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Gender Differences in the Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Potentially Addictive Behaviors: An Emotion-Mediated Analysis 2021 Attanasi G.; Maffioletti A.; Shalukhina T.; Bel C.; Cherikh F.
Happiness, Life Satisfaction, Well-being: Survey Design and Response Analysis 2019 Maffioletti A., Maida A., Scacciati F,
Emotion and Knowledge in Decision Making under Uncertainty 2019 Maffioletti A., Santoni M.
Risk Attitudes and Preferences for Redistribution: New Evidence from the Lab 2018 Matteo, Assandri; Anna, Maffioletti; Massimiliano, Piacenza; Gilberto, Turati
Choice Under Risk and Uncertainty 2018 Lotito, Gianna; Maffioletti, Anna
The descriptive and predictive adequacy of theories of decision making under uncertainty/ambiguity 2018 Hey, John D.; Lotito, Gianna; Maffioletti, Anna
Are worst students really more overconfident? - A preliminary test of different measures 2017 Gianna, Lotito; Anna, Maffioletti; Marco, Novarese
Preface 2014 Giorgino, V.; Maffioletti, A; Burlando, R.; Veenhoven, R.; Kolm, S.
More Terminological and Methodological Problems in Measuring Happiness, Life Satisfaction and Well-Being: Some First Empirical Results 2014 A.Maida;A.Maffioletti;F.Scacciati
Survey Design and Response Analysis: a Study on Happiness, Life Satisfaction and Well-being in Piedmont, a Region of Italy. 2013 A.Maffioletti;A.Maida;F.Scacciati
The descriptive and predictive adequacy of theoriesof decision making under uncertainty/ambiguity 2010 D. Hey; G. Lotito; A. Maffioletti
Risk and uncertainty 2010 A. MAFFIOLETTI; G. LOTITO
The effect of elicitation methods on ambiguity aversion: an experimental investigation, 2009 A. Maffioletti; C. Schröder; U. Schmidt
Intellectual Property Rights or Liability Rules:How Do We Tackle Copyright Infringement in the Music Market ?Insights from Experimental Data 2008 A. Maffioletti;S. Ghosha; G.B. Ramelllo
The Descriptive and Predictive Adequacy of Theories of Decision Making Under Uncertainty/Ambiguity 2008 J. D. HEY; G. LOTITO; A. MAFFIOLETTI
Experiments and Agent Based Simulations 2007 M. Novarese; A. Maffioletti
Emotions, competence and confidence in choice under uncertainty 2007 A. MAFFIOLETTI; M. SANTONI
Economic Science Association International Conference Settembre 2005 università di Alòessandria 2005 A. Maffioletti
Do trade union leaders violates Subjective Expected Utility ?: Some Insights from Experimental Data Theory and Decision 2005 A. MAFFIOLETTI; M. SANTONI
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 31
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