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The relative age effect is larger in Italian soccer top-level youth categories and smaller in Serie A 2018 Brustio, Paolo Riccardo; Lupo, Corrado*; Ungureanu, Alexandru Nicolae; Frati, Riccardo; Rainoldi, Alberto; Boccia, Gennaro
The relative age effect in elite Italian team sports emerged only in the first years of career 2018 Lupo C., Boccia G, Ungureanu AN, Frati R, Marocco R, Brustio PR
Relative age effect in soccer: a study on Italian clubs competing in Serie A and relative youth sectors. 2018 Brustio PR, Lupo C, Ungureanu AN, Frati R, Rainoldi A, Boccia G
Technical and time-motion indicators, neuromuscular performance, and heart rate impact in elite Italian rugby training. 2018 Lupo C., Ungureanu AN, Brustio PR, Licciardi A, Boccia G, Rainoldi A
Integrated approach to monitor training in elite rugby union players: internal load, time motion analyses, and neuromuscular responses 2019 C. Lupo, P.R. Brustio, A.N. Ungureanu, A. Licciardi, G. Boccia, A. Rainoldi
Players are more able to monitor training in elite youth female basketball than coaches 2019 C. Lupo, A.N. Ungureanu, R. Frati, M. Panichi, S. Grillo, P.R. Brustio
“How” is more important than “how much” for game possession in elite northern hemisphere rugby union 2019 Ungureanu, Alexandru Nicolae; Brustio, Paolo Riccardo; Mattina, Luca; Lupo, Corrado
Different responses on upper- and lower-body neuromuscular function following rugby union training sessions: the effect of physical contacts 2019 P.R. Brustio, G. Boccia, A.N. Ungureanu, A. Rainoldi, C. Lupo
Performance analysis of elite lifesavers during competition: effects related to gender, turn of competition, and age category 2019 Lupo C.; Ungureanu A.N.; De Pasquale P.; Brustio P.R.
Running technique is more effective than soccer-specific training for improving the sprint and agility performances with ball possession of prepubescent soccer players 2019 Lupo, Corrado; Ungureanu, Alexandru Nicolae; Varalda, Mattia; Brustio, Paolo Riccardo
Relative age influences performance of world-class track and field athletes even in the adulthood 2019 Brustio P.R.; Kearney P.E.; Lupo C.; Ungureanu A.N.; Mulasso A.; Rainoldi A.; Boccia G.
Technical and tactical aspects in Italian youth rugby union in relation to different academies, regional tournaments, and outcomes 2019 Ungureanu A.N.; Condello G.; Pistore S.; Conte D.; Lupo C.
The beginning of senior career in team sport is affected by relative age effect 2019 Lupo C.; Boccia G.; Ungureanu A.N.; Frati R.; Marocco R.; Brustio P.R.
Session-RPE is a valuable internal loading evaluation method in beach volleyball for both genders, elite and amateur players, conditioning and technical sessions, but limited for tactical training and games 2020 Lupo, Corrado; Ungureanu, Alexandru Nicolae; Brustio, Paolo Riccardo
Player Session Rating of Perceived Exertion: A More Valid Tool Than Coaches' Ratings to Monitor Internal Training Load in Elite Youth Female Basketball 2020 Lupo C., Ungureanu A.N., Frati R., Panichi M., Grillo S., Brustio P.R.
Training sessions with tackles impair upper-limb neuromuscular function in elite rugby union 2020 Paolo Riccardo Brustio,Gennaro Boccia, Alexandru Nicolae Ungureanu, Corrado Lupo
Effects of pre-session well-being perception on internal training load in female volleyball players. 2021 Ungureanu A.N., Brustio P.R., Boccia G., Rainoldi A., Lupo C.
Internal-training-load monitoring, notational and time-motion analyses, psychometric status, and neuromuscular responses in elite rugby union 2021 Lupo C.; Ungureanu A.N.; Boccia G.; Licciardi A.; Rainoldi A.; Brustio P.R.
Internal Training Load Affects Day-After-Pretraining Perceived Fatigue in Female Volleyball Players 2021 Ungureanu A.N., Lupo C., Boccia G., Brustio P.R
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