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Metalloproteinase secretion by endometrial leukocyte subsets. 1995 SHI W; B. MOGNETTI; CAMPANA A; BISCHOF P
The development of preimplantation mouse parthenogenones in vitro in absence of glucose: influence of the maternally inherited components. 1996 B. MOGNETTI; LEPPENS G; SAKKAS D
Defects in the allocation of cells to the inner cell mass and trophectoderm of parthenogenetic mouse blastocysts 1996 B. MOGNETTI; SAKKAS D
Immune suppression and Th1/Th2 balance in pregnancy revisited: a (very) personal tribute to Tom Wegmann 1997 CHAOUAT G; TRANCHOT DIALLO J; VOLUMENIE JL; MENU E; GRAS G; DELAGE G; B. MOGNETTI
Insights into the mechanisms of vertical transmission of HIV-1. BIOMED2 Working Group on the in utero transmission of HIV-1 1997 MENU E; B. MOGNETTI; MOUSSA M; NARDESE V; TRESOLDI L; TSCHERNING C; MBOPI KEOU FX; DUBANCHET S; MAUCLERE P; FENYO EM; SCARLATTI G; BARRE-SINOUSSI F; CHAOUAT G
Induction of transient murine T cell anergy by a low molecular weight compound obtained from supernatants of human placental cultures is linked to defective phosphorylation of TCR CD3 chain 1997 VOLUMENIE JL; B. MOGNETTI; DE SMEDT D; MENU E; CHAOUAT G
Vertical transmission of HIV: parameters which might affect infection of placental trophoblasts by HIV-1: a review. Biomed Group on the Study of in Utero Transmission of HIV 1. 1999 MOUSSA M; B. MOGNETTI; DUBANCHET S; MENU E; ROQUES P; GRAS G; DORMONT D; BARRE-SINOUSSI F; CHAOUAT G
Effect of the liver perchloric extract UK101 on Syrian hamster oral tumors 2000 GHEZZO F; DI CARLO F; CESANO L; CORVETTI G; ARZANI C; BAILO M; MOGNETTI B; BOSIO A; BARTORELLI A; G. BERTA
Salicylic acid inhibits dimethylbenzanthracene (DMBA) induced mammary carcinogenesis in a dose dipendent manner 2000 G. BERTA; CESANO L; BOSIO A; PIRRO E; CORVETTI G; MOGNETTI B; GIAI PRON R; GHEZZO F
HIV-1 co-receptor expression on trophoblastic cells from early placentas and permissivity to infection by several HIV-1 primary isolates 2000 B. MOGNETTI; MOUSSA M; CROITORU J; MENU E; DORMONT D; ROQUES P; CHAOUAT G
Effect of the single major proteic fractions of the liver perchloric extract UK101 on the development of oral tumours in Syrian hamsters 2001 G. BERTA; F. DI CARLO; A. BOSIO; G. CORVETTI; L. CESANO; C. ARZANI; M. BAILO; B. MOGNETTI; A. BARTORELLI; F. GHEZZO
Expression of beta chemokines in explants and trophoblasts from early and term human placentae 2001 MOUSSA M; B. MOGNETTI; DUBANCHET S; MENU E; ROQUES P; DORMONT D; BARRE-SINOUSSI F; CHAOUAT G
Evaluating the impact of angiogenetic inhibitors on chemical carcinogenesis of oral tumors in the buccal pouch Syrian hamster model 2002 GIAI PRON R; G. BERTA; LIMONCIELLO V; GHEZZO F; MOGNETTI B; CESANO L; PIRRO E; DI CARLO F.
Salicylate counteracts streptozotocin induced diabetes mellitus in rat 2002 Ghezzo F; Pirro E; De Francia S; Cesano L; Mognetti B; Berta G; Chiarpotto E; Poli G; Di Carlo F
Antineoplastic effects of SU5416, a novel vascular endothelial growth factor pathway inhibitor, in an oral cancer model 2003 G. BERTA; GIAI PRON R; GHEZZO F; MOGNETTI B; CORVETTI G; LIMONCIELLO V; PIRRO E; TRIONE E; DI CARLO F
DNA vaccination through electroporation against HER-2/neu p185 protects Syrian hamsters from development of oral tumor induced by injection of tumor cells 2003 MOGNETTI B; SPADARO M; BERTA G; CORVETTI G; CAVALLO F; DI CARLO F
Expression of chemokines and their receptors in human and simian astrocytes: evidence for a central role of TNF alpha and IFN gamma in CXCR4 and CCR5 modulation 2003 CROITORU-LAMOURY J; GUILLEMIN GJ; BOUSSIN FD; B. MOGNETTI; GIGOUT LI; CHERET A; VASLIN B; LE GRAND R; BREW BJ; DORMONT D
Immunopharmacological prevention of oral squamous cell carcinoma through DNA vaccination by electroporation: a preclinical study 2004 Mognetti B; Spadaro M; Berta G; Corvetti G; Cavallo F; Trione E; Di Carlo F
Salicylate inhibition of rat mammary carcinogenesis and angiogenesis in female rat compatible with misoprostol administration 2005 GHEZZO F; CESANO L; MOGNETTI B; PESCE E; PIRRO E; CORVETTI G; BERTA GN; ZINGARO B; DI CARLO F
DNA vaccination against Her-2 by electroporation protects rodents against squamous cell carcinomas 2005 MOGNETTI B; BERTA G; SPADARO M; CAVALLO F; TRIONE E; CORVETTI G; AMICI A; FORNI G; DI CARLO F
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