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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)
1Abstraction refinement for the analysis of software product lines2017Damiani, Ferruccio; Hähnle, Reiner; Lienhardt, Michael
2Mining the patient flow through an emergency department to deal with overcrowding2017Duma, Davide*; Aringhieri, Roberto
3Family-based Analysis of Type Safety for Delta-Oriented Software Product Lines2012Ferruccio Damiani; Ina Schaefer
4Development of a Genetic Linkage Map in Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) for the Detection of QTLs2014C. Beltramo; P. Boccacci; M.A. Sandoval Prando; R. Botta; E. Portis
5Evaluating the Dispatching Policies for a Regional Network of Emergency Departments Exploiting Health Care Big Data2018Aringhieri, Roberto; Dell’Anna, Davide; Duma, Davide; Sonnessa, Michele
6HyVar: Scalable Hybrid Variability for Distributed Evolving Software Systems2018Røst, Thomas Brox*; Seidl, Christoph; Yu, Ingrid Chieh; Damiani, Ferruccio; Johnsen, Einar Broch; Chesta, Cristina
7Context-Free Session Type Inference2017Padovani, Luca
8An extension of the ABS toolchain with a mechanism for type checking SPLs2017Damiani, Ferruccio; Lienhardt, Michael; Muschevici, Radu; Schaefer, Ina
9A Hierarchical Multi-objective Optimisation Model for Bed Levelling and Patient Priority Maximisation2017Aringhieri, Roberto; Landa, Paolo; Mancini, Simona
10Patient–Centred Objectives as an Alternative to Maximum Utilisation: Comparing Surgical Case Solutions2017Aringhieri, Roberto; Duma, Davide