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The impact of digitization on motivations and institutional logics of PhD students' startup initiatives: an exploratory study. 2019 Alberto Bertello; Danny Azucar; Lia Tirabeni
The Relevance of Climate Change Related Risks on Corporate Financial and Non-Financial Disclosure in Italian Listed Companies 2019 De Bernardi, Paola; Venuti, Francesco; Bertello, Alberto
Business model innovation in SMEs engaging in innovation ecosystems. A decoupling perspective. 2019 Paola De Bernardi; Alberto Bertello; Francesca Ricciardi; Sara Moggi
Unpacking Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) performances through the institutional logics lens. 2019 Paola De Bernardi, Alberto Bertello, Canio Forliano
Logics Hindering Digital Transformation in Cultural Heritage Strategic Management: An Exploratory Case Study 2019 paola de bernardi, alberto bertello, riad shams
Online and on-site interactions within alternative food networks: Sustainability impact of knowledge-sharing practices 2019 De Bernardi P.; Bertello A.; Venuti F.
Knowledge transfer driving community-based business models towards sustainable food-related behaviours: a commons perspective 2019 Paola De Bernardi; Alberto Bertello; Francesco Venuti; Alessandro Zardini
Beyond tangible and intangible. A meta-theoretical model to measure the four roles of organizational resources. 2020 Alberto Bertello; Canio Forliano; Mattia Franco; Lia Tirabeni
Internationalization and MENA Countries: A Systematic Literature Review 2020 Alberto Bertello; Alberto Ferraris; Stefano Bresciani; Matteo Massucco
Digital Transformation in SMEs: A Systematic Review and Future Directions 2020 Paola De Bernardi; Canio Forliano; Alberto Bertello;
Innovating business processes in public administrations: towards a systemic approach. 2020 Canio Forliano; Paola De Bernardi; Alberto Bertello; Valerio Temperini
Innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems: Structure, boundaries, and dynamics 2020 De Bernardi P.; Azucar D.; Forliano C.; Bertello A.
Big data analytics (BDA) and degree of internationalization: the interplay between governance of BDA infrastructure and BDA capabilities 2020 Bertello A.; Ferraris A.; Bresciani S.; De Bernardi P.
Community-Oriented Motivations and Knowledge Sharing as Drivers of Success Within Food Assemblies 2020 De Bernardi, Paola; Bertello, Alberto; Venuti, Francesco
How to avoid the tragedy of alternative food networks (AFNs)? The impact of social capital and transparency on AFN performance 2020 De Bernardi P.; Bertello A.; Venuti F.; Foscolo E.
Knowledge behaviors when the commons are at stake: Insights from the Covid-19 crisis 2020 Ricciardi, Francesca; Bertello, Alberto; Forliano, Canio; Bernardi, Paola De
Theorizing the commons from the perspective of organization studies 2021 Francesca Ricciardi; Alberto Bertello
Challenges to open innovation in traditional SMEs: an analysis of pre-competitive projects in university-industry-government collaboration 2021 Bertello, Alberto; Ferraris, Alberto; De Bernardi, Paola; Bertoldi, Bernardo
Knowledge Behaviors and Commons: What We Learn from the Covid-19 Crisis 2021 Francesca Ricciardi, Alberto Bertello, Canio Forliano, Paola De Bernardi
Circular Business Models and Their Systemic Implications: The “Too Good To Go” Case Study 2021 De Bernardi, Paola; Forliano, Canio; Gnoffo, Salvatore; Bertello, Alberto
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