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In situ, CrK-edge XAS study on the Phillips catalyst: activation and ethylene polymerization 2005 E. GROPPO; C. PRESTIPINO; F. CESANO; F. BONINO; S. BORDIGA; C. LAMBERTI; P.C. THUNE; J.W. NIEMANTSVERDRIET; A. ZECCHINA
Vibrational properties of Cr-II Centers on reduced Phillips catalysts highlighted by resonant Raman spectroscopy 2006 A. DAMIN; F. BONINO; S. BORDIGA; E. GROPPO; C. LAMBERTI; A. ZECCHINA
Polyethylene microtubes from silica-fiber-based polyethylene composites synthesized by using an in situ catalytic method 2006 F. CESANO; E. GROPPO; F. BONINO; A. DAMIN; C. LAMBERTI; S. BORDIGA; A. ZECCHINA
Local structure of framework Cu(II) in HKUST-1 metallorganic framework: spectroscopic characterization upon activation and interaction with adsorbates 2006 C. PRESTIPINO; L. REGLI; J. G. VITILLO; F. BONINO; A. DAMIN; C. LAMBERTI; A. ZECCHINA; P. L. SOLARI; K.O. KONGSHAUG; S. BORDIGA
Adsorption properties of HKUST-1 toward hydrogen and other small molecules monitored by IR 2007 S. BORDIGA; L. REGLI; F. BONINO; E. GROPPO; C. LAMBERTI; B. XIAO; P. S WHEATLEY; R.E. MORRIS, A. ZECCHINA
Photoactive TiO2 films on cellulose fibres: synthesis and characterization 2007 M.J. UDDIN; F. CESANO; F. BONINO; S. BORDIGA; G. SPOTO; D. SCARANO; A. ZECCHINA
FTIR spectroscopy and thermodynamics of hydrogen adsorbed in a cross-linked polymer 2007 G. SPOTO; J.G. VITILLO; D. COCINA; A. DAMIN; F. BONINO; A. ZECCHINA
Reactivity of TS-1 towards H2O2/H2O solutions 2007 S. Bordiga; A. Damin; F. Bonino; A. Zecchina; C. Lamberti
Conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons over zeolite H-ZSM-5: On the origin of the olefinic species 2007 M. BJORGEN; S. SVELLE; F. JOENSEN; J. NERLOV; S. KOLBOE; F. BONINO; L. PALUMBO; S. BORDIGA; U. OLSBYE
Reactivity of Ti(IV) species hosted in TS-1 towards H2O2-H2O Solutions investigated by ab initio cluster and periodic approaches combined with experimental XANES and EXAFS data: a review and new highlights 2007 S. BORDIGA; F. BONINO; A. DAMIN; C. LAMBERTI
Fluoride-containing bioactive glasses: reactivity in simulated body solutions and behaviour towards osteoblast cells 2008 V. Aina, G. Cerrato, G. Magnacca; C. Morterra; F. Bonino, G. Malavasi, L. Bergandi, D. Ghigo.
Local structure of CPO-27-Ni metallorganic framework upon dehydration and coordination of NO 2008 F. Bonino; S. Chavan; J. G. Vitillo; E. Groppo; G. Agostini; C. Lamberti; P. D. C. Dietzel; C. Prestipino; S. Bordiga
Structural Transformations and Adsorption of Fuel-Related Gases of a Structurally Responsive Nickel Phosphonate Metal−Organic Framework, Ni-STA-12 2008 S. R. Miller; G. M. Pearce; P. A. Wright; F. Bonino; S. Chavan; S. Bordiga; I. Margiolaki; N. Guillou; G. Ferey; S. Bourrelly; P. L. Llewellyn
Synthesis of ZnO–carbon composites and imprinted carbon by the pyrolysis of ZnCl2-catalyzed furfuryl alcohol polymers 2008 F. CESANO; D. SCARANO; S. BERTARIONE; F. BONINO; A. DAMIN; S. BORDIGA; C. PRESTIPINO; C. LAMBERTI; A. ZECCHINA
Cotton textile fibres coated by Au/TiO2 films: Synthesis, characterization and self cleaning properties 2008 M.J. Uddin; F. Cesano; D. Scarano; F. Bonino; G. Agostini; G. Spoto; S. Bordiga; A. Zecchina
Conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons: Spectroscopic characterization of Carbonaceous species formed over H-ZSM-5 2008 L. Palumbo; F. Bonino; P. Beato; M. Bjorgen; A. Zecchina; S. Bordiga
Tailoring the activity of Ti-based photocatalysts by playing with surface morphology and silver doping 2008 M.J. UDDIN; F. CESANO; S. BERTARIONE; F. BONINO; S. BORDIGA; D. SCARANO; A. ZECCHINA
Fluoride-containing bioactive glasses: Some aspects of the reactivity in simulated body solutions 2008 V. Aina; G. Magnacca; G. Cerrato; F. Bonino; G. Malavasi; C. Morterra
Furfuryl Alcohol Polymerization in H−Y Confined Spaces: Reaction Mechanism and Structure of Carbocationic Intermediates 2008 S. Bertarione; F. Bonino; F. Cesano; A. Damin; D. Scarano; A. Zecchina
In situ Raman study to monitor bioactive glasses reactivity 2008 F. BONINO; V. DAMIN; V. AINA; M. MIOLA; E. VERNÈ; O. BRETCANU; S. BORDIGA; A. ZECCHINA; C. MORTERRA
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