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SA - Sud America 44
AF - Africa 16
OC - Oceania 14
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 12
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 16588
CN - Cina 2389
IT - Italia 1938
IE - Irlanda 1497
DE - Germania 963
FR - Francia 904
UA - Ucraina 904
FI - Finlandia 903
SE - Svezia 852
KR - Corea 697
PL - Polonia 532
GB - Regno Unito 372
VN - Vietnam 238
AT - Austria 237
CA - Canada 184
IN - India 70
GR - Grecia 54
RU - Federazione Russa 54
BE - Belgio 49
JP - Giappone 44
NL - Olanda 41
TR - Turchia 23
DK - Danimarca 21
HK - Hong Kong 21
ES - Italia 19
TW - Taiwan 19
BR - Brasile 18
IR - Iran 16
PK - Pakistan 15
CH - Svizzera 13
UZ - Uzbekistan 13
AU - Australia 12
EU - Europa 12
MX - Messico 12
PE - Perù 9
RO - Romania 9
SI - Slovenia 9
TH - Thailandia 9
CL - Cile 7
IL - Israele 7
SA - Arabia Saudita 7
PT - Portogallo 6
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 5
SG - Singapore 5
CO - Colombia 4
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ZA - Sudafrica 4
AR - Argentina 3
EG - Egitto 3
HR - Croazia 3
MY - Malesia 3
BY - Bielorussia 2
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MD - Moldavia 2
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NO - Norvegia 2
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 2
SN - Senegal 2
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AL - Albania 1
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EC - Ecuador 1
GE - Georgia 1
JO - Giordania 1
KZ - Kazakistan 1
LB - Libano 1
LV - Lettonia 1
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MZ - Mozambico 1
NI - Nicaragua 1
PH - Filippine 1
QA - Qatar 1
SZ - Regno dello Swaziland 1
UY - Uruguay 1
VE - Venezuela 1
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Chandler 1147
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Hebei 17
Qingdao 16
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Buffalo 15
Chengdu 15
Fuzhou 15
Ottawa 13
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Redmond 11
Aarhus 10
Bologna 10
Châteaudun 10
Dallas 10
London 10
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Chongqing 8
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Islamabad 8
Ljubljana 8
Shenyang 8
Berlin 7
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Quzhou 7
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Xian 7
Detroit 6
Gazi 6
Hyderabad 6
Lyngby 6
Minneapolis 6
Napoli 6
Phoenixville 6
Siano 6
University Park 6
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Nome #
Anodic Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries: TiO2-rGO Composites for High Power Applications 431
Local Proton Source in Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction with [Mn(bpy–R)(CO)3Br] Complexes 337
A local proton source in a [Mn(bpy-R)(CO)3Br]-type redox catalyst enables CO2reduction even in the absence of Brønsted acids 256
UV–vis spectral modifications of water samples under irradiation: Lake vs. subterranean water 234
Photochemical stability and reactivity of Graphene Oxide 197
Modelling the photochemical fate of ibuprofen in surface waters 181
Bicarbonate-enhanced transformation of phenol upon irradiation of hematite, nitrate, and nitrite 177
Thin Film Nanocrystalline TiO2 Electrodes: Dependence of Flat Band Potential on pH and Anion Adsorption 176
On The Standardization Of The Photocatalytic Gas/Solid Tests 174
Phototransformation of pesticides in the environment 169
Modelling the photochemical generation kinetics of 2-methyl-4-chlorophenol, an intermediate of the herbicide MCPA (2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid) in surface waters 167
Photocatalytic process in TiO2/graphene hybrid materials. Evidence of charge separation by electron transfer from reduced graphene oxide to TiO2 167
Effects of climate change on surface-water photochemistry: A Review 166
A model approach to assess the long-term trends of indirect photochemistry in lake water. The case of Lake Maggiore (NW Italy) 159
Portable photoreactor for on-site measurement of the activity of photocatalytic surfaces 157
Polyethylene glycol as shape and size controller for the hydrothermal synthesis of SrTiO3 cubes and polyhedra 157
Photochemical fate of carbamazepine in surface freshwaters: Laboratory measures and modeling 155
Transformation of 2,4,6-trimethylphenol and furfuryl alcohol, photosensitised by Aldrich humic acids subject to different filtration procedures 155
Tailored properties of hematite particles with different size and shape 150
Modelling photochemical transformation of emerging organic pollutants in surface waters: effect of water level fluctuations following outflow or evaporation, relevant to arid and semi-arid environments 149
Photochemical processes involving the UV absorber benzophenone-4 (2-hydroxy-4- methoxybenzophenone-5-sulphonic acid) in aqueous solution: Reaction pathways and implications for surface waters 149
Photochemical transformation of atrazine and formation of photointermediates under conditions relevant to sunlit surface waters: Laboratory measures and modelling 148
Considerable Fenton and photo-Fenton reactivity of passivated zero-valent iron 145
Photochemical production of organic matter triplet states in water samples from mountain lakes, located below or above the tree line 144
Photochemical reactions in the tropospheric aqueous phase and on particulate matter 138
Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 by M(CO)4(diimine) Complexes (M = Mo, W): Catalytic Activity Improved by 2,2′-Dipyridylamine 136
Photodegradation of nitrite in lake waters: Role of dissolved organic matter 135
Tuning TiO2 nanoparticle morphology in graphene–TiO2 hybrids by graphene surface modification 135
Photocatalytic degradation of selected anticancer drugs and identification of their transformation products in water by liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry 135
Photochemical transformation of anionic 2-nitro-4-chlorophenol in surface waters: Laboratory and model assessment of the degradation kinetics, and comparison with field data 133
Photogeneration of Reactive Transient Species Upon Irradiation of Natural Water Samples: Formation Quantum Yields in Different Spectral Intervals, and Implications for the Photochemistry of Surface Waters. 132
Assessing the photochemical transformation pathways of acetaminophen relevant to surface waters: transformation kinetics, intermediates, and modeling 132
Assessing the phototransformation of diclofenac, clofibric acid and naproxen in surface waters: Model predictions and comparison with field data 131
Modeling phototransformation reactions in surface water bodies: 2,4-Dichloro-6-nitrophenol as a case study 130
Indirect photochemistry in sunlit surface waters: Photoinduced production of reactive transient species 129
A revised photocatalytic transformation mechanism for chlorinated VOCs: experimental evidence from C2Cl4 in the gas phase 128
Activation of Persulfate by Irradiated Magnetite: Implications for the Degradation of Phenol under Heterogeneous Photo-Fenton-Like Conditions 127
TiO2 nanoparticles with (101) predominant crystallographic face: chemical physics characterization and photocatalytic properties 126
The Role of Surface Texture on the Photocatalytic H2 Production on TiO2 126
Variazioni stagionali e di lungo termine della fotochimica di acque superificiali lacustri 125
Catalizzatori supportati su vetro a base di ossidi metallici per l’abbattimento di ozono: un’indagine preliminare ad un loro utilizzo in campo. 124
Glycerol transformation through photocatalysis: A possible route to value added chemicals 120
Glycerol as a probe molecule to uncover oxidation mechanism in photocatalysis 120
Assessing the occurrence of the dibromide radical (Br2-°) in natural waters: Measures of triplet-sensitised formation, reactivity, and modelling 120
Quantification of the Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Ability of Non-Transparent Materials 117
Coupling of nanofiltration and thermal Fenton reaction for the abatement of carbamazepine in wastewater 116
Photocatalytic rate dependence on light absorption properties of different TiO2 specimens 116
Phototransformation of anthraquinone-2-sulphonate in aqueous solution 115
Theoretical and experimental evidence of the photonitration pathway of phenol and 4-chlorophenol: A mechanistic study of environmental significance 115
Modelling lake-water photochemistry: Three-decade assessment of the steady-state concentration of photoreactive transients (°OH, CO3-° and 3CDOM*) in the surface water of polymictic Lake Peipsi (Estonia/Russia) 115
Characterization of anodic materials for lithium-ion batteries: the case study of TiO2-rGO hybrids for high power applications 115
Photocatalytic hydrogen production on Pt-loaded TiO2 inverse opals 114
Tuning the Photocatalyst Performance through Specific Cation Adsorption 112
Heterogeneous photo-Fenton decontamination reactions with nanometric magnetite 112
Modelling the occurrence and reactivity of the carbonate radical in surface freshwater 111
Modellizzazione delle reazioni fotochimiche nelle acque superficiali: Trasformazione degli inquinanti e mappatura della fotoreattività degli ambienti acquatici 111
Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic performance of p-type carbon nitride 111
A Methodology to Discriminate Between Hydroxyl Radical-induced Processes and Direct Charge-transfer Reactions in Heterogeneous Photocatalysis 111
An overview of possible processes able to account for the occurrence of nitro-PAHs in Antarctic particulate matter 110
Fate of selected pharmaceuticals in river waters 109
Tools for the characterization of natural dissolved organic matter in surface waters 109
N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide transformation in river water 108
Processi fotoindotti di trasformazione di inquinanti emergenti nelle acque di superficie 106
A proof of the direct hole transfer in photocatalysis: The case ofmelamine 106
Optical and Photochemical Characterization of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter from Lakes in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica. Evidence of Considerable Photoreactivity in an Extreme Environment 106
Photocatalytic transformation of flufenacet over TiO2 aqueous suspensions: Identification of intermediates and the mechanism involved 105
Photocatalytic performances of rare earth element-doped zinc oxide toward pollutant abatement in water and wastewater 105
Effect of dissolved organic compounds on the photodegradation of the herbicide MCPA in aqueous solution. 104
Photochemical production of reactive triplet states in water samples from mountain lakes, located below or above the treeline 104
Could triplet-sensitised transformation of phenolic compounds represent a source of fulvic-like substances in natural waters? 104
Phenol transformation and dimerisation, photosensitised by the triplet state of 1-nitronaphthalene: A possible pathway to humic-like substances (HULIS) in atmospheric waters 103
Determination of gaseous species transformation rate in flow reactors: some case-studies of environmental concern 103
Probing the nature of active species in TiO2 photocatalysis by Spin trapping ESR experiments 102
Photo–Fenton reaction in the presence of morphologically controlled hematite as iron source 102
Selected hybrid photocatalytic materials for the removal of drugs from water 102
Role of iron species in the photo-transformation of phenol in artificial and natural seawater 102
Photo-Fenton oxidation of phenol with magnetite as iron source 102
Photodegradation processes of the Antiepileptic drug carbamazepine, relevant to estuarine waters 101
UVA irradiation induces direct phototransformation of 2,4-dinitrophenol in surface water samples. 101
Matrice di fluorescenza: un potente strumento nello studio dei processi fotosensibilizzati di trasformazione di inquinanti emergenti nelle acque naturali 101
Dark formation of hydroxyl radicals (°OH) upon aeration of anoxic lake water 101
Electrochemical abatement of cefazolin: Towards a viable treatment for antibiotic-containing urine 101
Highly Photoactive Polythiophenes Obtained by Electrochemical Synthesis from Bipyridine-Containing Terthiophenes 100
A quantitative evaluation of the photocatalytic performance of TiO2 slurries 99
Photochemical processes induced by the irradiation of 4-hydroxybenzophenone in different solvents 99
Degradation of phenol and benzoic acid in the presence of a TiO2-based heterogeneous photocatalyst 98
Trasformazioni del benzene per irradiazione di nitrato di sodio ed ammonio in un fotoreattore gas-solido 98
Influence of nitrogen speciation on the TDN measurement in fresh waters by high temperature catalytic oxidation and persulfate digestion 98
Dark production of hydroxyl radicals by aeration of anoxic lake water 98
Phototransformation of the sunlight filter benzophenone-3 (2-hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone) under conditions relevant to surface waters 97
New insights into the Photocatalytic activity of TiO2/reduced-Graphene Oxide: from the role of the substrate adsorption to the evidence of the electron transfer from rGO to TiO2 97
Formation of hydroxyl radicals by irradiated 1-nitronaphthalene (1NN): oxidation of hydroxyl ions and water by the 1NN triplet state 96
Morphology-photocatalytic activity relationships for shape controlled TiO2 nanoparticles obtained by hydrothermal methods 96
Degradazione di fenolo e diclorofenolo per irradiazione di antrachinone-2-solfonato 95
The pH-dependent photochemistry of anthraquinone-2-sulfonate 95
A quantitative assessment of the production of _OH and additional oxidants in the dark Fenton reaction: Fenton degradation of aromatic amines 95
Photolytic degradation of N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide in ice and water: implications in its environmental fate 95
Photocatalytic processes on TiO2? Reduced Graphene Oxide hybrid materials: UV-based, dye-sensitized or visible-sensitized photocatalysis? 95
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