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Functionality and usability features of ubiquitous mobile technologies: the acceptance of interactive travel apps 2023 Camilleri, Mark Anthony; Troise, Ciro; Kozak, Metin
Betting on the future: how to build antifragility in innovative start-up companies 2023 Corvello V.; Felicetti A.M.; Troise C.; Tani M.
Antecedents of successful diffusion of breakthrough innovations past the formative phase: Perceptions of innovation-engaged practitioners 2023 Talavera Fabra, Irene; Ghobadian, Abby; Troise, Ciro; Bresciani, Stefano
Small and medium enterprises and sustainable business models: Exploring enabling factors for adoption 2023 Troise, Ciro; Santoro, Gabriele; Jones, Paul; Bresciani, Stefano
Exploring digital transformation and technological innovation in emerging markets 2023 Malekpour, Mehrgan; Sedighi, Mohammadbashir; Caboni, Federica; Basile, Vincenzo; Troise, Ciro
Investigating circular business implementation’s antecedents: an empirical assessment of open innovation and digital technologies adoption 2023 Francesco Antonio Perotti; Ciro Troise; Alberto Ferraris
The marketing role in multi-stakeholder engagement: An empirical examination 2023 Cristian Rizzo; Augusto Bargoni; Ciro Troise; Mark Anthony Camilleri; Stefano Bresciani
How to effectively communicate university patents: a framework based on signalling theory 2023 Troise C.; Strazzullo S.; O'Regan N.; Giovando G.
The impact of business owners’ individual characteristics on patenting in the context of digital innovation 2023 Corvello V.; Belas J.; Giglio C.; Iazzolino G.; Troise C.
Motivations and commitment to work in the hospitality industry: investigating employee psychology and responsible organizational behaviors 2023 Camilleri, MA; Troise, C; Morrison, AM
Creating shared value through open innovation approaches: Opportunities and challenges for corporate sustainability 2023 Camilleri, MA; Troise, C; Strazzullo, S; Bresciani, S
Equity crowdfunding for university spin-offs: Unveiling the motivations, benefits, and risks related to its adoption 2023 Troise C.; Bresciani S.; Ferraris A.; Santoro G.
The role of entrepreneurial alertness, digital platform capability, organisational agility and business model innovation on young innovative companies’ performance 2023 Troise C.; Jones P.; Candelo E.; Sorrentino M.
Guest editorial digital platforms and transformational entrepreneurship 2023 Jones P.; Troise C.; Schiuma G.
The role of electronic waste management solutions and message framing in influencing consumer behaviours: Exploring the crowdfunding context 2023 Testa, S; Troise, C; Cincotti, S; Camilleri, MA
A digital family affair: Do family firms' characteristics enhance consumers' willingness to pay? 2023 Bargoni, Augusto; Giachino, Chiara; Troise, Ciro; Alam, Gazi Mahabubul; Quaglia, Roberto
To Act or Not to Act: the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Perceived uncertainty and Entrepreneurial behavior 2022 Federico Caricasulo; Ciro Troise
How to Engage the Crowds to Create Value? Evidence from the Pathfinder Arena Case 2022 Prisco Anna, Muto Valerio, Troise Ciro, Tani Mario
Antecedents and consequences of sending and receiving information in mobile gaming apps 2022 John B. Dinsmore, Kunal Swani, Ciro Troise, Wakiuru Wamwara, Bin Li
New technologies and entrepreneurship: exploring entrepreneurial behavior in the digital transformation era 2022 Ciro Troise; Cyrine Ben-Hafaïedh; Mario Tani; Sergey A. Yablonsky
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 75
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