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Adsorption of heavy metals on Na-montmorillonite. Effect of pH and organic substances 2003 ABOLLINO O; ACETO M; MALANDRINO M; SARZANINI C; MENTASTI E.
Assessing the photochemical transformation pathways of acetaminophen relevant to surface waters: transformation kinetics, intermediates, and modeling 2014 E. De Laurentiis; C. Prasse; T. A. Ternes; M. Minella; V. Maurino; C. Minero; M. Sarakha; M. Brigante; D. Vione
Assessing the phototransformation of diclofenac, clofibric acid and naproxen in surface waters: Model predictions and comparison with field data 2016 Avetta, Paola; Fabbri, Debora; Minella, Marco; Brigante, Marcello; Maurino, Valter; Minero, Claudio; Pazzi, Marco; Vione, Davide
Biological drinking water processes, with special reference to mutagenicity 2000 CARRARO E; BUGLIOSI EH; MEUCCI L; BAIOCCHI C; GILLI G
Chemical and optical phototransformation of dissolved organic matter 2012 LOISELLE S; VIONE D; MINERO C; MAURINO V; TOGNAZZI A; DATTILO AM; ROSSI C; BRACCHINI L
Decolourisation and detoxification of textile effluents by fungal biosorption 2008 V. PRIGIONE; V. TIGINI; C. PEZZELLA; A. ANASTASI; G. SANNIA; G.C. VARESE
Effect of dissolved organic compounds on the photodegradation of the herbicide MCPA in aqueous solution. 2010 VIONE D; KHANRA S; DAS R; MINERO C; MAURINO V; BRIGANTE M; MAILHOT G
Effect of UVC pre-irradiation on the Suwannee river Natural Organic Matter (SRNOM) photooxidant properties 2021 Palma, Davide; Khaled, Amina; Sleiman, Mohamad; Voyard, Guillaume; Richard, Claire
Effects of the antioxidant moieties of dissolved organic matter on triplet-sensitized phototransformation processes: Implications for the photochemical modeling of sulfadiazine 2018 Davide Vione, Debora Fabbri, Marco Minella, Silvio Canonica
Global modeling of lake-water indirect photochemistry based on the equivalent monochromatic wavelength approximation: The case of the triplet states of chromophoric dissolved organic matter 2023 Luca Carena, Ángela García-Gil, Javier Marugán, Davide Vione
The impact of the hydroxyl radical photochemical sources on the rivastigmine drug transformation inmimic and natural waters 2013 Passananti, Monica; Temussi, Fabio; Iesce, Maria Rosaria; Mailhot, Gilles; Brigante, Marcello
Inhibition by phenolic antioxidants of the degradation of aromatic amines and sulfadiazine by the carbonate radical (CO3•−) 2022 Carena, Luca; Vione, Davide; Minella, Marco; Canonica, Silvio; Schönenberger, Ursula
Inhibition vs. enhancement of the nitrate-induced photo-transformation of organic substrates by the °OH scavengers bicarbonate and carbonate 2009 D. Vione; S. Khanra; S. Cucu Man; P.R. Maddigapu; R. Das; C. Arsene; R.I.Olariu; V. Maurino; C. Minero
Investigation of the degradation of cresols in the treatments with ozone 2012 M.C. Valsania; F. Fasano; S.D. Richardson; M. Vincenti
Kinetic modeling of lag times during photo-induced disinfection of E. coli in sunlit surface waters: Unraveling the pathways of exogenous inactivation. 2019 Efraim A. Serna-Galvisa, Jean Arnaud Troyon, Stefanos Giannakis, Ricardo A. Torres-Palma, Luca Carena, Davide Vione, Cesar Pulgarin
A model to predict the kinetics of direct (endogenous) virus inactivation by sunlight at different latitudes and seasons, based on the equivalent monochromatic wavelength approach 2022 García-Gil, Ángela; Marugán, Javier; Vione, Davide
A modeling approach to estimate the solar disinfection of viral indicator organisms in waste stabilization ponds and surface waters 2016 Kohn, Tamar; Mattle, Michael J.; Minella, Marco; Vione, Davide Vittorio
The modelling of Surface-Water photoreactions made easier: introducing the concept of ‘equivalent monochromatic wavelengths’ 2021 Vione D.
Modelling the photochemical fate of ibuprofen in surface waters 2011 VIONE D; MADDIGAPU PR; DE LAURENTIIS E; MINELLA M; PAZZI M; MAURINO V; MINERO C; KOURAS S; RICHARD C
Nano-MoO2 activates peroxymonosulfate for the degradation of PAH derivatives 2021 Chen X.; Vione D.; Borch T.; Wang J.; Gao Y.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 34
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