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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Building a Computational Lexicon by using SQL 2016 Mazzei, Alessandro
Building a Corpus of Newspaper Language to Study False Anglicisms in Italian 2004 C. FURIASSI
Building a Corpus on a Debate on Political Reform in Twitter 2015 Lai, Mirko; Virone, Daniela; Bosco, Cristina; Patti, Viviana
Building a general knowledge base of physical objects for robots 2016 Basile V.; Cabrio E.; Gandon F.
Building a generator for Italian sign language 2011 Alessandro Mazzei
Building a large grammar for Italian 2004 A. MAZZEI; V. LOMBARDO
Building a mycorrhizal cell: How to reach compatibility between plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi 2005 A. Genre; P. Bonfante
Building a Persuasive Virtual Dietitian 2020 Anselma, Luca; Mazzei, Alessandro
Building a Spoken Dialogue System for Supporting Blind People in Accessing Mathematical Expressions 2023 Pier Felice Balestrucci, Luca Anselma, Cristian Bernareggi, Alessandro Mazzei
Building a testable shear viscosity across the QCD phase diagram 2022 Emma McLaughlin; Jacob Rose; Travis Dore; Paolo Parotto; Claudia Ratti; Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler
Building a Treebank for Italian: a Data-driven Annotation Schema. 2000 Cristina Bosco; Vincenzo Lombardo; Leonardo Lesmo; Daniela Vassallo
Building a Treebank in Universal Dependencies for Italian Sign Language 2020 Gaia Caligiore; Cristina Bosco; Alessandro Mazzei
Building a Utility Function Based on Preferences between Lotteries 1992 G. DIALE
Building a wide coverage dynamic grammar 2007 A. MAZZEI; V. LOMBARDO
Building a wide coverage dynamic grammar 2005 MAZZEI, Alessandro; LOMBARDO, Vincenzo
Building a “new” Semitic language: lexical enrichment in Modern Assyrian and its problems 2012 FABIO GASPARINI; MAURO TOSCO
Building Alternatives from the Bottom-up: The Case of Alternative Food Networks 2016 Barbera, Filippo; Dagnes, Joselle
Building an orogen: Review of U-Pb zircon ages from the calabria-peloritani terrane to constrain the timing of the southern variscan belt 2020 Fornelli A.; Festa V.; Micheletti F.; Spiess R.; Tursi F.
Building an Up-to-Date Library. Prospero Podiani’s Use of Booksellers’ Catalogues, with Special Reference to Law Books 2018 Maria Alessandra Panzanelli Fratoni
Building and destroying castles: the imperial action in Italy, 1080-1250 In corso di stampa Luigi Provero
Mostrati risultati da 26.978 a 26.997 di 259.876
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