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Detecting the presence of a random drift in Brownian motion 2022 Johnson P.; Pedersen J.L.; Peskir G.; Zucca C.
Exact simulation of diffusion first exit times: algorithm acceleration 2022 Herrmann Samuel; Zucca Cristina
Exact simulation of first exit times for one-dimensional diffusion processes 2020 Herrmann, Samuel; Zucca, Cristina
The Inverse First Passage time method for a two dimensional Ornstein Uhlenbeck process with neuronal application 2019 Civallero A.; Zucca C.
Exact Simulation of the First-Passage Time of Diffusions 2019 Herrmann, S.; Zucca, C.
Estimation of the dynamics of frequency drift in mature ultra-stable oscillators: A study based on the in-flight performance from New Horizons 2016 Weaver, Gregory L.; Jensen, J. Robert; Zucca, Cristina; Tavella, Patrizia; Formichella, Valerio; Peskir, Goran
First passage times of two-dimensional correlated processes: Analytical results for the Wiener process and a numerical method for diffusion processes 2016 Sacerdote L.; Tamborrino M.; Zucca C.
The Gamma renewal process as an output of the diffusion leaky integrate-and-fire neuronal model 2016 Lansky, Petr; Sacerdote, Laura; Zucca, Cristina
Detecting atomic clock frequency trends using an optimal stopping method 2016 Zucca, C.; Tavella, P.; Peskir, G.
A mathematical model for the atomic clock error in case of jumps 2015 Zucca, C ; Tavella, P
Joint densities of first hitting times of a diffusion process through two time dependent boundaries 2014 L. SACERDOTE; O. TELVE; C. ZUCCA
Joint distribution of first exit times of a two dimensional Wiener process with jumps with application to a pair of coupled neurons 2013 Laura Sacerdote;Cristina Zucca
A first passage problem for a bivariate diffusion process: numerical solution with an application to neuroscience when the process is Gauss-Markov 2013 Benedetto E.; Sacerdote L.; Zucca C.
Detecting dependencies between spike trains of pairs ofneurons through copulas 2012 Laura Sacerdote; Massimiliano Tamborrino; Cristina Zucca
Estimation of information measures in coupled diffusion neuronal models 2011 Giraudo MT; Sacerdote L.; Sirovich R.; Zucca C.
Dependencies between spike times of a couple of neurons modeled via a two-dimensional LIF model 2010 L. Sacerdote; M. Tamborrino; C. Zucca
On the Inverse First-Passage-Time Problem for a Wiener Process 2009 Zucca C; Sacerdote L
Statistical study of the Inverse First Passage Time Algorithm 2007 Sacerdote L.; Zucca C.
Input Identification in the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Neuronal Model with Signal Dependent Noise 2007 Lansky P.; Sacerdote L.; Zucca C.
Randomness and variability of the neuronal activity described by the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model 2007 Kostal L; Lansky P; Zucca C.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 32
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