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Oxides 2012. 5° workshop on oxide based materials 2012 yuriy sakhno, chiara deiana, marco fabbiani, marco pazzi, marco vincenti, salvatore coluccia, gianmario martra
Direct synthesis of amides from carboxylic acids and amines using heterogeneous catalysts: evidence of surface carboxylates as activated electrophilic species 2012 Yuriy Sakhno; Chiara Deiana; Marco Fabbiani; Marco Pazzi; Marco Vincenti; Salvatore Coluccia; Gianmario Martra
Catalytic synthesis of amide from carboxylic acids and amines: evidence of surface carboxylates as activated species 2013 P. Ivanchenko; Yu. Sakhno; C. Deiana; M. Fabbiani; G. Martra
Evidence of Surface Carboxylates as Activated Electrophilic Species in the Direct Synthesis of Amides from Carboxylic Acids and Amines 2013 YURIY SAKHNO; CHIARA DEIANA; MARCO FABBIANI; MARCO PAZZI; MARCO VINCENTI; GIANMARIO MARTRA
Direct Synthesis of Amides from Carboxylic Acids and Amines by Using Heterogeneous Catalysts: Evidence of Surface Carboxylates as Activated Electrophilic Species 2013 Chiara Deiana;Yuriy Sakhno;Marco Fabbiani;Marco Pazzi;Marco Vincenti;Gianmario Martra
Inside Cover: The Formation and Self-Assembly of Long Prebiotic Oligomers Produced by the Condensation of Unactivated Amino Acids on Oxide Surfaces (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 18/2014) 2014 Gianmario Martra, Chiara Deiana, Yuriy Sakhno, Ilvis Barberis, Marco Fabbiani, Marco Pazzi, Marco Vincenti
Formation and self-assembly of long prebiotic oligomers produced by the condensation of unactivated amino acids on oxide surfaces 2014 G. Martra; C. Deiana; Y. Sakhno; I. Barberis; M. Fabbiani; M. Pazzi; M. Vincenti
FORMATION OF HOMO‐ AND HETERO‐PEPTIDES BY CONDENSATION OF NON‐ACTIVATED AMINO ACIDS: THE ROLE OF OXIDES SURFACES 2016 marco fabbiani, ambra santeufemia, chiara deiana, albert rimola, piero ugliengo, gianmario martra
Molecules @ Surfaces 2016 marco fabbiani, ambra santeufemia, chiara deiana, gianmario martra
Structure and Host-Guest Interactions of Perylene-Diimide Dyes in Zeolite L Nanochannels 2018 Gigli, Lara*; Arletti, Rossella; Tabacchi, Gloria; Fabbiani, Marco; Vitillo, Jenny G.; Martra, Gianmario; Devaux, Andre; Miletto, Ivana; Quartieri, Simona; Calzaferri, Gion; Fois, Ettore
Does the Abiotic Formation of Oligopeptides on TiO₂ Nanoparticles Require Special Catalytic Sites? Apparently Not 2018 Fabbiani, Marco; Pazzi, Marco; Vincenti, Marco; Tabacch, Gloria; Fois, Ettore; Martra, Gianmario
Solvent-free synthesis of Ser–His dipeptide from non-activated amino acids and its potential function as organocatalyst 2018 Fabbiani, Marco*; Rebba, Erica; Pazzi, Marco; Vincenti, Marco; Fois, Ettore; Martra, Gianmario
Zeolite/dye hybrid composites: Organization of photoactive azobenzene molecules inside AlPO4-5 2018 Polisi, Michelangelo; Arletti, Rossella; Morandi, Sara; Fabbiani, Marco; Martra, Gianmario; Quartieri, Simona; Pastero, Linda; Vezzalini, Giovanna
Revisiting the paradigm of silica pathogenicity: silanols, not crystallinity, as key determinant 2018 Pavan, C.; Turci, F.; Tomatis, M.; Leinardi, R.; Pastero, L.; Fabbiani, M.; Martra, G.; Fubini, B.; Lison, D.
How does Silica Catalyze the Amide Bond Formation in Dry Conditions? Role of Specific Surface Silanol Pairs 2018 Albert Rimola, Marco Fabbiani, Mariona Sodupe, Piero Ugliengo, Gianmario Martra
The Case of Formic Acid on Anatase TiO2(101): Where is the Acid Proton? 2019 Tabacchi G.; Fabbiani M.; Mino L.; Martra G.; Fois E.
High-silica mordenite as scaffold for phenylacetylene polymerization: In situ high pressure investigation 2020 Confalonieri G.; Fabbiani M.; Arletti R.; Quartieri S.; Di Renzo F.; Haines J.; Tabacchi G.; Fois E.; Vezzalini G.; Martra G.; Santoro M.
Nearly free surface silanols are the critical molecular moieties that initiate the toxicity of silica particles 2020 Pavan, Cristina; Santalucia, Rosangela; Leinardi, Riccardo; Fabbiani, Marco; Yakoub, Yousof; Uwambayinema, Francine; Ugliengo, Piero; Tomatis, Maura; Martra, Gianmario; Turci, Francesco; Lison, Dominique; Fubini, Bice
Thermal behavior of high silica mordenite 2020 Fantini R.; Arletti R.; Quartieri S.; Fabbiani M.; Morandi S.; Martra G.; Di Renzo F.; Vezzalini G.
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