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Contrast agents for magnetic resonance angiographic applications: 1H and 17O NMR relaxometric investigations on two gadolinium(III) DTPA-like chelates endowed with high binding affinity to human serum albumin 1999 S. AIME; M. CHIAUSSA; G. DIGILIO; E.GIANOLIO; E. TERRENO
Spectral discrimination of chiral macrocyclic paramagnetic metal complexes by NMR techniques; 1999 Aime S; Botta M; Geninatti Crich S; Terreno E; Anelli PL; Uggeri F.
1H and 17O-NMR relaxometric investigations of paramagnetic contrast agents for MRI. Clues for higher relaxivities. 1999 Aime S; Botta M; Fasano M; Geninatti Crich S; Terreno Enzo
Prototropic and Water-Exchange Processes in Aqueous Solutions of Gd(III) Chelates 1999 S. AIME; M. BOTTA; M. FASANO; E. TERRENO
Ternary Gd(III)L-HSA adducts: Evidence for the replacement of inner-sphere water molecules by coordinating groups of the protein. Implications for the design of contrast agents for MRI 2000 Aime S; Gianolio E; Terreno E; Giovenzana G.B; Pagliarin R; Sisti M; Palmisano G; Botta M; Lowe M.P; Parker D
A p(O2)-Responsive MRI Contrast Agent Based on the Redox Switch of Manganese (II/III) - Porphyrinic Complexes 2000 S. AIME; M. BOTTA; E. GIANOLIO; E. TERRENO
A novel class of pH-sensitive paramagnetic CEST contrast agents for MRI applications 2001 Terreno E; Aime S; Barge A; Delli Castelli D; Nielsen FU
(DOTA-bis(amide)}lanthanide complexes: NMR evidence for differences in water-molecule exchange rates for coordination isomers 2001 Zhang SR; Kovacs Z; Burgess S; Aime S; Terreno E; Sherry AD
NMR detection of the inner-rotatiopn of water around its coordination axis in Eu(III) complexes 2001 Terreno E; Aime S; Barge A; Botta M; Bruno E
Modulation of the water exchange rates in [Gd-DO3A] complex by formation of ternary complexes with carboxylate ligands 2001 Aime S; Botta M; Bruce JI; Mainero V; Parker D; Terreno E
Modulation of the water exchange rate in Gd(III) complexes 2001 Aime S; Barge A; Gianolio E; Terreno E; Botta M
High-relaxivity contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging based on multisite interactions between a beta-cyclodextrin oligomer and suitably functionalized Gd-III chelates 2001 Aime S; Botta M; Fedeli F; Gianolio E; Terreno E; Anelli P
A paramagnetic probe to localize residues next to carboxylates on protein surfaces 2002 S. AIME; D'AMELIO N; FRAGAI M; LEE YM; LUCHINAT C; TERRENO E; VALENSIN G
Paramagnetic lanthanide(III) complexes as pH-sensitive chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) contrast agents for MRI applications 2002 S. AIME; BARGE A; DELLI CASTELLI D; FEDELI F; MORTILLARO A; NIELSEN FU; TERRENO E
H-1 and O-17 relaxometric investigations of the binding of Mn(II) ion to human serum albumin 2002 S. AIME; CANTON S; GENINATTI CRICH S; TERRENO E
A paramagnetic MRI-CEST agent responsive to lactate concentration 2002 Aime S; Delli Castelli D; Fedeli F; Terreno E
Novel pH-reporter MRI contrast agents 2002 S. AIME; DELLI CASTELLI D.; TERRENO E.
Separation of intra- and extracellular lactate NMR signals using a lanthanide shift reagent 2002 S. AIME; M. BOTTA; V. MAINERO; E. TERRENO
Relaxometric evaluation of novel manganese(II) complexes for application as contrast agents in magnetic resonance imaging 2002 S. AIME; ANELLI L; BOTTA M; BROCCHETTA M; CANTON S; FEDELI F; GIANOLIO E; TERRENO E
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