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Nome #
Effects of metastability on hydrogen sorption in fluorine substituted hydrides, file e27ce427-dabd-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 3562
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Decoding Collagen Triple Helix Stability by Means of Hybrid DFT Simulations, file e27ce42f-3ab3-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 208
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A new massively parallel version of CRYSTAL for large systems on High Performance Computing Architectures, file e27ce426-d051-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 178
Probing the fate of interstitial water in bulk bioactive glass by ab-initio simulations, file e27ce427-0ecb-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 161
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Does Fe2+ in olivine-based interstellar grains play any role in the formation of H2? Atomistic insights from DFT periodic simulations, file e27ce429-cede-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 151
How does collagen adsorb on hydroxyapatite? Insights from Ab initio simulations on a polyproline type II model, file e27ce42e-24ba-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 138
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IR spectral fingerprint of carbon monoxide in interstellar water-ice models, file e27ce42d-c7a7-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 108
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Formamide adsorption at the amorphous silica surface: A combined experimental and computational approach, file e27ce42d-3e9e-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 84
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Structures and properties of known and postulated interstellar cations, file e27ce434-7b72-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 39
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Computing Binding Energies of Interstellar Molecules by Semiempirical Quantum Methods: Comparison Between DFT and GFN2 on Crystalline Ice, file e27ce434-9bf4-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 36
Balancing Cost and Accuracy in Quantum Mechanical Simulations on Collagen Protein Models, file e27ce434-a5ef-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 35
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Ab initio Calculation of Binding Energies of Interstellar Sulphur-Containing Species on Crystalline Water Ice Models, file e27ce434-89d1-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 32
Water at hydroxyapatite surfaces: the effect of coverage and surface termination as investigated by all-electron B3LYP-D* simulations, file e27ce429-cb69-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 30
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Seeds of Life in Space (SOLIS): The Organic Composition Diversity at 300-1000 au Scale in Solar-type Star-forming Regions, file e27ce42c-8376-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 25
How does Silica Catalyze the Amide Bond Formation in Dry Conditions? Role of Specific Surface Silanol Pairs, file e27ce42d-1870-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 25
Monitoring the Reactivity of Formamide on Amorphous SiO2 by In-Situ UV-Raman Spectroscopy and DFT Modeling, file e27ce42f-e876-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 22
Revisiting the reactivity between HCO and CH3 on interstellar grain surfaces, file e27ce432-56ef-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 20
Elucidating the Nature of Interactions in Collagen Triple-Helix Wrapping, file e27ce42f-503d-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 16
First-Principles Modeling of Protein/Surface Interactions. Polyglycine Secondary Structure Adsorption on the TiO2(101) Anatase Surface Adopting a Full Periodic Approach, file e27ce434-6fca-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 15
Water Interaction with Fe2NiP Schreibersite (110) Surface: A Quantum Mechanical Atomistic Perspective, file e27ce435-412c-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 13
Non-energetic Formation of Ethanol via CCH Reaction with Interstellar H2O Ices. A Computational Chemistry Study, file e27ce435-412e-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 12
A quantum mechanical study of dehydration vs. decarbonylation of formamide catalysed by amorphous silica surfaces, file d3e0a15c-15bf-4bf4-821a-00aac6d47f63 11
Theoretical computations on the efficiency of acetaldehyde formation on interstellar icy grains, file e27ce434-94a5-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 11
On the Surface Acid-Base Properties of Amorphous and Crystalline Mg2SiO4 as Probed by Adsorbed CO, CO2, and CD3CN, file e27ce42f-8672-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 10
Strained ring motif at silica surfaces: A quantum mechanical study of their reactivity towards protic molecules, file e27ce429-d362-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 9
What Can Infrared Spectra Tell Us about the Crystallinity of Nanosized Interstellar Silicate Dust Grains?, file e27ce42f-3801-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 9
SOLIS: XVI. Mass ejection and time variability in protostellar outflows: Cep E, file 50f03e5a-9c8c-4ec6-80f4-0d87a878d93c 8
A quantum mechanical study of dehydration vs. decarbonylation of formamide catalysed by amorphous silica surfaces, file e27ce42f-c016-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 8
Tracing the Primordial Chemical Life of Glycine: A Review from Quantum Chemical Simulations, file e27ce435-7665-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 8
Acetaldehyde binding energies: a coupled experimental and theoretical study, file b2f7450d-76f6-4078-8001-3b92a7bdba49 7
Theoretical Distribution of the Ammonia Binding Energy at Interstellar Icy Grains: A New Computational Framework, file d39495a0-c144-4e2a-8028-e171e4507416 7
Quantum Mechanical Simulations of the Radical-Radical Chemistry on Icy Surfaces, file e27ce435-4130-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 7
CHAPTER 13: The Birth and Fate of Glycine: The the Interstellar Medium to Primitive Earth, file e27ce434-5c0d-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 6
When the Surface Matters: Prebiotic Peptide-Bond Formation on the TiO2 (101) Anatase Surface through Periodic DFT-D2 Simulations, file 0bd6a0d2-4c40-4ee5-b59f-27fb4014d639 5
Computer Generated Realistic Interstellar Icy Grain Models: Physicochemical Properties and Interaction with NH3, file 4ff6e708-2961-4ee0-98c4-0e272c5828b7 5
Seeds of Life in Space (SOLIS): II. Formamide in protostellar shocks: Evidence for gas-phase formation, file e27ce42c-8951-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 5
Formamide adsorption at the amorphous silica surface: A combined experimental and computational approach, file e27ce42d-34de-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 5
Ab Initio Computational Study on Fe2NiP Schreibersite: Bulk and Surface Characterization, file e27ce434-88f9-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 5
Binding Energies of Interstellar Relevant S-bearing Species on Water Ice Mantles: A Quantum Mechanical Investigation, file 26f11d38-fd20-4027-9a61-48aa75cbaf40 4
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