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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Extension of radical lymph node dissection influences survival of patients with melanoma 2012 Rossi CR; Mozzillo N; Maurichi A; Pasquali S; Quaglino P; Borgognoni L; Solari N; Piazzalunga D; Mascheroni L; Giudice G; Mocellin S; Patuzzo R; Coracò C; Ribero S; Marone U; Santinami M
An extension of the ABS toolchain with a mechanism for type checking SPLs 2017 Damiani, Ferruccio; Lienhardt, Michael; Muschevici, Radu; Schaefer, Ina
An Extension of the Inverse Method to Probabilistic Timed Automata 2013 E. ANDRE; L. FRIBOURG; J. SPROSTON
Extension of the stability of anticancer drugs in pharmaceutical practise 2016 Baratta, Francesca; Goffredo, Franca; Annaratone, Laura; Sapino, Anna; Bertetto, Oscar; Brusa, Paola
Extension theory and the calculus of butterflies 2016 Cigoli A.S.; Metere G.
Extensions and biextensions of locally constant group schemes, tori and abelian schemes 2009 C. Bertolin
Extensions of functions which preserve the continuity on the original domain. 2000 C. COSTANTINI; A. MARCONE
Extensions of Hamiltonian systems dependent on a rational parameter 2013 C. M. Chanu; L. Degiovanni; G. Rastelli
Extensions of Hamiltonian systems dependent on a rational parameter 2014 C. Chanu; L. Degiovanni; G. Rastelli
Extensions of nonnatural Hamiltonians 2020 Chanu C.M.; Rastelli G.
Extensions of Picard 2-stacks and the cohomology groups Ext^i of length 3 complexes 2014 C. Bertolin; A. E. Tatar
Extensions of Picard stacks and their homological interpretation 2011 C. Bertolin
Extensions of some results for interpolatory products integrations rules to rules not necessarily of interpolatory type 1986 C. Dagnino
Extensions of superscaling from relativistic mean field theory: The SuSAv2 model 2014 R. Gonz?lez-Jim?nez;G. D. Megias;M. B. Barbaro;J. A. Caballero;T. W. Donnelly
Extensions of Tableau calculi for preference-based conditional logics 2005 L. GIORDANO; V. GLIOZZI; N. OLIVETTI; C. SCHWIND
Extensions of the charge distribution analysis to structures based on anion-centred polyhedra 2006 Nespolo M.; Ferraris G.
Extensions of the reducibility method 2004 Silvia Ghilezan; Silvia Likavec
Extensions to the Model 2009 Sacco G. M.; Ferre' S.
Extensive "halo naevi" phenomenon and regression of melanin during nivolumab treatment in metastatic melanoma: A predictor of a better outcome? 2022 Cavallo, Francesco; Roccuzzo, Gabriele; Avallone, Gianluca; Conforti, Claudio; Zalaudek, Iris; Giordano, Silvia; Rubatto, Marco; Fava, Paolo; Ribero, Simone; Quaglino, Pietro
Extensive air shower detection with CROME in the L band 2013 Mathys, S.; Baur, S.; Bertaina, Mario Edoardo; Bluemer, J.; Chiavassa, Andrea; Engel, R.; Haungs, A.; Huege, T.; K. . . H., ; Klages, H.; Kleifges, M.; Kroemer, O.; Ludwig, M.; Neunteufel, P.; Pekala, J.; Rautenberg, J.; Riegel, M.; Roth, M.; Salamida, F.; Schieler, H.; Smida, R.; Stasielak, J.; Unger, M.; Weber, M.; Werner, F.; Wilczynski, H.; Wochele, J.
Mostrati risultati da 77.706 a 77.725 di 254.285
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