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Digital multi-sided platform and the chicken and egg issue: some evidences from the MyTaxi/Freenow case study 2020 Tani M; Troise C
Perspectives of the App Economy: Tenets of the Innovative Phenomenon 2020 Troise C; Ferrara E; Tani M; Papaluca O
Entrepreneurship and Sustainability in Tourism: An Interpretative Model 2020 Papaluca, Ornella; Tani, Mario; Troise, Ciro
Equity and Reward Crowdfunding: A Multiple Signal Analysis 2020 Troise C; Tani M; Papaluca O
Investigating the impact of multidimensional social capital on equity crowdfunding performance 2020 Troise C.; Tani M.; Jones P.
Reward crowdfunding and the success of campaigns: exploring the role of social capital of entrepreneurs and investors 2020 Troise C; Yablonsky S
Multiple Signals and Consumer Behavior in the Digital Economy: Implementing a Multidimensional Framework 2020 Troise C
Investigating Investment Decisions in Equity Crowdfunding: The Role of Projects' Intellectual Capital 2021 Troise, C.; Matricano, D.; Sorrentino, M.; Candelo, E.
CSR practices and creativity during COVID-19 pandemic in the emerging market: investigating the mediating effect of affective commitment 2021 Mohammed, Abdul Alem; Ferraris, Alberto; Troise, Ciro
Understanding the implications of equity crowdfunding on sustainability-oriented innovation and changes in agri-food systems: Insights into an open innovation approach 2021 Troise C.; Tani M.; Dinsmore J.; Schiuma G.
Social Open Innovation: Using Stakeholder Engagement To Link Open Innovation With Social Needs 2021 Gianpaolo Basile; Mario Tani; Ciro Troise
Open Innovation Platforms: exploring the importance of knowledge in supporting online initiatives 2021 Troise C; Matricano D; Sorrentino M
Exploring entrepreneurial characteristics, motivations and behaviours in equity crowdfunding: some evidence from Italy 2021 Troise C.; Tani M.
Entrepreneurship and fintech development: comparing reward and equity crowdfunding 2021 Troise, C.; Matricano, D.; Candelo, E.; Sorrentino, M.
Analyzing the signals of academic spin-offs: some insights from Italy 2021 Troise C.; Candelo E.; Matricano D.; Sorrentino M.;
A ten-year cross-national examination of the dance between intuition and rationality in entrepreneurial processes 2021 Troise, C.; Matricano, D.; Candelo, E.; Schjoedt, L.
The evolution of the pathways of innovation strategies in the automotive industry. The case of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 2021 Candelo, E.; Troise., C.; Matricano, D.; Lepore, A.; Sorrentino, M.
A solution for the chicken and egg paradox in taxi e-hailing platforms: some evidence from the MyTaxi – FreeNow case 2021 Tani M.; Troise C.; Basile G.
The use of digital media for marketing, CSR communication and stakeholder engagement 2021 Troise C; Camilleri M A
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 63
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