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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)
1Abstraction refinement for the analysis of software product lines2017Damiani, Ferruccio; Hähnle, Reiner; Lienhardt, Michael
2Analysis of timed properties using the jump-diffusion approximation2017Ballarini, Paolo; Beccuti, Marco*; Bibbona, Enrico; Horvath, Andras; Sirovich, Roberta; Sproston, Jeremy
3Classical system of Martin-Lof's inductive definitions is not equivalent to cyclic proof system2017Berardi, Stefano; Tatsuta, Makoto
4Fluid approximation of pool depletion systems2016Barbierato, Enrico; Gribaudo, Marco; Manini, Daniele
5The falsified self: Complexities in personal data collection2016Marcengo, Alessandro; Rapp, Amon; Cena, Federica; Geymonat, Marina
6A unified and formal programming model for deltas and traits2017Damiani, Ferruccio; Hähnle, Reiner; Kamburjan, Eduard; Lienhardt, Michael
7An extension of the ABS toolchain with a mechanism for type checking SPLs2017Damiani, Ferruccio; Lienhardt, Michael; Muschevici, Radu; Schaefer, Ina
8Introduction to the track on variability modeling for scalable software evolution2016Damiani, Ferruccio; Seidl, Christoph; Yu, Ingrid Chieh
9Refactoring delta-oriented product lines to enforce guidelines for efficient type-checking2016Damiani, Ferruccio; Lienhardt, Michael
10A toolchain for delta-oriented modeling of software product lines2016Chesta, Cristina; Damiani, Ferruccio; Dobriakova, Liudmila; Guernieri, Marco; Martini, Simone; Nieke, Michael; Rodrigues, Vítor; Schuster, Sven