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Growth hacking: A critical review to clarify its meaning and guide its practical application 2024 Bargoni, Augusto; Santoro, Gabriele; Messeni Petruzzelli, Antonio; Ferraris, Alberto
Highway to hell or paradise city? Exploring the role of growth hacking in learning from innovation failure 2024 Bargoni, Augusto; Smrčka, Luboš; Santoro, Gabriele; Ferraris, Alberto
Digitalisation and Internationalisation in SMEs: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda 2024 Augusto Bargoni; Alberto Ferraris; Šárka Vilamová; Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain
Rethinking the HR Role: How Digital Transformation is Changing HR Departments 2024 Di Prima, Christian; Ferraris, Alberto
E-commerce channel management on the manufacturers’ side: ongoing debates and future research pathways 2024 Jacopo Ballerini; Dorra Yahiaoui; Guido Giovando; Alberto Ferraris
Building a knowledge sharing climate amid shadows of sabotage: a microfoundational perspective into job satisfaction and knowledge sabotage 2024 Perotti, Francesco Antonio; Rozsa, Zoltan; Kuděj, Michal; Ferraris, Alberto
How to survive to social crises? An HR analytics data-driven approach to improve social sustainable operations' effectiveness 2023 Di Prima, Christian; Kotaskova, Anna; Yildiz, Helene; Ferraris, Alberto
Can HR analytics improve HR management practices impact on organizational performance? An empirical CB-SEM approach 2023 Di Prima, Christian; Ferraris, Alberto
It ain't easy (on your own): Exploring HR analytics challenges and difficulties through a multi stakeholder perspective 2023 Di Prima, Christian; Ferraris, Alberto
Growth hacking and international dynamic marketing capabilities: a conceptual framework and research propositions 2023 Bargoni, Augusto; Jabeen, Fauzia; Santoro, Gabriele; Ferraris, Alberto
Smart Leadership Canvas 2023 Alberto ferraris
Ownership structure and firm sustainable investments: evidence from emerging markets 2023 Qasem, Ameen; Mohammed, Abdulalem; Battisti, Enrico; Ferraris, Alberto
How commitment and platform adoption drive the e-commerce performance of SMEs: A mixed-method inquiry into e-commerce affordances 2023 Jacopo Ballerini; Dennis Herhausen; Alberto Ferraris
Investigating digital technologies’ implementation in circular businesses: Evidence from the going circular path 2023 Perotti, Francesco Antonio; Dhir, Amandeep; Ferraris, Alberto; Kliestik, Tomas
The future of work: How innovation and digitalization re-shape the workplace 2023 Sascha Kraus; Alberto Ferraris; Alberto Bertello
Can Alexa serve customers better? AI-driven voice assistant service interactions 2023 Malodia, S; Ferraris, A; Sakashita, M; Dhir, A; Gavurova, B
Innovation and credit market deepening: Evidence from Russian region 2023 Shakib M.; Sohag K.; Mariev O.; Samargandi N.; Ferraris A.
Inter-Organisational Collaboration to Succeed in Circular Transition: A systematic literature review 2023 Perotti, Francesco Antonio; Ferraris, Alberto; Calcio Gaudino, Igor1
Why Do People Resist Drone Food Delivery Services? An Innovation Resistance Theory Perspective 2023 Ashraf Khalil; Amit Shankar; Rahul Bodhi; Abhishek Behl; Alberto Ferraris
Waste management beyond the COVID-19 pandemic: Bibliometric and text mining analyses 2023 Ranjbari M.; Shams Esfandabadi Z.; Gautam S.; Ferraris A.; Scagnelli S.D.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 161
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