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Business engagement for the SDGs in COVID-19 time. An Italian perspective 2023 Francesco Scarpa, Riccardo Torelli, Simona Fiandrino
La sostenibilità aziendale in ottica sistemica-relazionale. Evoluzione concettuale e analisi di casi aziendali 2023 Simona Fiandrino
Metagovernance forms for enhancing sustainability-oriented innovation in a knowledge ecosystem 2023 Simona Fiandrino; Melchior Gromis di Trana; Alberto Tonelli; Fabio Rizzato
Analysing SDG disclosure and its impact on integrated thinking and reporting 2023 Rizzato, F; Tonelli, A; Fiandrino, S; Devalle, A
Fostering Social Impact through Corporate Implementation of the SDGs. Transformative mechanisms towards interconnectedness and inclusiveness 2022 Simona Fiandrino, Francesco Scarpa, Riccardo Torelli
Stakeholder engagement, flexible proactiveness and democratic durability as CSR strategic postures to overcome periods of crisis 2022 Melchior Gromis di Trana; Simona Fiandrino; Yahiaoui Dorra
Sustainability materiality research: A systematic literature review on methods, theories, and academic themes 2022 Simona Fiandrino; Alberto Tonelli; Alain Devalle
The multi-faceted dimensions for the disclosure quality of non-financial information in revising directive 2014/95/EU 2022 Simona Fiandrino; Melchior Gromis di Trana, Alberto Tonelli, Antonella Lucchese
A Text-Mining Analysis on the Review of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive. Bringing Value Creation for Stakeholders into Accounting 2021 Fiandrino Simona; Tonelli Alberto
Integrated thinking rolls! Stakeholder engagement actions translate integrated thinking into practice 2021 Alain Devalle, Melchior Gromis di Trana, Simona Fiandrino, Demetris Vrontis
The level of compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree No. 254/2016 and its determinants: Insights from Italy 2019 Valter Cantino; Alain Devalle; Simona Fiandrino; Donatella Busso
The effect of ownership concentration on non-financial information mandatory disclosure. Evidence from Italy 2019 Fiandrino, Simona ; Rizzato, Fabio; Busso, Donatella; Devalle, Alain
Disclosure of non-financial information. Evolutionary Paths and Harmonisation to Mandatory Requirements 2019 Simona Fiandrino
Corporate governance and financial performance for engaging socially and environmentally responsible practices 2019 Simona Fiandrino, Alain Devalle, Valter Cantino
Non-financial Information and Risk Disclosure: Compliance Levels with Mandatory Requirements in the Italian Market 2019 Fabio Rizzato, Donatella Busso, Simona Fiandrino, Valter Cantino
Sustainable responsible conduct beyond the boundaries of compliance: Lessons from Italian listed food and beverage companies 2019 Simona Fiandrino; Donatella Busso; Demetris Vrontis
Assessing strategic solutions to exploring food management within smart tourism. The case of Mashhad city 2018 Fahimeh Khatami, Simona Fiandrino, Pietro Presti, Alessandro Zerbetto
Entrepreneurial Orientation and Family Influence Factors for Sustainable Small Business: First Insights From the Leading Italian Craft Beer 2018 Chiara Civera; Damiano Cortese; Simona Fiandrino
Paving the path for non-financial information disclosure in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree No. 254/2016. 2018 Valter Cantino; Alain Devalle; Simona Fiandrino; Donatella Busso
Strategising Stakeholder Empowerment for Effective Co-management within Fishery-based Commons 2018 Edward R. Freeman, Chiara Civera, Damiano Cortese, Simona Fiandrino
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 28
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