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Has COVID-19 pushed digitalisation in SMEs? The role of entrepreneurial orientation 2022 PENCO LARA; PROFUMO GIORGIA; SERRAVALLE FRANCESCA; VIASSONE MILENA
Digging knowledge about consumers’ emotions during a make-up virtual purchase 2021 Francesca Serravalle, Milena Viassone, Giacomo Del Chiappa
14th Annual Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business. CONFERENCE READINGS BOOK PROCEEDINGS "Contemporary Business Concepts and Strategies in the new Era" 2021 Francesca Serravalle; Milena Viassone
The dark side of retailers regarding digital growth strategies: an exploratory study on augmented reality perception 2020 FRANCESCA SERRAVALLE; MILENA VIASSONE; REGINE VANHEEMS
Managing technological innovation in the sports industry: a challenge for retail management 2020 Demetris Vrontis, Milena Viassone, Francesca Serravalle, Michael Christofi
Does the stakeholder engagement result in new drinks? Evidence from family owned SMEs 2020 Eleonora Pantano⁠, Constantinos-Vasilios Priporas, Milena Viassone, Giuseppe Migliano
Mobile augmented reality as an internationalization tool in the “Made In Italy” food and beverage industry 2020 Lara Penco, Francesca Serravalle, Giorgia Profumo, Milena Viassone
The Shift Towards a Digital Business Model: A Strategic Decision for the Female Entrepreneur. 2019 Scuotto V.; Serravalle F. ; Murray A.; Viassone M.
Consumers’ perception of Augmented Reality: An application to the “Made in Italy” brand 2019 Francesca Serravalle, Régine Vanheems, Milena Viassone
Does the stakeholder engagement result in new drinks? Evidence from family owned SMEs 2019 Eleonora Pantano⁠; Constantinos-Vasilios Priporas; Milena Viassone; Giuseppe Migliano
IL RUOLO DEL CONTROLLER NELL’ERA DIGITALE: UN CASO DI SUCCESSO 2019 Culasso Francesca; Viassone Milena; Boschis Irene
Towards the digital business model: A holistic overview from an SME 2018 Scuotto V., Serravalle F., Murray A.,Viassone M.,
Neuromarketing in Customer Behaviour—Customers' Diencephalic and Mid-Brain Implications in Purchase Dynamics 2018 Lino Barbasso, Giuseppe Tardivo, Milena Viassone, Francesca Serravalle
Exploring the relationship between customer education and customer satisfaction 2018 Ben Youssef K., Viassone M., Kitchen P.
The Competitiveness of the Italian Manufacturing Industry: an Attempt of Measurement 2018 Vrontis, Demetris; Tardivo, Giuseppe; Bresciani, Stefano; Viassone, Milena
The development of sustainable tourism through market-based sources of innovation in the "albergo diffuso" 2017 Tindara Abbate, Angelo Presenza, Milena Viassone
What image for ethical food? 2017 Grimmer M.; Viassone M.
A descriptive framework for an excellent social accountability 2017 Tardivo G., Bresciani S., Viassone M.
Value co-creation in the beverage and food industry 2017 Tardivo G., Thrassou A., Viassone M., Serravalle F
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 109
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