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Central banks’ interventions in exchange rate markets during the international gold standard: Italy 1880–1913 2023 Paolo Di Martino
New directions in the history of Italian capitalism: A survey of business history on Italy, 1998-2021 2022 Paolo Di Martino
At the heart of Fenoaltea’s narrative: Italy and the international financial market (1880-1913) 2022 Paolo Di Martino
Economists vs. ‘central bankers’: views on exchange rates determination in Italy during the international gold standard (1880s-1913) 2022 Paolo Di Martino
A dissonant violin in the international orchestra? Discount rate policy in Italy (1894-1913) 2022 Paolo Di Martino, Fabio C. Bagliano
Review of: Monopoly Power and Competition: The Italian Marginalist Perspective. By Manuela Mosca. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2018. 2021 Di Martino, Paolo
Still glittering: a review of the literature on the classical gold standard, 1996-2020 2021 Paolo Di Martino
Bankruptcy and insolvency laws around Europe, (1850-2015): Institutional change and institutional features 2020 Paolo Di Martino Mark Latham Michelangelo Vasta
A tale of two Italies: ‘access-orders’ and the Italian regional divide 2020 Di Martino P.; Felice E.; Vasta M.
Reassessing the Italian ‘economic miracle’: law, firms’ governance and management, 1950-1973 2018 Paolo Di Martino; Michelangelo Vasta
Politics, society, and culture in the world of production: some reflections on Francesca Carnevali’s legacy 2017 Paolo Di Martino
Editors’ conclusions 2017 Paolo Di Martino, Peter Scott, Andrew Popp
Introduzione 2017 Paolo Di Martino; Michelangelo Vasta
Istituzioni e performance economica in Italia: un’analisi di lungo periodo 2017 Paolo Di Martino; Michelangelo Vasta
Editors’ introduction: Economic history ‘as if people mattered’ 2017 Paolo Di Martino, Andrew Popp, Peter Scott
Conclusioni. Il futuro economico dell’Italia in prospettiva storica: le policy oggi 2017 Gabriele Cappelli; Andrea Colli; Paolo Di Martino; Emanuele Felice; Alessandro Nuvolari; Alberto Rinaldi; Michelangelo Vasta
Risk, success, and failure: female entrepreneurship in late-Victorian and Edwardian England 2017 Jennifer Aston; Paolo Di Martino
Lobbying, Institutional Inertia, and the Efficiency Issue in State Regulation: Evidence from the Evolution of Bankruptcy Laws and Procedures in Italy, England, and the US (c.1870–1939) 2016 Di Martino, Paolo
Happy 150th anniversary, Italy? Institutions and economic performance since 1861 2015 Paolo Di Martino; Michelangelo Vasta
Wealthy by Accident? Firm Structure, Institutions, and Economic Performance in 150 (+4) Years of Italian History: Introduction to the Special Forum 2015 Paolo Di Martino; Michelangelo Vasta
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 27
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