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Preparation of Pd-Catalysts and Partial Hydrogenation of Alkynes using Sonication 2014 Z.L. Wu; E. Borretto; G. Cravotto; D. Carnaroglio; J. Medlock; W. Bonrath
PD ON CERIA CATALYTIC SYSTEM FOR SELECTIVE HYDROGENATIONS OF TRIPLE BONDS 2014 Cravotto, Giancarlo; Bonrath, Werner; Medlock, Jonathan Alan; Boretto, Emily; Zhilin, Wu
Effects of Ultrasound and Microwaves on selective Reduction: Catalyst Preparation and Reactions 2014 Wu Z.; Borretto E.; Cravotto G.; Medlock J.; Bonrath W.
Microwave-induced crystallization of AC/TiO2 for improving the performance of rhodamine B dye degradation 2015 Tian, Fei; Wu, Zhansheng; Chen, Qiuyu; Yan, Yujun; Cravotto, Giancarlo; Wu, Zhilin
Preparation of activated carbon from Xinjiang region coal by microwave activation and its application in naphthalene, phenanthrene, and pyrene adsorption 2015 Xiao, Xuemin; Liu, Dandan; Yan, Yujun; Wu, Zhilin; Wu, Zhansheng; Cravotto, Giancarlo
Adsorption of naphthalene from aqueous solution on coal-based activated carbon modified by microwave induction: Microwave power effects 2015 Ge, Xinyu; Tian, Fei; Wu, Zhilin; Yan, Yujun; Cravotto, Giancarlo; Wu, Zhansheng
Ultrasound- and Microwave-Assisted Preparation of Lead-Free Palladium Catalysts: Effects on the Kinetics of Diphenylacetylene Semi-Hydrogenation 2015 Wu, Zhilin; Cherkasov, Nikolay; Cravotto, Giancarlo; Borretto, Emily; Ibhadon, Alex O.; Medlock, Jonathan; Bonrath, Werner
Adsorption behavior of phenanthrene onto coal-based activated carbon prepared by microwave activation 2015 Xiao, Xuemin; Tian, Fei; Yan, Yujun; Wu, Zhilin; Wu, Zhansheng; Cravotto, Giancarlo
Optimization and scale-up of sonochemical flow reactors 2015 Giancarlo Cravotto, Marina Caporaso, Emanuela Calcio Gaudino, Giorgio Grillo, Zhilin Wu
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Carbon-Based (N, Fe)-Codoped TiO2 for the Photocatalytic Degradation of Formaldehyde 2015 Tian, Fei; Zhansheng, Wu; Tong, Yanbin; Wu, Zhilin; Cravotto, Giancarlo
Eutrophic water purification efficiency using a combination of hydrodynamic cavitation and ozonation on a pilot scale 2015 Wei Xin, Li; Tang, Chuan Dong; Wu, Zhilin; Wang, Wei Min; Zhang, Yu Feng; Zhao, Yi; Cravotto, Giancarlo
Critical factors in sonochemical degradation of fumaric acid 2015 Wu, Zhilin; Cravotto, Giancarlo; Adrians, Marcus; Ondruschka, Bernd; Weixin, Li
Comparative study of naphthalene adsorption on activated carbon prepared by microwave-assisted synthesis from different typical coals in Xinjiang 2016 Liu, Dandan; Wu, Zhansheng; Ge, Xinyu; Cravotto, Giancarlo; Wu, Zhilin; Yan, Yujun
Decomposition of chloroform and succinic acid by ozonation in a suction-cavitation system: Effects of gas flow 2016 Wu, Zhilin; Cravotto, Giancarlo; Ondruschka, Bernd; Stolle, Achim; Li, Weixin
Effects of Acoustic and Hydrodynamic Cavitation on Lignocellulosic Feedstock as Pretreatment for Enzymatic Conversions 2016 Cravotto Giancarlo, Calcio Gaudino Emanuela, Tabasso Silvia, Wu Zhilin, Dreyer Thomas , Dizhbite Tatiana, Telysheva Galina
Microwave-assisted modification of activated carbon with ammonia for efficient pyrene adsorption 2016 Ge, Xinyu; Wu, Zhansheng; Wu, Zhilin; Yan, Yujun; Cravotto, Giancarlo; Ye, Bang-Ce
Efficient partial hydrogenation of 2-butyne-1,4-diol and other alkynes under microwave irradiation 2016 Wu, Zhilin; Calcio Gaudino, Emanuela; Rotolo, Laura; Medlock, Jonathan; Bonrath, Werner; Cravotto, Giancarlo
Enhanced PAHs adsorption using iron-modified coal-based activated carbon via microwave radiation 2016 Ge, Xinyu; Wu, Zhansheng; Wu, Zhilin; Yan, Yujun; Cravotto, Giancarlo; Ye, Bang-Ce
Microwave-assisted alkyne semihydrogenation with lead-free Pd catalysts: from batch to flow reactors 2017 Laura Rotolo, Zhilin Wu, Maela Manzoli, Emanuela Calcio Gaudino, Giancarlo Cravotto
21. Microwave technology for environmental remediation 2017 Wu, Zhilin; Cravotto, Giancarlo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 39
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