortisol and cardiovascular rhythmicities. 1990 PIOVESAN A ;PANARELLI M ;TERZOLO M ;OSELLA G ;MATRELLA C ;PACCOTTI P ;ANGELI A
Circadian profile of serum melatonin in Cushing's disease and acromegaly. 1990 PIOVESAN A ;TERZOLO M ;BORRETTA G ;TORTA M ;BUNIVA T ;OSELLA G ;PACCOTTI P ;ANGELI A
24-hour profiles of blood pressure and heart rate in Cushing's syndrome. Evidence for differential control of cardiovascular variables by glucocorticoids. 1990 PANARELLI M ;TERZOLO M ;PIOVESAN A ;OSELLA G ;PACCOTTI P ;PINNA G ;ANGELI A
Morning to evening changes of human pituitary and adrenal responses to specific stimuli. 1990 TERZOLO M ;PIOVESAN A ;OSELLA G ;PULIGHEDDU B ;TORTA M ;PACCOTTI P ;ANGELI A
[Drugs and andrological side-effects] 1991 PACCOTTI P ;OSELLA G ;PIOVESAN A ;TERZOLO M ;PIA A ;ANGELI A
Exogenous melatonin enhances the TRH-induced prolactin release in normally cycling women: a sex-specific effect. 1991 TERZOLO M ;PIOVESAN A ;OSELLA G ;TORTA M ;BUNIVA T ;PACCOTTI P ;WIERDIS T ;ANGELI A
Hyperthyroidism due to a pituitary adenoma composed of two different cell types, one secreting alpha-subunit alone and another cosecreting alpha-subunit and thyrotropin. 1991 TERZOLO M ;ORLANDI F ;BASSETTI M ;MEDRI G ;PACCOTTI D ;CORTELAZZI D ;ANGELI A ;BECK-PECCOZ P
Epifisi 1992 PACCOTTI P.; OSELLA G.
Similarity of the nocturnal profile of serum melatonin at early puberty and early adulthood. 1992 TERZOLO M ;PIOVESAN A ;PIA A ;ARVAT E ;BELLONE J ;VALENTE F ;PACCOTTI P ;GHIGO E ;ANGELI A
Favorable response of metastatic adrenocortical carcinoma to etoposide, adriamycin and cisplatin (EAP) chemotherapy. Report of two cases. 1992 BERRUTI A; TERZOLO M; PACCOTTI P; VEGLIO F; PIA A; L. DOGLIOTTI; ANGELI A
Trattamento delle neoplasie delle ghiandole a secrezione interna 1993 Faggiuolo R.; Paccotti P.; Angeli A.
Evening administration of melatonin enhances the pulsatile secretion of prolactin but not of LH and TSH in normally cycling women 1993 TERZOLO M.; REVELLI A.; GUIDETTI D.; PIOVESAN A.; CASSONI P.; PACCOTTI P.; ANGELI A.; MASSOBRIO M.
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