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Food Safety and Insect Food: A Preliminary Consumers’ Indication 2024 Peira, Giovanni; Bollani, Luigi; Varese, Erica; Bonadonna, Alessandro
Tourism in cities with nature-based solutions: the users' point of view in a case study 2023 Bollani Luigi; Bonadonna Alessandro
Vertical Farming as a Sustainable Alternative for Agriculture: The Italian Consumer Point of View 2023 alessandro celestre , giorgio mina , luigi bollani , giovanni peira , alessandro bonadonna
Women’s football: don’t judge me, support me! evidence from young generations 2023 Giachino, Chiara; Valenti, Maurizio; Bonadonna, Alessandro; Bollani, Luigi
Is Generation Z ready to fly into the space? The future of tourism is coming 2023 Giachino, Chiara; Pucciarelli, Francesca; Bollani, Luigi; Bonadonna, Alessandro
Situazioni di disagio che si accumulano, aggravando la condizione divita di tanti studenti 2022 Luigi Bollani; Valentina Azer
Come si strutturano nello studente le forme di benessere e di disagio: uno studio multivariato 2022 Luigi Bollani
The Human Perspective in Consumer Ethics and Animal Welfare Issues: Envisioning a Future for Change 2022 Bonadonna, Alessandro; Bollani, Luigi; Peira, Giovanni
Mountain product: the younger consumers’ point of view 2022 Luigi Bollani, Giovanni Peira, Alessandro Bonadonna
CONSUMERS’ PERCEPTION TOWARDS QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS: IS THIS THE KEY TO HELP RURAL AREAS’ RESILIENCE? 2022 Erica Varese, Maria Chiara Cesarani, Luigi Bollani, Bartlomiej Kabaija, Magdalena Wojnarowska
Consumer ethics and animal welfare issues: changing the “human landscape” 2022 Luigi Bollani; Alessandro Bonadonna
Are Consumers Really Informed on Corporate Social Responsibility Labels for Fishery Products? Results of an Italian Case Study 2022 Varese E.; Pellicelli A.C.; Bollani L.
Mountain Food Products: A Cluster Analysis Based on Young Consumers’ Perceptions 2022 alessandro bonadonna; Stefano Duglio; Luigi Bollani; Giovanni Peira
Urban area and nature-based solution: Is this an attractive solution for Generation Z? 2022 Chiara Giachino; Luigi Bollani; Elisa Truant; Alessandro Bonadonna
Space Tourism: A New Frontier for Future Generations 2021 Chiara Giachino; Francesca Pucciarelli; Luigi Bollani; Alessandro Bonadonna; Chulmo Koo
Consumers’ consciousness and willingness to pay for fishery products with ecolabels: an empirical study on university students in Italy 2021 Erica Varese, Anna Claudia Pellicelli, Luigi Bollani
Consumer ethics and animal welfare issues: changing the “human landscape” 2021 Luigi Bollani; Alessandro Bonadonna
Personal weaknesses recognized by high school students in the North-West of Italy 2021 Luigi Bollani
Nature-based solutions and their potential to attract the young generations 2021 Chiara Giachino, Giulio Pattanaro, Luigi Bollani, Bernardo Bertoldi, Alessandro Bonadonna
Reinforcement learning for content’s customization. A first step of experimentation in Skyscanner 2021 Chiara Giachino; Luigi Bollani; Bertetti Marco ; Alessandro Bonadonna
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 120
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