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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)
1R2DB: A System for Querying and Visualizing Weighted RDF Graphs2012Songling Liu; Juan P. Cedeño; K. Selçuk Candan; Maria Luisa Sapino; Shengyu Huang; Xinsheng Li
2Performance analysis of non-stationary peer-assisted VoD systems2012D. Ciullo; V. Martina; M. Garetto; E. Leonardi; G.L. Torrisi
3Adapting web services to maintain QoS even when faults occur2013Marie-Odile Cordier; Roberto Micalizio; Sophie Robin; Laurence Rozé
4Valid-Time Indeterminacy in Temporal Relational Databases: A Family of Data Models2010Luca Anselma; Paolo Terenziani; Richard T. Snodgrass
5Stochastic analysis of self-sustainability in peer-assisted VoD systems2012V. Martina; M. Garetto; E. Leonardi; G.L. Torrisi
6Ethical implications of analyzing opinions, emotions and interactions in social media2017Patti, Viviana; Damiano, Rossana; Bosco, Cristina
7Visualization of character’s intentions in dramatic media2013V. Lombardo; R. Damiano; A. Lieto; A. Pizzo
8A new symbolic approach for network reliability analysis2012Marco Beccuti; Andrea Bobbio;Giuliana Franceschinis;Roberta Terruggia
9Sketch-Based Interactions for Untangling of Force-Directed Graphs2017Vladimir Guchev, Cristina Gena
10A cloud solution for multi-omics data integration2016Tordini, Fabio