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A physical model of the left diastolic coronary flow. 1987 ANGELI B ;GATTULLO D ;GRASSO R ;GUIOT C ;LOSANO G ;VACCA G
Effect of tachycardia and constriction of left circumflex artery on coronary flow and pressure in anaesthetized dogs. 1988 DI LAVORE P; GATTULLO D; GUIOT C; G. LOSANO; MARY DA; VACCA G; VONO P
A model approach to in situ coronary autoregulation. 1990 GUIOT C
Prediction of coronary blood flow with a numerical model based on collapsible tube dynamics. 1990 GUIOT C ;PIANTÀ PG ;CANCELLI C ;PEDLEY TJ
Relationship between hyperaemic response and viscoelastic properties in the coronary circulation of the dog. 1991 GUIOT C ;LOSANO G
A mathematical model of the flow of blood through the left coronary artery. 1991 GUIOT C ;PIANTÀ PG
Mechanical properties of the coronary vasculature: indirect evaluation. 1992 NARDO C ;GUIOT C ;LOSANO G
Modelling the feto-placental circulation: 2. A continuous approach to explain normal and abnormal flow velocity wavefoModelling the feto-placental circulation: 2. A continuous approach to explain normal and abnormal flow velocity waveforms in the umbilical arteries. 1992 TODROS T ;GUIOT C ;PIANTÀ PG
Modelling the feto-placental circulation: 1. A distributed network predicting umbilical haemodynamics throughout pregnancy. 1992 GUIOT C ;PIANTÀ PG ;TODROS T
Study of a regional circulatory system based on the 'equivalent tube' concept: the feto-placental circulation. 1995 PIANTÀ PG ;GUIOT C ;TODROS T
Morphometry of the placental villous vasculature: data correction to account for post partal vessel collapse. 1995 SCIARRONE A ;PIANTÀ PG ;GUIOT C ;KOSANKE G ;KOHNEN G ;KAUFMANN P ;TODROS T
Technical problems in locoregional hyperthermia: blood perfusion 1996 B.BAIOTTO; C.GUIOT
3D thermometry in perfused phantoms 1996 C. Guiot; E. Madon; D. Allegro; P.G. Piantà
In vitro and "in vivo" investigation on the effect of perfusion in hyperthermia 1997 Allegro, Damiano; Baiotto, Barbara; Gabriele, P.; Guiot, Caterina; Madon, E.; Piantà, P. G.
Continuous and pulsed Doppler power spectral density in steady flow: an experimental investigation. 1997 GUIOT C ;SACCOMANDI F ;TODROS T
Perfusion and thermal field during hyperthermia. Experimental measurements and modelling in recurrent breast cancer. 1998 GUIOT C ;MADON E ;ALLEGRO D ;PIANTÀ PG ;BAIOTTO B ;GABRIELE P
Quantitative Doppler measures in coiled vessels: investigation on excised umbilical veins 1999 Guiot C; Roatta S; Piccoli E; Saccomandi F; Todros T
The diameter distribution of the stem villi arteries does not discriminate between normal and intrauterine growth restricted placentas 1999 Guiot C.; Todros T.; Piantà P.G.; Sciarrone A.; Kosanke G.; Kaufmann P.
Umbilical Doppler waveforms and placental villous angiogenesis in pregnancies complicated by fetal growth restriction. 1999 T. TODROS; A. SCIARRONE; E. PICCOLI; C. GUIOT; P. KAUFMANN; J. KINGDOM
Model-based assessment of pressure and flow-dependent coronary responses following abrupt pressure drops. 2000 C. GUIOT; A. MERLETTI; P. PAGLIARO; G. LOSANO
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