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TWO MODELS OF FAMILY FIRMS IN DIVIDENDS AND INVESTMENTS POLICY In corso di stampa Bresciani S.; Culasso F.; Giacosa E.; Broccardo L.
Mapping the field of digital entrepreneurship: a topic modeling approach In corso di stampa Léo-Paul Dana; Edoardo Crocco; Francesca Culasso; Elisa Giacosa
Innovation in food sector family business: the case of “Eataly” In corso di stampa F. Culasso; E. Giacosa; Margherita Stupino
BRAND EXTENSION IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER In corso di stampa Culasso F.; Giacosa E.; Stupino M.
Business plan competitions and nascent entrepreneurs: a systematic literature review and research agenda 2023 Léo-Paul Dana, Edoardo Crocco, Francesca Culasso, Elisa Giacosa
Cantino V., Giacosa E., Cortese D. “A sustainable perspective in wine production for common-good management. The case of Fontanafredda biological ‘reserve’”, 2019 2023 Damiano Cortese; Elisa Giacosa
Stress-inducing or performance-enhancing? Safety measure or cause of mistrust? The paradox of digital surveillance in the workplace 2023 Giacosa, E; Alam, GM; Culasso, F; Crocco, E
“We are out of toilet paper”: Testing the mediating effect of product scarcity on consumers’ competitive arousal in family firms 2023 SERRAVALLE FRANCESCA; Gazi Mahabubul Alam; ELISA GIACOSA
How open innovation specialists contribute to corporate sustainability and responsibility: A latent Dirichlet allocation approach 2023 Culasso, F; Giacosa, E; Giordino, D; Crocco, E
Empirical identification of the chief digital officer role: A latent Dirichlet allocation approach 2022 Francesca Culasso; Beata Gavurova; Edoardo Crocco; Elisa Giacosa
Crowd Inputs in Reward-based and Equity-based Crowdfunding: a Latent Dirichlet Allocation Approach on their Potential for Innovation 2022 CROCCO EDOARDO; Giacosa Elisa; YAHIAOUI Dorra; Culasso Francesca
Environmental Sustainability Orientation and Corporate Social Responsibility influence on Environmental Performance of SMEs. The Mediating Effect of Green Capability 2022 Shafique Ur Rehman; Stefano Bresciani; Yahiaoui Dorra; Elisa Giacosa
Customer Agility in the Modern Automotive Sector: How Lead Management Shapes Agile Digital Companies 2022 Elisa Giacosa; Francesca Culasso; Edoardo Crocco
Stakeholder Engagement in Higher Education: State of the Art and Research Agenda 2022 Crocco, Edoardo; Giacosa, Elisa; Culasso, Francesca
Digital transformation: Is Covid-19 a catalyst for micro and small enterprises first steps toward innovation? 2022 Francesca Culasso, Elisa Giacosa, Daniele Giordino, Edoardo Crocco
Nexus among Intellectual Capital, Inter-organizational Learning, Industrial Internet of Things Technology, and Innovation Performance: A Resource-Based Perspective” 2021 Rehman, Shafique Ur; Ashfaq, Khurram; Bresciani, Stefano; GIACOSA, Elisa; Mueller, Jens,
Does MBA’s paradigm transformation follow business education’s philosophy? A comparison of academic and job-performance and SES among five types of MBAian 2021 Gazi Mahabubul Alam; Elisa Giacosa; Alberto Mazzoleni
Sustainable Development in Tourism: A Stakeholder Analysis of the Langhe Region 2021 Vrontis, Demetris; Christofi, Michael; Giacosa, Elisa; Serravalle, Francesca
Stepchildren or prodigal employees? Motives and consequences of employee entrepreneurship in family business 2021 Francesca Ricciardi; Elisa Giacosa; Francesca Culasso
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 187
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