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Nome #
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Management of diabetes insipidus and adipsia in the child, file e27ce430-3f71-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
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Intradural Extramedullary Ependymoma with Leptomeningeal Dissemination: The First Case Report in a Child and Literature Review, file e27ce430-62ec-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction mimicking posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in an infant with end-stage renal disease, file e27ce430-62ef-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
Brain Metastasis from Neuroblastoma Depicted by (18)F-DOPA PET/CT, file e27ce430-62f1-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
Focal leptomeningeal enhancement and corticopial calcifications underlying a parietal convexity lipoma: a rare association of findings in 2 pediatric epileptic patients, file e27ce430-62f4-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
Temporal lobe epilepsy and hippocampal malrotation: is there a causal association?, file e27ce430-62f7-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
Punctate white matter lesions of preterm infants: Risk factor analysis, file e27ce430-62f8-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
Medulloblastoma variants: age-dependent occurrence and relation to Gorlin syndrome--a new clinical perspective, file e27ce430-62f9-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
Improvement in White Matter Tract Reconstruction with Constrained Spherical Deconvolution and Track Density Mapping in Low Angular Resolution Data: A Pediatric Study and Literature Review, file e27ce430-62fa-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
Late Persistent Increased Putaminal 18F-DOPA Uptake Following Ipsilateral Frontal Resection: Evidence for Corticostriatal Synaptic Plasticity?, file e27ce430-62fe-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
Epileptic Encephalopathy, Myoclonus-Dystonia, and Premature Pubarche in Siblings with a Novel C-Terminal Truncating Mutation in ATRX Gene, file e27ce430-6f06-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOPE) MRI guidelines for imaging patients with central nervous system tumours, file e27ce432-a265-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 2
Expert Opinion on the Management of Growth Hormone Deficiency in Brain Tumor Survivors: Results From an Italian Survey, file c000d942-43ff-463e-9ba4-5dc02dfa4431 1
Aggressive desmoid fibromatosis in Kabuki syndrome: Expanding the tumor spectrum, file e27ce430-2082-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Dissecting the neurological phenotype in children with callosal agenesis, interhemispheric cysts and malformations of cortical development, file e27ce430-23e2-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Three de novo DDX3X variants associated with distinctive brain developmental abnormalities and brain tumor in intellectually disabled females, file e27ce430-23e3-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Added value of arterial spin labeling magnetic resonance imaging in pediatric neuroradiology: pitfalls and applications, file e27ce430-36b7-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Asymmetric cavernous sinus enlargement: a novel finding in Sturge-Weber syndrome, file e27ce430-36bf-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
A novel homozygous MFN2 mutation associated with severe and atypical CMT2 phenotype, file e27ce430-3851-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Pure bilateral lambdoid and posterior sagittal synostosis (Mercedes Benz syndrome), case report and literature review, file e27ce430-3f6f-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Epileptic Encephalopathy in Adams-Oliver Syndrome Associated to a New DOCK6 Mutation: A Peculiar Behavioral Phenotype, file e27ce430-3f75-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Familial ROBO1 deletion associated with ectopic posterior pituitary, duplication of the pituitary stalk and anterior pituitary hypoplasia, file e27ce430-3f77-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Pediatric astrocytic tumor grading: comparison between arterial spin labeling and dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI perfusion, file e27ce430-3f78-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
Intimal hyperplasia detection after aneurysm treatment by flow diversion using magnetic resonance vessel wall imaging, file e27ce435-5dcf-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 1
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