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Generalized Nonlinear Yule Models 2016 Lansky, Petr; Polito, Federico; Sacerdote, Laura
A Generalization of the Space-Fractional Poisson Process and its Connection to some Lévy Processes 2016 Federico Polito, Enrico Scalas
State-dependent Fractional Point Processes 2015 R. Garra; E. Orsingher; F. Polito
On Firing Rate Estimation for Dependent Interspike Intervals 2015 E. Benedetto; F. Polito; L. Sacerdote
Transient behavior of fractional queues and related processes 2015 D. O. Cahoy; F. Polito
Fractional diffusions with time-varying coefficients 2015 R. Garra; E. Orsingher; F. Polito
Discussion on the paper "On Simulation and Properties of the Stable Law by L. Devroye and L. James" 2014 M. D'Ovidio; F. Polito
Fractional Klein-Gordon equation for linear dispersive phenomena: analytical methods and applications 2014 R. Garra; E. Orsingher; F. Polito
Superprocesses as models for information dissemination in the Future Internet 2014 L. Sacerdote; M. Garetto; F. Polito; M. Sereno
Parameter estimation for fractional birth and fractional death processes 2014 D. Cahoy; F. Polito
The role of detachment of in-links in scale-free networks 2014 P. Lansky; F. Polito; L. Sacerdote
Hilfer-Prabhakar Derivatives and Some Applications 2014 R. Garra; R. Gorenflo; F. Polito; Z. Tomovski
Fractional Klein-Gordon Equations and Related Stochastic Processes 2014 R. Garra; E. Orsingher; F. Polito
Renewal processes based on generalized Mittag-Leffler waiting times 2013 Dexter O. Cahoy; F. Polito
On Some Operators Involving Hadamard Derivatives 2013 R. Garra; F. Polito
On the Integral of Fractional Poisson Processes 2013 E. Orsingher; F. Polito
Randomly Stopped Nonlinear Fractional Birth Processes 2013 E. Orsingher; F. Polito
Fractional calculus modelling for unsteady unidirectional flow of incompressible fluids with time-dependent viscosity 2012 R. Garra; F. Polito
Analytic solutions of fractional differential equations by operational methods 2012 R. Garra; F. Polito
Simulation and estimation for the fractional Yule process 2012 D. O. CAHOY;F. POLITO
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 54
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