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E-commerce channel management on the manufacturers’ side: ongoing debates and future research pathways 2023 Jacopo Ballerini; Dorra Yahiaoui; Guido Giovando; Alberto Ferraris
A systematic review of family business and consumer behaviour 2023 Bargoni, Augusto; Alon, Ilan; Ferraris, Alberto
Ownership structure and firm sustainable investments: evidence from emerging markets 2023 Qasem, Ameen; Mohammed, Abdulalem; Battisti, Enrico; Ferraris, Alberto
Growth hacking and international dynamic marketing capabilities: a conceptual framework and research propositions 2023 Bargoni, Augusto; Jabeen, Fauzia; Santoro, Gabriele; Ferraris, Alberto
How commitment and platform adoption drive the e-commerce performance of SMEs: A mixed-method inquiry into e-commerce affordances 2023 Jacopo Ballerini; Dennis Herhausen; Alberto Ferraris
Investigating circular business implementation’s antecedents: an empirical assessment of open innovation and digital technologies adoption 2023 Francesco Antonio Perotti; Ciro Troise; Alberto Ferraris
The future of work: How innovation and digitalization re-shape the workplace 2023 Sascha Kraus; Alberto Ferraris; Alberto Bertello
The Bright and Dark Sides of Open Innovation in Public Organizations: Evidence from Smart City Projects 2023 Bresciani S., Ferraris A., Santoro G.
Technology entrepreneurship in healthcare: Challenges and opportunities for value creation 2023 Ignat Kulkova; Maria Ivanova-Gongned; Alberto Bertello; Hannu Makkonen; Julia Kulkovag; Rene Rohrbeck; Alberto Ferraris
Why Do People Resist Drone Food Delivery Services? An Innovation Resistance Theory Perspective 2023 Ashraf Khalil; Amit Shankar; Rahul Bodhi; Abhishek Behl; Alberto Ferraris
Equity crowdfunding for university spin-offs: Unveiling the motivations, benefits, and risks related to its adoption 2023 Troise C.; Bresciani S.; Ferraris A.; Santoro G.
Can Alexa serve customers better? AI-driven voice assistant service interactions 2023 Malodia, S; Ferraris, A; Sakashita, M; Dhir, A; Gavurova, B
Guest editorial: Sustainable growth and development in the food and beverage sector 2022 Alba Yela Aránega, Alberto Ferraris, Gabriele Baima, Stefano Bresciani
Opening up the black box on digitalization and agility: Key drivers and main outcomes 2022 Bresciani, Stefano; Ferraris, Alberto; Santoro, Gabriele; Kotabe, Masaaki
Exploring consumers’ domestic gastronomy behaviour: a cross-national study of Italy and Fiji 2022 Sharma, Shavneet; Singh, Gurmeet; Ferraris, Alberto; Sharma, Rashmini
Electric vehicles’ consumer behaviours: Mapping the field and providing a research agenda 2022 Secinaro, Silvana; Calandra, Davide; Lanzalonga, Federico; Ferraris, Alberto
Crowdfunding and innovation: a bibliometric review and future research agenda 2022 Bargoni, Augusto; Ferraris, Alberto; Bresciani, Stefano; Camilleri, Mark Anthony
Exploring critical challenges in international entrepreneurial orientation; Evidence of immigrant-owned SMEs in an emerging market 2022 Rezaei, Mojtaba, Ferraris, A., Hamid ErfanianKhanzadeh,
Performance management. Dalla gestione strategica delle risorse umane al miglioramento delle performance aziendali 2022 Ferraris, Alberto
To be (family) or not to be (family): the familiness effect over the brand authenticity posts on social media and consumer engagement relationship 2022 augusto bargoni, jacopo ballerini, demetris vrontis, alberto ferraris
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 149
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