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The rules of courtship: What drives a start-up to collaborate with a large company? In corso di stampa Corvello V.; Felicetti A.M.; Ammirato S.; Troise C.; Kljucnikov A.
Unveiling the role of entrepreneurial teams in the equity crowdfunding journey 2024 Ciro Troise; Guido Giovando; Fauzia Jabeen; Stefano Bresciani.
Successful establishment of innovation systems for low visibility breakthrough innovations: The role of system builders, proximal institution and legitimacy 2024 Ghobadian, Abby; Talavera, Irene; Bresciani, Stefano; Troise, Ciro
Decoding the success of equity crowdfunding: investment decisions of professional and non-professional investors 2024 Battisti, Enrico; Troise, Ciro; Salvi, Antonio; Christofi, Michael
The impact of business owners’ individual characteristics on patenting in the context of digital innovation 2023 Corvello V.; Belas J.; Giglio C.; Iazzolino G.; Troise C.
The role of entrepreneurial alertness, digital platform capability, organisational agility and business model innovation on young innovative companies’ performance 2023 Troise C.; Jones P.; Candelo E.; Sorrentino M.
Functionality and usability features of ubiquitous mobile technologies: the acceptance of interactive travel apps 2023 Camilleri, Mark Anthony; Troise, Ciro; Kozak, Metin
Motivations and commitment to work in the hospitality industry: investigating employee psychology and responsible organizational behaviors 2023 Camilleri, MA; Troise, C; Morrison, AM
Creating shared value through open innovation approaches: Opportunities and challenges for corporate sustainability 2023 Camilleri, MA; Troise, C; Strazzullo, S; Bresciani, S
A digital family affair: Do family firms' characteristics enhance consumers' willingness to pay? 2023 Bargoni, Augusto; Giachino, Chiara; Troise, Ciro; Alam, Gazi Mahabubul; Quaglia, Roberto
How to effectively communicate university patents: a framework based on signalling theory 2023 Troise C.; Strazzullo S.; O'Regan N.; Giovando G.
Investigating circular business implementation’s antecedents: an empirical assessment of open innovation and digital technologies adoption 2023 Francesco Antonio Perotti; Ciro Troise; Alberto Ferraris
The marketing role in multi-stakeholder engagement: An empirical examination 2023 Cristian Rizzo; Augusto Bargoni; Ciro Troise; Mark Anthony Camilleri; Stefano Bresciani
Unleashing the potential of social media: an investigation into antecedents and opportunities of entrepreneurial intent 2023 Augusto Bargoni; Chiara Giachino; Rada Gutuleac; Ciro Troise
Guest editorial digital platforms and transformational entrepreneurship 2023 Jones P.; Troise C.; Schiuma G.
How Can SMEs Use Crowdfunding Platforms to Internationalize? The Role of Equity and Reward Crowdfunding 2023 Troise, Ciro; Battisti, Enrico; Christofi, Michael; van Vulpen, Nina Jorien; Tarba, Shlomo
Betting on the future: how to build antifragility in innovative start-up companies 2023 Corvello V.; Felicetti A.M.; Troise C.; Tani M.
Equity crowdfunding for university spin-offs: Unveiling the motivations, benefits, and risks related to its adoption 2023 Troise C.; Bresciani S.; Ferraris A.; Santoro G.
Antecedents of successful diffusion of breakthrough innovations past the formative phase: Perceptions of innovation-engaged practitioners 2023 Talavera Fabra, Irene; Ghobadian, Abby; Troise, Ciro; Bresciani, Stefano
Small and medium enterprises and sustainable business models: Exploring enabling factors for adoption 2023 Troise, Ciro; Santoro, Gabriele; Jones, Paul; Bresciani, Stefano
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