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Efficient Regioselective Functionalizations of Cyclodextrins carried out under Microwaves or Power Ultrasound 2007 MARTINA K; TROTTA F; ROBALDO B; BELLIARDI N; JICSINSZKY L; G. CRAVOTTO
Efficient regioselective functionalizations of cyclodextrins carried out under microwawes or power ultrasound 2007 Martina, Katia; Trotta, Francesco; Bruna, Robaldo; Nikka, Belliardi; Jicsinszky, Laszlo; Cravotto, Giancarlo
A new class of cationic cyclodextrins: Synthesis and chemico-physical properties 2010 Boffa, Luisa; CALCIO GAUDINO, Emanuela; Martina, Katia; Jicsinszky, Laszlo; Cravotto, Giancarlo
Microwave assisted synthesis of aminoalcohol b-cyclodextrin derivatives via epoxide opening 2011 K. Martina; M. Caporaso; L. Jicsinszky; G. Cravotto
Highly efficient synthesis of per-substituted amino-cyclodextrins under microwave irradiation in a closed cavity 2013 Cravotto G.; Martina K.; Caporaso M.; Heropoulos G.; Jicsinszky L.
Recent applications of cyclodextrins as food additives and in food processing 2013 Martina, Katia; Binello, Arianna; Lawson, D.; Jicsinszky, Laszlo; Cravotto, Giancarlo
Synthetic strategies for the fluorescent labeling of epichlorohydrin-branched cyclodextrin polymers 2014 Milo Malanga; Mihály Bálint; István Puskás; Kata Tuza; Tamás Sohajda; Laszlo Jicsinszky; Lajos Szente; Éva Fenyvesi
Cationic permethylated 6-monoamino-6-monodeoxy--cyclodextrin as chiral selector of dansylated amino acids in capillary electrophoresis 2014 Krisztina Nemeth; Celesztina Domonkos; Virag Sarnyai; Julianna Szeman; Laszlo Jicsinszky; Lajos Szente; Julia Visy
Synthesis of modified cyclic and acyclic dextrins and comparison of their complexation ability 2014 Kata Tuza; László Jicsinszky; Tamás Sohajda; István Puskás; Éva Fenyvesi
A ‘‘green’’ strategy to construct non-covalent, stable and bioactive coatings on porous MOF nanoparticles 2015 Agostoni, V.; Horcajada, P.; Noiray, M.; Malanga, M.; Aykaç, A.; Jicsinszky, Laszlo; Vargas Berenguel, A.; Semiramoth, N.; Daoud Mahammed, S.; Nicolas, V.; Martineau, C.; Taulelle, F.; Vigneron, J.; Etcheberry, A.; Serre, C.; Gref, R.
Complexes of peracetylated cyclodextrin in a non-​aqueous aprotic medium: the role of residual water 2015 Jicsinszky, Laszlo; Martina, Katia; Caporaso, Marina; Cintas, Pedro; Zanichelli, Andrea; Cravotto, Giancarlo
A process to remove bad smell and odours from plastic materials using cyclic oligomeric carbohydrates 2016 Zanichelli, Andrea; Tamburello, Davide; Jicsinszky, Laszlo; Rosetti, Luca; Cravotto, Giancarlo; Martina, Katia; Camporaso, Marina Nunzia
Nucleophilic Substitutions of 6I-O-Monotosyl-β-cyclodextrin in a Planetary Ball Mill 2016 Jicsinszky, Laszlo; Caporaso, Marina; Tuza, Kata; Martina, Katia; Calcio Gaudino, Emanuela; Cravotto, Giancarlo
Efficient mechanochemical synthesis of regioselective persubstituted cyclodextrins 2016 Jicsinszky, Laszlo; Caporaso, Marina; Martina, Katia; Calcio Gaudino, Emanuela ; Cravotto, Giancarlo
Enabling technologies and green processes in cyclodextrin chemistry 2016 Cravotto, Giancarlo; Caporaso, Marina; Jicsinszky, Laszlo; Martina, Katia
Synthesis of randomly substituted anionic cyclodextrins in ball milling 2017 Jicsinszky, László*; Caporaso, Marina; Gaudino, Emanuela Calcio; Giovannoli, Cristina; Cravotto, Giancarlo; Martel, Bernard
Reaction of oxiranes with cyclodextrins under high-energy ball-milling conditions 2019 Jicsinszky L.; Calsolaro F.; Martina K.; Bucciol F.; Manzoli M.; Cravotto G.
Adsorptive Recovery of Iopamidol from Aqueous Solution and Parallel Reuse of Activated Carbon: Batch and Flow Study 2019 Ge, Xinyu, Wu, Zhilin, Manzoli, Maela; Jicsinszky, László, Wu, Zhansheng, Nosyrev, Alexander, Cravotto, Giancarlo
In vitro enhanced skin permeation and retention of imiquimod loaded in β-cyclodextrin nanosponge hydrogel 2019 Argenziano M.; Haimhoffer A.; Bastiancich C.; Jicsinszky L.; Caldera F.; Trotta F.; Scutera S.; Alotto D.; Fumagalli M.; Musso T.; Castagnoli C.; Cavalli R.
Cyclodextrins in Skin Formulations and Transdermal Delivery 2020 Jicsinszky, Laszlo; Cravotto, Giancarlo
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