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Dialogic practices of urban gardening in Rome: “Reading for difference” in social innovation 2023 Chiara Certoma'; Paolo Giaccaria
Beyond Income and Inequality: The Role of Socio-political Factors for Alleviating Energy Poverty in Europe 2023 Chiara Certoma; Filippo Corsini; Marina Di Giacomo; Marco Guerrazzi
New European Bauhaus for a Circular Economy and Waste Management: The Lived Experience of a Community Container Garden at the University of Turin 2023 Torchia, Daniel; Fresta, Jacopo; Corazza, Laura; Certoma, Chiara
Transizione ecologica 2022 C.Certoma'
Beyond technology: A research agenda for social sciences and humanities research on renewable energy in Europe 2022 tegen, Ç. Adem, S. Batel, F. Rabitz, C. Certoma', J. Chodkowska-Miszczuk, M. Denac, D. Dokupilová, M.D. Leiren, M. Frolova Ignatieva, D. Gabaldón-Estevan, A. Horta, P. Karnøe, J. Lilliestam, D. Loorbach, S. Mühlemeier, S. Nemoz, M. Nilsson, J. Osička, L. Papamikrouli, L. Pellizioni, S. Sareen, M. Sarrica, G. Seyfang, B. Sovacool, A. Telešienė, V. Zapletalová, T. von Wirth
Political Gardening. The rise of urban gardening is a way of contesting space 2022 C. Certoma'
Future scenarios of Digital Social Innovation in urban governance. A collective discussion on the socio-political implications in Ghent 2022 Certoma' Chiara
Sustainable cities and digital participation. Analysing and modelling digital social innovation processes in the governance of urban sustainability in Turin and Brussels 2022 Samantha Cenere; Chiara Certoma
Digital platforms and socio-spatial justice in the (post-)pandemic city: Introduction to the special issue 2022 Filippo Celata; Chiara Certoma'
Public Acceptance of Renewable Energies: Different Factors of Opposition Against Different Technologies? 2021 Filippo Corsini; Chiara Certomà; Marco Frey
Digital Social Innovation. Spatial Imaginaries and Technological Resistances in Urban Governance 2021 Certoma', C.
Digitally-enabled social innovation. Mapping discourses on an emergent social technology 2021 Certoma' C. ; Corsini F.
The City of Digital Social Innovators. Special Issue. 2020 Certoma' C., Passani A., Dyer M.
Oltre il mainstream della governance globale socio-ambientale. Diritti umani, imprese e conflitti 2020 C.Certoma', F. Martellozzo, R. Gemmiti
Social Sciences and Humanities priority 100 research questions for renewable energy in Horizon Europe 2020 von Wirth, T., Loorbach, D., Wagner, A., Koretskaya, O., Wade, R., Krupnik, S., Rudek, T., Foulds, C., Adem, C., Akerboom, S., Batel, S., Caspar Rabitz, F., Certoma' C., Cherp, A., Chodkowska-Miszczuk, J., Denac, M., Dokupilová, D., Dotterud Leiren, M., Frolova Ignatieva, M., Gabaldón-Estevan, D., Horta, A., Karnøe, P., Lilliestam, J., Markard, J., Mišik, M., Mühlemeier, S., Nemoz, S., Nilsson, M., Osička, J., Papamikrouli, L., Pellizioni, L., Sareen, S., Sarrica, M., Seyfang, G., Smith Stegen, K., Sovacool, B., Telesiene, A., and Zapletalova, V.
The ‘fluid governance’ of urban public spaces. Insights from informal planning practices in Rome 2020 Certoma' C.; Chelleri L.; Notteboom B.
The City of Digital Social Innovators 2020 Certoma', C; Dyer, M; Passani, A
Digital Social Innovation and Urban Space: A Critical Geography Agenda 2020 Certoma', C
Hyperconnected, receptive and do-it-yourself city. An investigation into the European imaginary of crowdsourcing for urban governance 2020 Certoma' C., corsini f. , frey m.
Urban Gardening and the Struggles of Social and Spatial Justice 2019 Certoma', C., Sonderman, M., Noori, S.
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