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An NMR relaxation study of aqueous solutions of Gd(III) chelates 1991 S. Aime; M. Botta; G. Ermondi
Synthesis and NMRD studies of gadolinium(3+) complexes of macrocyclic polyamino polycarboxylic ligands bearing .beta.-benzyloxy-.alpha.-propionic residues 1992 S. Aime; M. Botta; G. Ermondi; F. Fedeli; F. Uggeri
Determination of metal–proton distances and electronic relaxation times in lanthanide complexes by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy 1992 S. Aime; L. Barbero; M. Botta; G. Ermondi
NMR study of solution structures and dynamics of lanthanide(III) complexes of DOTA 1992 S. Aime; M. Botta; G. Ermondi
Paramagnetic water proton relaxation enhancement: From contrast agents in MRI to reagents for quantitative “in vitro” assays 1992 S. Aime; M. Botta; G. Ermondi; M. Fasano; E. Terreno
Furoxans as Nitric Oxide Donors. 4-Phenyl-3-furoxancarbonitrile: Thiol-Mediated Nitric Oxide Release and Biological Evaluation 1994 C. MEDANA; G. ERMONDI; R. FRUTTERO; A. DI STILO; C. FERRETTI; A. GASCO
NMR studies of macrocylic lanthanide(III) complexes 1994 S. Aime; M. Botta; G. Ermondi; E. Terreno
1,4-Dihydropyridines containing R-NNO-azoxy moieties 1995 A.M. Gasco; G. Ermondi; A. Gasco; R. Budriesi; A. Chiarini
Novel Contrast Agents for Magnetica Resonance Imaging - Synthesis and Characterization of the Ligand BOPTA and Its Ln(III) Complexes (Ln=Gd, La, Lu) - X-Ray Structure of Disodium (TPS-9-145337286-C-S)-[4-Carboxymethyl)-1-Phenyl-2-Oxa-5,8,11-Triazatridecan-13-Oato(5-)]Gadolinate(2-) i a Mixture with Its Enantiomer 1995 F. Uggeri; S. Aime; P.L. Anelli; M. Botta; M. Brocchetta; C. Dehaen; G. Ermondi; M. Grandi; P. Paoli
Insight into the lipophilicity of the aromatic N-oxide moiety 1996 CARON G; CARRUPT P.A; TESTA B; ERMONDI G; GASCO A
Synthesis and structural characterization of the trimeric furoxan (equals furazan 2-oxide) system, a new potent vasodilating moiety 1996 GASCO AM; CENA C; DISTILO A; ERMONDI G; MEDANA C; GASCO A
Unsymmetrically substituted furoxans. Part 16 [1]. Reaction of benzenesulfonyl substituted furoxans with ethanol and ethanethiol in basic medium 1996 G. Sorba; G. Ermondi; R. Fruttero; U. Galli; A. Gasco
Benzofurazanyl- and benzofuroxanyl-1,4-dihydropyridines: Synthesis, structure and calcium entry blocker activity 1996 A.M. Gasco; G. Ermondi; R. Fruttero; A. Gasco
Relaxometric, Structural, and Dynamic NMR Studies of DOTA-like Ln(III) Complexes (Ln = La, Gd, Ho, Yb) Containing a p-Nitrophenyl Substituent 1996 S. Aime; M. Botta; G. Ermondi; E. Terreno; P.L. Anelli; F. Fedeli; F. Uggeri
Unsymmetrically substituted furoxants. 17. Structural investigations in benzenesulfonylfuroxan derivatives and related compounds 1997 R. Fruttero; G. Sorba; G. Ermondi; M. Lolli
Mechanism governing the partitioning of neutral and cationic forms of (p-methylbenzyl)(alkyl)amines in biomimetic media as revealed by lipophilicity and NMR studies 1997 ROBERTA FRUTTERO; ELISA FORNATTO; D. BOSCHI; GIUSEPPE ERMONDI; ALBERTO GASCO; GIULIA CARON; PIERRE-ALAIN CARRUPT; BERNARD TESTA
New 1,4-Dihydropyridines Conjugated to Furoxanyl Moieties, endowed With both NO-like and Ca2+ Channel Antagonist Vasodilator Activities 1998 DI STILO A.; VISENTIN S.; CENA C; GASCO A. M.; ERMONDI G.; GASCO A.
Pyrazole analogues of prazosin 1998 G. ERMONDI; BOSCHI D; DI STILO A; TIRONI C; GASCO A
A New Synthetic Approach to Substituted β-Carboline Systems 1999 GIUSEPPE ERMONDI; SONJA VISENTIN; D. BOSCHI; ROBERTA FRUTTERO; ALBERTO GASCO
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 143
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