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The role of isolated sites in heterogeneous catalysis: characterization and modeling 2001 S. Bordiga; A. Damin; G. Berlier; F. Bonino; G. Ricchiardi; A. Zecchina; C. Lamberti
Zeolite characterization with spectroscopic methods 2002 A. ZECCHINA; G. SPOTO; G. RICCHIARDI; S. BORDIGA; F. BONINO; C. PRESTIPINO; C. LAMBERTI
The structure of the peroxo species in the TS-1 catalyst as investigated by resonant Raman spectroscopy 2002 S. BORDIGA; A. DAMIN; F. BONINO; G. RICCHIARDI; C. LAMBERTI; A. ZECCHINA
Effect of interaction with H2O and NH3 on the vibrational, electronic, and energetic peculiarities of Ti(IV) centers TS-1 catalysts: A spectroscopic and computational study 2002 S. BORDIGA; A. DAMIN; F. BONINO; A. ZECCHINA; G. SPANÒ; F. RIVETTI; V. BOLIS; C. PRESTIPINO; C. LAMBERTI
Effect of NH3 adsorption on the structural and vibrational properties of TS-1 2002 A. DAMIN; F. BONINO; G. RICCHIARDI; S. BORDIGA; A. ZECCHINA; C. LAMBERTI
In situ characterization of catalysts active in partial oxidations: TS-1 and Fe-MFI case studies 2002 A. ZECCHINA; S. BORDIGA; G. SPOTO; A. DAMIN; G. BERLIER; F. BONINO; C. PRESTIPINO; C. LAMBERTI
The chemistry of the oxychlorination catalyst: an in situ, time-resolved XANES study 2002 C. LAMBERTI; C. PRESTIPINO; F. BONINO; L. CAPELLO; S. BORDIGA; G. SPOTO; A. ZECCHINA; S. DIAZ MORENO; B. CREMASCHI; M. GARILLI; A. MARSELLA; D. CARMELLO; S. VIDOTTO; G. LEOFANTI
Interaction of CD3CN and pyridine with the Ti(IV) centers of Ts-1 catalysts: a spectroscopic and computational study. 2003 F. BONINO; A. DAMIN; S. BORDIGA; C. LAMBERTI; A. ZECCHINA
Anchoring Fe ions to amorphous and crystalline oxides: A means to tune the degree of Fe coordination 2003 G. Berlier; F. Bonino; A. Zecchina; S. Bordiga; C. Lamberti
Determination of the oxidation and coordination state of copper on different Cu-based catalysts by XANES spectroscopy in situ or in operando conditions 2003 C. LAMBERTI; S. BORDIGA; F. BONINO; C. PRESTIPINO; G. BERLIER; L. CAPELLO; F. D'ACAPITO; F. X. LLABRÉS I XAMENA; A. ZECCHINA
Spectroscopic evidence for a persistent benzenium cation in zeolite H-beta 2003 M. BJORGEN; F. BONINO; S. KOLBOE; K.P. LILLERUD; A. ZECCHINA; S. BORDIGA
Resonance Raman effects in TS-1: the structure of Ti(IV) species and reactivity towards H2O, NH3 and H2O2: an in situ study 2003 S. BORDIGA; A. DAMIN; F. BONINO; G. RICCHIARDI; A. ZECCHINA; R. TAGLIAPIETRA; C. LAMBERTI
Equilibria between peroxo and hydroperoxo species in the titanosilicates: An in situ high-resolution XANES investigation 2004 C. PRESTIPINO; F. BONINO; S. USSEGLIO; A. DAMIN; A. TASSO; M. G. CLERICI; S. BORDIGA; F. D'ACAPITO; A. ZECCHINA; C. LAMBERTI
Electronic and vibrational properties of a Mof-5 metal-organic framework: zno quantum dot behaviour 2004 S. BORDIGA; C. LAMBERTI; G. RICCHIARDI; L. REGLI; F. BONINO; A. DAMIN; K. P. LILLERUD; M. BJORGEN; A. ZECCHINA
Single site catalyst for partial oxidation reaction: Ts-1 case study 2005 S. BORDIGA; A. DAMIN; F. BONINO; C. LAMBERTI
New strategies in the Raman study of the Cr/SiO2 Phillips catalyst: Observation of molecular adducts on Cr(II) sites 2005 E. GROPPO; A. DAMIN; F. BONINO; A. ZECCHINA; S. BORDIGA; C. LAMBERTI
Persistent methylbenzenium ions in protonated zeolites: The required proton affinity of the guest hydrocarbon 2005 M. BJORGEN; F. BONINO; B. ARSTAD; S. KOLBOE; K. P. LILLERUD; A. ZECCHINA; S. BORDIGA
Dimethyl carbonate in the supercages of NaY zeolite: The role of local fields in promoting methylation and carboxymethylation activity 2005 F. BONINO; A. DAMIN; S. BORDIGA; M. SELVA; P. TUNDO; A. ZECCHINA
In situ, CrK-edge XAS study on the Phillips catalyst: activation and ethylene polymerization 2005 E. GROPPO; C. PRESTIPINO; F. CESANO; F. BONINO; S. BORDIGA; C. LAMBERTI; P.C. THUNE; J.W. NIEMANTSVERDRIET; A. ZECCHINA
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