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Aspetti manageriali del trasferimento tecnologico nelle Università 2020 Troise C
Equity and Reward Crowdfunding: A Multiple Signal Analysis 2020 Troise C; Tani M; Papaluca O
Digital multi-sided platform and the chicken and egg issue: some evidences from the MyTaxi/Freenow case study 2020 Tani M; Troise C
Entrepreneurship and Sustainability in Tourism: An Interpretative Model 2020 Papaluca, Ornella; Tani, Mario; Troise, Ciro
Exploring and comparing the impact of reward crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding on company performance 2020 Troise Ciro, Candelo Elena, Matricano Diego, Sorrentino Mario
Discovering the underlying dynamics of crowdfunding networks: entrepreneurs’ ties, crowdfunders’ connections and community spin-offs 2020 Troise C.
Investigating the impact of multidimensional social capital on equity crowdfunding performance 2020 Troise C.; Tani M.; Jones P.
The use of digital media for marketing, CSR communication and stakeholder engagement 2021 Troise C; Camilleri M A
Entrepreneurship and fintech development: comparing reward and equity crowdfunding 2021 Troise, C.; Matricano, D.; Candelo, E.; Sorrentino, M.
A ten-year cross-national examination of the dance between intuition and rationality in entrepreneurial processes 2021 Troise, C.; Matricano, D.; Candelo, E.; Schjoedt, L.
Investigating Investment Decisions in Equity Crowdfunding: The Role of Projects' Intellectual Capital 2021 Troise, C.; Matricano, D.; Sorrentino, M.; Candelo, E.
Analyzing the signals of academic spin-offs: some insights from Italy 2021 Troise C.; Candelo E.; Matricano D.; Sorrentino M.;
CSR practices and creativity during COVID-19 pandemic in the emerging market: investigating the mediating effect of affective commitment 2021 Mohammed, Abdul Alem; Ferraris, Alberto; Troise, Ciro
The evolution of the pathways of innovation strategies in the automotive industry. The case of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 2021 Candelo, E.; Troise., C.; Matricano, D.; Lepore, A.; Sorrentino, M.
Social Open Innovation: Using Stakeholder Engagement To Link Open Innovation With Social Needs 2021 Gianpaolo Basile; Mario Tani; Ciro Troise
A solution for the chicken and egg paradox in taxi e-hailing platforms: some evidence from the MyTaxi – FreeNow case 2021 Tani M.; Troise C.; Basile G.
Exploring entrepreneurial characteristics, motivations and behaviours in equity crowdfunding: some evidence from Italy 2021 Troise C.; Tani M.
Understanding the implications of equity crowdfunding on sustainability-oriented innovation and changes in agri-food systems: Insights into an open innovation approach 2021 Troise C.; Tani M.; Dinsmore J.; Schiuma G.
Online food delivery services and behavioural intention – a test of an integrated TAM and TPB framework 2021 Troise C.; O'Driscoll A.; Tani M.; Prisco A.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 76
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