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Creating Demand for AI-Based Subscription of Physical Goods: A Consumer Perspective in the Food Industry 2023 Dinara Davlembayeva, Davit Marikyan, Eleonora Pantano, Francesca Serravalle, David Babayan
Understanding cultural differences and health consciousness in dietary choices: a theoretical model 2023 Francesca Serravalle, Milena Viassone, Andrea Mahmuti
Does product involvement drive consumer flow state in the AR environment? A study on behavioural responses 2023 Francesca Serravalle, Régine Vanheems, Milena Viassone
“We are out of toilet paper”: Testing the mediating effect of product scarcity on consumers’ competitive arousal in family firms 2023 SERRAVALLE FRANCESCA; Gazi Mahabubul Alam; ELISA GIACOSA
Guest editorial: Mastering care management strategies to improve retailing: Mechanisms, capabilities, impacts and emerging opportunities 2023 SERRAVALLE FRANCESCA; PANTANO ELEONORA
Has COVID-19 pushed digitalisation in SMEs? The role of entrepreneurial orientation 2023 PENCO LARA; PROFUMO GIORGIA; SERRAVALLE FRANCESCA; VIASSONE MILENA
The Role of Smart Technologies in Decision Making: Developing, Supporting and Training Smart Consumers 2022 Eleonora Pantano; Francesca Serravalle
The strategic analysis: evaluating opportunities and threats in foreign countries 2022 SERRAVALLE FRANCESCA; VALDEMARIN STEFANO
The strategic analysis: assessing the international potential of a company 2022 SERRAVALLE FRANCESCA; VALDEMARIN STEFANO
“Take it or leave it?”: Evidence on cultural differences affecting return behaviour for Gen Z 2022 SERRAVALLE FRANCESCA; VANNUCCI VIRGINIA; PANTANO ELEONORA
Sensory disclosure in an augmented environment: memory of touch and willingness to buy 2022 Francesca Serravalle; Milena Viassone; Giacomo Del Chiappa
Agrifood e innovazione: Un binomio vincente 2021 Francesca Serravalle; Giuseppe Tardivo
Sustainable Development in Tourism: A Stakeholder Analysis of the Langhe Region 2021 Vrontis, Demetris; Christofi, Michael; Giacosa, Elisa; Serravalle, Francesca
Reinventing your business: come le nuove tecnologie impattano sui modelli di business tradizionali 2021 SERRAVALLE FRANCESCA
Is my smartphone a self-extension of my body? An analysis of ownership perception and extended self using augmented reality 2021 Francesca Serravalle; Milena Viassone
Digging knowledge about consumers’ emotions during a make-up virtual purchase 2021 Francesca Serravalle, Milena Viassone, Giacomo Del Chiappa
Rimodellare i confini della creazione di valore per l’impresa attraverso l’introduzione della realtà aumentata 2021 Serravalle Francesca
Can Artificial Intelligent Systems be Creative? A Preliminary Study in the New Product Development Process for New Drinks 2021 SERRAVALLE FRANCESCA; ELEONORA PANTANO
Mobile augmented reality as an internationalization tool in the “Made In Italy” food and beverage industry 2021 Lara Penco, Francesca Serravalle, Giorgia Profumo, Milena Viassone
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 38
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