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Continente #
NA - Nord America 4221
EU - Europa 2684
AS - Asia 1703
AF - Africa 192
SA - Sud America 118
OC - Oceania 48
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 24
Totale 8990
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 4052
IT - Italia 1270
CN - Cina 551
DE - Germania 274
VN - Vietnam 262
IN - India 205
GB - Regno Unito 167
FR - Francia 143
KR - Corea 122
PL - Polonia 120
CA - Canada 113
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 111
RU - Federazione Russa 100
IR - Iran 91
TH - Thailandia 62
ZA - Sudafrica 59
TR - Turchia 58
IE - Irlanda 57
NL - Olanda 57
UA - Ucraina 57
JP - Giappone 51
BR - Brasile 46
MX - Messico 45
RO - Romania 45
ID - Indonesia 44
HK - Hong Kong 42
PK - Pakistan 38
TW - Taiwan 35
AU - Australia 34
MY - Malesia 33
NG - Nigeria 33
ES - Italia 31
EG - Egitto 30
PT - Portogallo 27
SE - Svezia 27
NO - Norvegia 25
CH - Svizzera 24
CL - Cile 24
DZ - Algeria 22
AT - Austria 19
SG - Singapore 18
BE - Belgio 17
GR - Grecia 17
AR - Argentina 15
PE - Perù 15
FI - Finlandia 14
LT - Lituania 14
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 14
EU - Europa 13
PH - Filippine 13
RS - Serbia 13
CO - Colombia 12
ZW - Zimbabwe 12
IQ - Iraq 11
LB - Libano 10
MA - Marocco 10
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 9
MK - Macedonia 8
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 8
HU - Ungheria 7
IL - Israele 7
SA - Arabia Saudita 7
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 6
DK - Danimarca 6
HR - Croazia 6
TN - Tunisia 6
BD - Bangladesh 5
BG - Bulgaria 5
LK - Sri Lanka 5
SY - Repubblica araba siriana 5
NP - Nepal 4
SI - Slovenia 4
BY - Bielorussia 3
JO - Giordania 3
LV - Lettonia 3
MU - Mauritius 3
QA - Qatar 3
ZM - Zambia 3
A1 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A1??? 2
BO - Bolivia 2
BW - Botswana 2
CR - Costa Rica 2
CU - Cuba 2
ET - Etiopia 2
GE - Georgia 2
GT - Guatemala 2
KE - Kenya 2
KZ - Kazakistan 2
LU - Lussemburgo 2
MN - Mongolia 2
NA - Namibia 2
SN - Senegal 2
TT - Trinidad e Tobago 2
VE - Venezuela 2
AL - Albania 1
AM - Armenia 1
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 1
BJ - Benin 1
EC - Ecuador 1
GH - Ghana 1
Totale 8978
Città #
Fairfield 482
Houston 462
Torino 328
Ann Arbor 315
Seattle 230
Santa Cruz 217
Ashburn 212
Buffalo 212
Woodbridge 201
Dong Ket 197
Beijing 177
Wilmington 148
Cambridge 122
Pisa 91
Warsaw 89
Kansas City 81
Hangzhou 64
Wuhan 57
Bengaluru 52
San Diego 50
Dublin 49
Mountain View 48
Milan 43
University Park 43
Pinerolo 39
Shanghai 39
Fleming Island 36
Turin 36
Chicago 35
Las Vegas 34
Council Bluffs 31
Ottawa 31
Los Angeles 29
Toronto 29
Jakarta 27
Nanjing 27
Hanoi 23
Rome 23
Islamabad 21
Norwalk 21
Clearwater 20
Muizenberg 20
Taipei 20
Phoenix 19
Chandler 18
Henderson 18
Naples 17
Boulder 16
Guangzhou 16
Johannesburg 16
San Jose 16
Bologna 15
Bottanuco 15
Dallas 15
Scranton 14
Tabriz 14
New York 13
Amsterdam 12
Bangalore 12
Lake Forest 12
Louannec 12
Singapore 12
Cavallermaggiore 11
Cuneo 11
Florence 11
Hefei 11
Istanbul 11
Saint Petersburg 11
Seoul 11
Vienna 11
Boardman 10
Central 10
Genova 10
Mexico 10
Zhengzhou 10
Belgrade 9
Bucharest 9
Chengdu 9
Lisbon 9
Mumbai 9
Riva 9
Bari 8
Beirut 8
Cairo 8
Karlsruhe 8
London 8
Novara 8
Nürnberg 8
San Mauro Torinese 8
Santiago 8
Southend 8
Tokyo 8
Venezia 8
Wenzhou 8
Bangkok 7
Bedford 7
Delhi 7
Easton 7
Frankfurt am Main 7
Hebei 7
Totale 5131
Nome #
Accumulation of heavy metals from contaminated soil to plants and evaluation of soil remediation by vermiculite, file e27ce426-c314-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 647
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Distribution of inorganic components in Antarctic deep and surface seawaters, file e27ce427-9238-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 27
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Appplication of a newly devised electro-activated GCE to on-line monitoring of emerging pollutants photo-degradation, file e27ce428-0fa3-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 24
Comparison of different procedures for the determination of element bioaccessibility in ayurvedic formulationss, file e27ce42e-18ac-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 24
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Application of an electro-activated glassy-carbon electrode to the determination of acetaminophen (paracetamol) in surface waters, file e27ce42d-6b9c-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 23
A Rare Case of Fatal Self-Poisoning With Sodium Nitrite: Autopsy and Toxicological Findings, file e27ce435-73bb-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 23
Preparati per la medicina ayurvedica. Contenuto di metalli essenziali e di elementi potenzialmente tossici, file e27ce428-3cd4-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 22
Potential and Limitations of Voltammetric Measurements for the Characterization of Electrode Surface, file e27ce42c-a809-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 22
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Characterization and Temporal Evolution of the Inorganic Component of PM10 Collected at Ny-Ålesund (Arctica), file e27ce42c-ae17-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 20
Development and characterization of a home-made nanostructured gold electrode. Evaluation of its applicability for mercury determination in fish, file e27ce42e-63d7-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 20
null, file e27ce42a-c980-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 19
Determination of mercury in real samples using a gold-modified glassy carbon electrode, file e27ce427-89dc-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 18
Temporal changes in sources and elemental composition of airborne particulate matter sampled in Turin, Italy, file e27ce428-370f-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 18
Size resolved metal distribution in the PM matter of the city of Turin (Italy), file e27ce42b-62a2-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 18
Development of a suitable sequential extraction procedure for the assessment of the availability and reactivity of metal species in Arctic PM10 samples, file e27ce42c-b293-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 18
Dynamics of Inorganic Components in Terra Nova Bay Lake Ecosystems (Antarctica), file e27ce42e-9108-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 18
Electro-analytical determination of acetaminophen by glassy carbon electrode (GCE) after anodic activaction, file e27ce428-3720-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 17
Strategie per riutilizzare aree urbane per orticoltura, file e27ce42c-bc1b-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 17
Compositional characterization of brake pads by ICP-AES analysis: initial components and particulate matter emitted into the atmosphere, file e27ce428-17be-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 16
Major, trace and Rare Earth (REEs) elements in aerosol samples collected at Ny-Ålesund (Svalbard Islands) during the 2010 sampling campaign, file e27ce427-8b09-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 15
Influence of permafrost, rock and ice glaciers on chemistry of high-elevation ponds (NW Italian Alps), file e27ce42e-7731-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 15
Determination of pharmaceuticals in surface waters by an electro-activated glassy-carbon electrode, file e27ce42e-9e63-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 15
Caratterizzazione ed evoluzione temporale dei componenti inorganicidel PM10raccolto a Ny-Ålesund (Artide), file e27ce42e-b06f-2581-e053-d805fe0acbaa 15
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