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The interlink between digitalization, sustainability, and performance: An Italian context 2023 Laura Broccardo, Elisa Truant, Leo-Paul Dana
Higher Education Institutions and Multistakeholders’ Engagement: A Longitudinal Study of an Anchor Institution's Legitimacy and Dynamism 2023 Corazza, Laura; Truant, Elisa; Cottafava, Dario; Dhir, Amandeep
Digitalization and Management control in the public sector: what is next? 2023 laura broccardo; elisa truant; daniela argento
Food Consumption Changes during 2020 Lockdown in Italy 2022 Beatrice Braut, Matteo Migheli, Elisa Truant
The facets of the sustainability paradox 2022 Argento Daniela, Broccardo Laura, Truant Elisa
Household mobility in food purchasing during COVID-19 lockdown: evidence from Torino, Italy 2022 Braut B., Migheli M., Truant E.
Corporate biodiversity management and organisational change mechanisms: The case of a tea producer in Sri Lanka 2022 Upekha Atupola, Paola Vola, Nuwan Gunarathne, Elisa Truant, Lorenzo Gelmini
The sustainability orientation in the wine industry: An analysis based on age as a driver 2022 Laura Broccardo; Elisa Truant; Lèo-Paul Dana
Corporate social responsibility: Does it really matter in the luxury context? 2022 Laura Broccardo, Francesca Culasso, Amandeep Dhir, Elisa Truant
Urban area and nature-based solution: Is this an attractive solution for Generation Z? 2022 Chiara Giachino; Luigi Bollani; Elisa Truant; Alessandro Bonadonna
Management accounting systems to support stressing events: evidence from the food sector 2021 Truant E., Broccardo L., Culasso F., Vrontis D.
Digitalisation boosts company performance: an overview of Italian listed companies 2021 Truant Elisa; Broccardo Laura; Leo-Paul Dana
Gestione dei costi e digitalizzazione: analisi di un caso aziendale 2020 Broccardo L; Truant E.
Innovation strategy and organisational structure: insights from an Italian family firm 2020 Truant E., Broccardo L.
The role of organic districts in supporting companies’ sustainable development 2020 Truant E., Broccardo L., Kolte A
IFRS 16 Leasing 2020 Devalle Alain; Rizzato Fabio; Truant Elisa; Culasso Francesca
Sustainability reporting after the Costa Concordia disaster: a multi-theory study on legitimacy, impression management and image restoration 2020 Corazza L.; Truant E.; Scagnelli S.D.; Mio C.
Mountain tourism and motivation: millennial students’ seasonal preferences 2020 Chiara Giachino; Elisa Truant; Alessandro Bonadonna
Business process and innovation management: the situation of SMEs in Italy 2019 Broccardo, L.; Culasso, F.; Truant, E.
Management control systems in family businesses: do women matter? Evidence from the Italian food sector 2019 Truant, E.; Broccardo, L.; Ratten, V.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 77
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