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The hypertrophied myocardium and coronary disease. Structural changes in patients submitted to aortocoronary surgery 1992 Ferreira R; Milei J; Forcada P; Beigelman R; Molteni L; Cutrin JC.
Oxidative stress produced by suprahepatic occlusion and reperfusion. 1993 Gonzalez-Flecha B; Reides C; Cutrin JC; Llesuy SF; Boveris A.
Time course and mechanism of oxidative stress and tissue damage in rat liver subjected to in vivo ischemia-reperfusion. 1993 González-Flecha B; Cutrin JC; Boveris A.
Biochemical and morphological changes in the developing kidney. 1995 Kahane VL; Cutrin JC; Setton CP; del Carmen Fernandez M; Catz SD; Sterin-Speziale NB
Oxidative stress by acute acetaminophen administration in mouse liver. 1995 Lores Arnaiz S; Llesuy S; Cutrín JC; Boveris A.
Deleterious effects of lovastatin in rats fed diets deficient or supplemented with vitamin e 1995 AJ.Monserrat; C. Coll; JC. Cutrin ; M. Rubio; S. Lores Arnaiz; A. Boveris A; EA. Porta
Reperfusion damage to the bile canaliculi in transplanted human liver. 1996 CUTRIN JC; CANTINO D; BIASI F; CHIARPOTTO E; SALIZZONI M; ANDORNO E; MASSANO G; LANFRANCO G; RIZZETTO M; BOVERIS A; POLI G
Chemiluminescence and antioxidant levels during peroxisome proliferation by fenofibrate. 1997 Lores Arnaiz S; Travacio M; Monserrat AJ; Cutrín JC; Llesuy S; Boveris A.
Primary role of Kupffer cell-hepatocyte communication in the expression of oxidative stress in the post-ischaemic liver. 1998 Cutrín JC; Llesuy S; Boveris A.
Lipid peroxidation in the reperfusion injury of the liver. 1998 Poli G; Cutrin JC; Biasi F.
Oxidative damage and reperfusion syndrome in human liver transplantation 1998 BIASI F.; CUTRIN J.; E. CHIARPOTTO; SALIZZONI M. E.M.; FRANCHELLO A.; ZAMBONI F.; CERUTTI E.; PAGNI R.; LANFRANCO G.; CHIAPPINO I.; POLI G.
Liver AP-1 activation due to carbon tetrachloride is potentiated by 1,2-dibromoethane but is inhibited by alpha-tocopherol or gadolinium chloride. 1999 CAMANDOLA S; ARAGNO M; CUTRIN JC; TAMAGNO E; DANNI O; CHIARPOTTO E; PAROLA M; LEONARDUZZI G; F. BIASI; POLI G
Protective effect of myristic acid on renal necrosis occurring in rats fed a methyl-deficient diet. 2000 Monserrat AJ; Cutrin JC; Coll C.
In situ determination by surface chemiluminescence of temporal relationships between evolving warm ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat liver and phagocyte activation and recruitment. 2000 J. CUTRÌN; BOVERIS A; ZINGARO B; CORVETTI G; POLI G.
Contribution of gamma glutamyl transpeptidase to oxidative damage of ischemic rat kidney 2000 J.C. CUTRIN; B. ZINGARO; S. CAMANDOLA; A. BOVERIS; A. POMPELLA; G. POLI
Evidence of an increased nitric oxide production in primary biliary cirrhosis. 2001 Battista S; Bar F; Mengozzi G; Pollet C; Torchio M; Cavalli G; Rosina F; David E; Cutrin JC; Cavalieri B; Poli G; Molino G.
Effect of perioperative infusion of antioxidants on neutrophil activation during liver transplantation in humans. 2002 F. BIASI; POLI G; SALIZZONI M; CERUTTI E; BATTISTA S; MENGOZZI G; ZAMBONI F; FRANCHELLO A; MOLINO G; CHIARPOTTO E; CUTRIN JC; ZANETTI D; MEURISSE M; HONORE P; DETRY O; DEFRAIGNE JO; PINCEMAIL J
Associated changes of lipid peroxidation and transforming growth factor beta1 levels in human colon cancer during tumour progression. 2002 BIASI F; TESSITORE L; ZANETTI D; CUTRIN JC; ZINGARO B; CHIARPOTTO E; ZARKOVIC N; SERVIDDIO G; POLI G
The novel IL-8 inhibitor Repertaxin reduces the neutrophil infiltration and the tissue damage in a rat experimental model of liver ischemia/reperfusion injury 2002 PERRELLI M-G; CAVALIERI B; RAMADORI P; BERTINI R; COLOTTA F; POLI G; CUTRÌN J.C
Microvascular dysfunction induced by reperfusion injury and protective effect of ischemic preconditioning. 2002 CUTRIN J.C; PERRELLI M-G; CAVALIERI B; PERALTA C; CATAFAU J.R; POLI G
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