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Prabhakar discrete-time generalization of the time-fractional Poisson process and related random walks 2022 T. M. Michelitsch, F. Polito, A.P. Riascos
Asymmetric random walks with bias generated by discrete-time counting processes 2022 Thomas M. Michelitsch, Federico Polito, Alejandro P. Riascos
On discrete time Prabhakar-generalized fractional Poisson processes and related stochastic dynamics 2021 Michelitsch, Thomas M.; Polito, Federico; Riascos, Alejandro P.
On discrete-time semi-Markov processes 2021 Angelica Pachon, Federico Polito, Costantino Ricciuti
Flexible models for overdispersed and underdispersed count data. 2021 Dexter Cahoy, Elvira Di Nardo, Federico Polito
A fractional generalization of the Dirichlet distribution and related distributions 2021 Elvira Di Nardo, Federico Polito, Enrico Scalas
On dynamic random graphs with degree homogenization via anti-preferential attachment probabilities 2020 Umberto De Ambroggio, Federico Polito, Laura Sacerdote
On the continuous-time limit of the Barabàsi-Albert random graph 2020 Angelica Pachon, Federico Polito, Laura Sacerdote
Biased Continuous-Time Random Walks with Mittag-Leffler Jumps 2020 Michelitsch, Thomas M.; Polito, Federico; Riascos, Alejandro P.
A practical guide to Prabhakar fractional calculus 2020 Andrea Giusti, Ivano Colombaro, Roberto Garra, Roberto Garrappa, Federico Polito, Marina Popolizio, Francesco Mainardi
Studies on Generalized Yule Models 2019 F. Polito
A note on Hadamard fractional differential equations with varying coefficients and their applications in probability 2018 Garra, Roberto*; Orsingher, Enzo; Polito, Federico
Fractional Diffusion-Telegraph Equations and their Associated Stochastic Solutions 2017 D'Ovidio Mirko; Polito Federico
On a class of Time-fractional Continuous-state Branching Processes 2017 Andreis, Luisa; Polito, Federico; Sacerdote, Laura Lea
Some Properties of Prabhakar-type Fractional Calculus Operators 2016 Federico Polito, Zivorad Tomovski
Generalized Nonlinear Yule Models 2016 Lansky, Petr; Polito, Federico; Sacerdote, Laura
A Generalization of the Space-Fractional Poisson Process and its Connection to some Lévy Processes 2016 Federico Polito, Enrico Scalas
Random Graphs Associated to some Discrete and Continuous Time Preferential Attachment Models 2016 Pachon, Angelica; Polito, Federico; Sacerdote, Laura
Fractional diffusions with time-varying coefficients 2015 R. Garra; E. Orsingher; F. Polito
On Firing Rate Estimation for Dependent Interspike Intervals 2015 E. Benedetto; F. Polito; L. Sacerdote
State-dependent Fractional Point Processes 2015 R. Garra; E. Orsingher; F. Polito
Transient behavior of fractional queues and related processes 2015 D. O. Cahoy; F. Polito
Discussion on the paper "On Simulation and Properties of the Stable Law by L. Devroye and L. James" 2014 M. D'Ovidio; F. Polito
Parameter estimation for fractional birth and fractional death processes 2014 D. Cahoy; F. Polito
The role of detachment of in-links in scale-free networks 2014 P. Lansky; F. Polito; L. Sacerdote
Fractional Klein-Gordon Equations and Related Stochastic Processes 2014 R. Garra; E. Orsingher; F. Polito
Hilfer-Prabhakar Derivatives and Some Applications 2014 R. Garra; R. Gorenflo; F. Polito; Z. Tomovski
Superprocesses as models for information dissemination in the Future Internet 2014 L. Sacerdote; M. Garetto; F. Polito; M. Sereno
Fractional Klein-Gordon equation for linear dispersive phenomena: analytical methods and applications 2014 R. Garra; E. Orsingher; F. Polito
On Some Operators Involving Hadamard Derivatives 2013 R. Garra; F. Polito
Renewal processes based on generalized Mittag-Leffler waiting times 2013 Dexter O. Cahoy; F. Polito
Randomly Stopped Nonlinear Fractional Birth Processes 2013 E. Orsingher; F. Polito
On the Integral of Fractional Poisson Processes 2013 E. Orsingher; F. Polito
Fractional calculus modelling for unsteady unidirectional flow of incompressible fluids with time-dependent viscosity 2012 R. Garra; F. Polito
Coupled systems of fractional equations related to sound propagation: analysis and discussion 2012 R. Garra; F. Polito
Compositions, Random Sums and Continued Random Fractions of Poisson and Fractional Poisson Processes 2012 E. Orsingher; F. Polito
The space-fractional Poisson process 2012 E: ORSINGHER;F. POLITO
On a fractional binomial process 2012 D. O. CAHOY;F. POLITO
Simulation and estimation for the fractional Yule process 2012 D. O. CAHOY;F. POLITO
Analytic solutions of fractional differential equations by operational methods 2012 R. Garra; F. Polito
First passage time R package 2012 Bibbona Enrico; Polito Federico; Sacerdote Laura; Sirovich Roberta
A note on fractional linear pure birth and pure death processes in epidemic models 2011 R. GARRA;F. POLITO
Fractional Branching Processes 2011 F. POLITO
On a fractional linear birth–death process 2011 E. ORSINGHER;F. POLITO
Analysis of Metal Cutting Acoustic Emission by Time Series Models 2010 F. POLITO;A. PETRI;G. PONTUALE;F. DALTON
Composition of Poisson Processes 2010 E. ORSINGHER;F. POLITO
A Brief Review on Some Fractional Point Processes 2010 E. ORSINGHER;F. POLITO
Fractional non-linear, linear and sublinear death processes 2010 E. ORSINGHER;F. POLITO;L. SAKHNO
Fractional Pure birth processes 2010 E. ORSINGHER;F. POLITO
Some results on time-varying fractional partial differential equations and birth-death processes 2009 E. ORSINGHER;F. POLITO
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