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To be (family) or not to be (family): the familiness effect over the brand authenticity posts on social media and consumer engagement relationship In corso di stampa augusto bargoni, jacopo ballerini, demetris vrontis, alberto ferraris
Shedding lights on organizational decoupling in publicly funded R&D consortia: An institutional perspective on open innovation 2022 Alberto Bertello, Paola De Bernardi, Alberto Ferraris, Stefano Bresciani
Crowdfunding and innovation: a bibliometric review and future research agenda 2022 Bargoni, Augusto; Ferraris, Alberto; Bresciani, Stefano; Camilleri, Mark Anthony
Equity crowdfunding for university spin off 2022 Ciro Troise; Stefano Bresciani; Alberto Ferraris; Gabriele Santoro
A New Weapon for Moving Beyond the War for Talent: Using HR Analytics to Support Talent Management Activities 2022 Christian Di Prima; Alberto Ferraris; Guido Giovando; Matteo Massucco
Save the planet, but do not leave people behind: an interdisciplinary data-driven approach to Social Sustainable Operations and HR management 2022 Christian Di Prima; Alberto Ferraris
Waste management beyond the COVID-19 pandemic: Bibliometric and text mining analyses 2022 Ranjbari M.; Shams Esfandabadi Z.; Gautam S.; Ferraris A.; Scagnelli S.D.
Biofuel supply chain management in the circular economy transition: An inclusive knowledge map of the field 2022 Ranjbari M.; Shams Esfandabadi Z.; Ferraris A.; Quatraro F.; Rehan M.; Nizami A.-S.; Gupta V.K.; Lam S.S.; Aghbashlo M.; Tabatabaei M.
Openness strategies and the success of international entrepreneurship 2022 Gimenez-Fernandez E.M.; Ferraris A.; Troise C.; Sandulli F.D.
The dark side of knowledge sharing: Exploring “knowledge sabotage” and its antecedents 2022 Perotti F.A.; Ferraris A.; Candelo E.; Busso D.
Opening up the black box on digitalization and agility: Key drivers and main outcomes 2022 Bresciani, Stefano; Ferraris, Alberto; Santoro, Gabriele; Kotabe, Masaaki
Openness’ Role in Innovation Processes of Circular Business Models: A Systematic Literature Review 2022 Francesco Antonio Perotti, Amandeep Dhir, Alberto Ferraris
Exploring consumers’ domestic gastronomy behaviour: a cross-national study of Italy and Fiji 2022 Sharma, Shavneet; Singh, Gurmeet; Ferraris, Alberto; Sharma, Rashmini
Electric vehicles’ consumer behaviours: Mapping the field and providing a research agenda 2022 Secinaro, Silvana; Calandra, Davide; Lanzalonga, Federico; Ferraris, Alberto
Guest editorial: Sustainable growth and development in the food and beverage sector 2022 Alba Yela Aránega, Alberto Ferraris, Gabriele Baima, Stefano Bresciani
Pouring new wine into old bottles: A dynamic perspective of the interplay among environmental dynamism, capabilities development, and performance 2022 Forliano, Canio; Ferraris, Alberto; Bivona, Enzo; Couturier, Jerome
How and when corporate social performance reduces firm risk? The moderating role of corporate governance 2022 Nirino, Niccolò; Battisti, Enrico; Ferraris, Alberto; Dell'Atti, Stefano; Briamonte, Massimiliano Farina
Performance management. Dalla gestione strategica delle risorse umane al miglioramento delle performance aziendali 2022 Ferraris, Alberto
Intellectual capital: the missing link in the corporate social responsibility–financial performance relationship 2022 Nirino, Niccolò; Ferraris, Alberto; Miglietta, Nicola; Invernizzi, Anna Chiara
The impact of supply chain innovation on competitive advantage in the construction industry: Evidence from a moderated multi-mediation model 2021 Afraz, Muhammad Fawad; Bhatti, Sabeen Hussain; Ferraris, Alberto; Couturier, Jerome
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 127
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