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Binding of antibodies against human prealbumin to intestinal and bronchial carcinoids and to pancreatic endocrine tumours. 1984 BUSSOLATI G ;PAPOTTI M ;SAPINO A
Effects of long-term administration of high doses of medroxyprogesterone acetate on hormone receptors and target organs in the female rat. 1984 DI CARLO F; RACCA S; CONTI G; GALLO E; G. MUCCIOLI; SAPINO A; BUSSOLATI G
Estrogen and tamoxifen induced cytoskeletal changes in breast cancer cells. 1985 SAPINO A ;GUIDONI L ;BUSSOLATI G ;MARCHISIO PC
Chromogranin-reactive endocrine cells in argyrophilic carcinomas ('carcinoids') and normal tissue of the breast. 1985 BUSSOLATI G ;GUGLIOTTA P ;SAPINO A ;EUSEBI V ;LLOYD RV
Estrogen- and tamoxifen-induced rearrangement of cytoskeletal and adhesion structures in breast cancer MCF-7 cells. 1986 SAPINO A ;PIETRIBIASI F ;BUSSOLATI G ;MARCHISIO PC
Endocrine markers in argyrophilic carcinomas of the breast. 1987 BUSSOLATI G ;PAPOTTI M ;SAPINO A ;GUGLIOTTA P ;GHIRINGHELLO B ;AZZOPARDI JG
Effects of estrogens on the testis of transsexuals: a pathological and immunocytochemical study. 1987 SAPINO A ;PAGANI A ;GODANO A ;BUSSOLATI G
A combined glucagonoma and VIPoma syndrome. First pathologic and clinical report. 1988 CAVALLO-PERIN P ;DE PAOLI M ;GUISO G ;SAPINO A ;PAPOTTI M ;CODA R ;PAGANO G
Morphometric evaluation of microvessels surrounding hyperplastic and neoplastic mammary lesions. 1988 OTTINETTI A ;SAPINO A
Specific demonstration of myoepithelial cells by anti-alpha smooth muscle actin antibody. 1988 GUGLIOTTA P ;SAPINO A ;MACRÍ L ;SKALLI O ;GABBIANI G ;BUSSOLATI G
Prognostic significance of the expression of immunohistochemically detectable differentiation markers in laryngeal carcinomas. 1989 CORTESINA G ;CAVALLO GP ;MACARIO M ;MAGNANO M ;RONCAROLI F ;CERRATO M ;SAPINO A ;BUSSOLATI G
Extraskeletal Ewing's tumor with translocation t(11;22) in a patient with Down syndrome. 1989 CASORZO L ;FESSIA L ;SAPINO A ;PONZIO G ;BUSSOLATI G
Ectopic endocrine pancreatic tumour simulating splenic angiosarcoma. 1989 SAPINO A ;PIETRIBIASI F ;PAPOTTI M ;BUSSOLATI G
Cytologic features of poorly differentiated 'insular' carcinoma of the thyroid, as revealed by fine-needle aspiration biopsy. 1990 PIETRIBIASI F ;SAPINO A ;PAPOTTI M ;BUSSOLATI G
Effect of long-term administration of androgens on breast tissues of female-to-male transsexuals. 1990 SAPINO A ;PIETRIBIASI F ;GODANO A ;BUSSOLATI G
Immunocytochemical identification of proliferating cell types in mouse mammary gland. 1990 SAPINO A ;MACRÌ L ;GUGLIOTTA P ;BUSSOLATI G
[Effects of long-term administration of androgens on the breast in transsexual women] 1990 GODANO A ;SAPINO A ;PIETRIBIASI F ;BUSSOLATI G
Evaluation of proliferating cell types in human and mouse mammary gland by a double immunostaining procedure. 1990 SAPINO A ;MACRI L ;GUGLIOTTA P ;BUSSOLATI G
Tumor types derived from epithelial and myoepithelial cell lines of R3230AC rat mammary carcinoma. 1992 SAPINO A ;PAPOTTI M ;SANFILIPPO B ;GUGLIOTTA P ;BUSSOLATI G
[Malignant pelvic schwannoma. Its diagnosis by US-guided transrectal needle biopsy] 1992 VELTRI A ;CAPELLO S ;ROBOTTI D ;MACRÌ L ;SAPINO A
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