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Insight into the lipophilicity of the aromatic N-oxide moiety 1996 CARON G; CARRUPT P.A; TESTA B; ERMONDI G; GASCO A
Diastereoselective radical alkylations of alkyl aryl sulfoxides 1996 ZAHOUILY M; G. CARON; CARRUPT P.A; KNOUZI N; RENAUD P
Physicochemical properties of the anti-inflammatory drug azapropazone 1996 G. CARON; PAGLIARA A; CARRUPT P.A; GAILLARD P; TESTA B
Mechanism governing the partitioning of neutral and cationic forms of (p-methylbenzyl)(alkyl)amines in biomimetic media as revealed by lipophilicity and NMR studies 1997 ROBERTA FRUTTERO; ELISA FORNATTO; D. BOSCHI; GIUSEPPE ERMONDI; ALBERTO GASCO; GIULIA CARON; PIERRE-ALAIN CARRUPT; BERNARD TESTA
Lipophilicity behavior of model and medicinal compounds containing a sulfide, sulfoxide, or sulfone moiety 1997 G. CARON; GAILLARD P; CARRUPT P.A; TESTA B
Solvatochromic analysis of di-n-butyl ether/water partition coefficients as compared to other solvent systems 1997 PAGLIARA A; G. CARON; LISA G; FAN W; GAILLARD P; CARRUPT P.A; TESTA B; ABRAHAM M.H
Lipophilicity profiles of ampholytes 1997 PAGLIARA A; CARRUPT P.A; G. CARON; GAILLARD P; TESTA B
Ligand specificity of the genetic variants of human a1-acid glycoprotein: generation of a three dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationship model for drug binding to the A variant 1998 F.HERVE; G. CARON; J.-C. DUCHE; P. GAILLARD; N. ABD. RAHMAN; A. TSANTILI-KAKOULIDOU; P.-A.CARRUPT; P.DATHIS; J.-P. TILLEMENT; B. TESTA
Combined molecular lipophilicity descriptors and their role in understanding intramolecular effects 1999 G. Caron; F. Reymond; P.A. Carrupt; H.H. Girault; B. Testa
Structure properties relations in the basicity and lipophilicity of arylalkylamine oxides 1999 G.CARON; G.ERMONDI; P.A.CARRUPT; D.BOSCHI; R. FRUTTERO; B.TESTA; A.GASCO
Production and characterization of 22 monoclonal antibodies directed against S 20499, a new potent 5-HT1A chiral agonist: influence of the hapten structure on specificity and stereorecognition 1999 P.GOT; E.RAIMBAUD; C.BUSSEY; G. CARON; P.-A.CARRUPT; B.WALTHER; A.BENSUSSAN; J.-M. SCHERRMANN
Structure-lipophilicity relationships of neutral and protonated b-blockers. Part I. Intra- and Intermolecular Effects in Isotropic Systems 1999 G. CARON; STEYAERT G; PAGLIARA A; REYMOND F; CRIVORI P; GAILLARD P; CARRUPT P.A; AVDEEF A; COMER J.E; BOX K.J; GIRAULT H.H; TESTA B
N-substituted analogues of S-nitroso-N-acetyl-D,L-penicillamine: chemical stability and prolonged nitric oxide mediated vasodilation in isolated rat femoral arteries. 1999 I.L. MEGSON; S. MORTON; I.R. GREIG; F. A. MAZZEI; A. R. BUTLER; G. CARON; A. GASCO; R. FRUTTERO; D. J. WEBB
Studies on New Basic NO-Donor 1,4-Dihydropyridines 2000 D. BOSCHI; G. CARON; C. CENA; S. VISENTIN; A. DI STILO; R. FRUTTERO; A. GASCO
Lipophilicity and related molecular properties as determinants of pharmacokinetic behaviour 2000 B. Testa; G. Caron; P. Crivori; S. Rey; M. Reist; P.A. Carrupt
Ionic Partition Diagram of the Zwitterionic Antihistamine Cetirizine 2001 G. Bouchard; A. Pagliara; G. Plemper Van Balen; P.A. Carrupt; B. Testa; V. Gobry; H.H. Girault; G. Caron; G. Ermondi; R. Fruttero
Searching for Balanced Hybrid NO-Donor 1,4-Dihydropyridines with Basic Properties 2001 BOSCHI D.; G. CARON; VISENTIN S.; DI STILO A.; ROLANDO B.; FRUTTERO R.; GASCO A.
Development of molecular hydrogen-bonding potentials (MHBPs) and their application to structure–permeation relations1 2001 S. Rey; G. Caron; G. Ermondi; P. Gaillard; A. Pagliara; P.A. Carrupt; B. Testa
Molecular factors influencing retention on Immobilised Artificial Membranes (IAM) compared to partitioning in liposomes and n-octanol 2001 A. Taillardat-Bertschinger; C. Marca Martinet; P.A. Carrupt; M. Reist; G. Caron; R. Fruttero; B. Testa
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