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Towards a map of the Upper Pleistocene loess in the Po Plain Loess Basin. 65
Exploring the potential of coastal cultural heritage in geotourism: landscape dynamics on archaeological sites in Southwestern Sardinia (Italy) 16
Declassified intelligence satellite imagery as a tool to reconstruct past landforms and surface processes. The submerged riverscape of the Tigris River below the Mosul Dam Lake, Iraq 12
Below the Mosul Dam Lake. Geomorphological reconstruction of historical fluvial pattern of the Tigris River 12
The collapse of the Terramare culture (Northern Italy): a question of climate change or human overexploitation of natural resources? 12
SfM-photogrammetry for fast recording of archaeological features in remote areas 11
The SUCCESSO-TERRA project: A lesson of sustainability from the terramare culture, middle bronze age of the po plain (Northern Italy) 10
The Potential for Valorisation of Archaeo-geosites Through Climate Change: Exploratory Study of the Nora Site (Sardinia, Italy) 9
Geomorphology of the Mt. Cusna Ridge (Northern Apennines, Italy) : evolution of a Holocene landscape 9
Geomorphology of the Jebel Qara and coastal plain of Salalah (Dhofar, southern Sultanate of Oman) 9
Landscape and geology as controls on Bronze Age human dispersal: a case study from Sardinia (Italy) 8
The ancient city and the rising sea. Using archaeogeosites to convey climate awareness 8
Age, palaeoenvironment, and preservation of prehistoric petroglyphs on a boulder in the oasis of Salut (northern Sultanate of Oman) 8
Environmental and land use changes in a Mediterranean landscape: Palynology and geoarchaeology at ancient Metapontum (Pantanello, Southern Italy) 8
The Road to Canossa revised: using geoarchaeological tools to unveil the interaction between cultural and natural landscapes in Medieval times 7
Landscape spatial occupation patterns and resource availability in Nuragic Sardinia (Italy): a glimpse of Bronze Age land use strategies 7
Back to Uluzzo – archaeological, palaeoenvironmental and chronological context of the Mid–Upper Palaeolithic sequence at Uluzzo C Rock Shelter (Apulia, southern Italy) 7
Complex climate-induced changes in soil development as markers for the Little Ice Age in the Northern Apennines (Italy) 7
Short-range aeolian transport in high mountain environments: an overlooked phenomenon 6
Was the Little Ice Age the coolest Holocene climatic period in the Italian central Alps? 6
Discovery of cryptotephra at Middle–Upper Paleolithic sites Arma Veirana and Riparo Bombrini, Italy: a new link for broader geographic correlations 6
A late Middle Pleistocene Middle Stone Age sequence identified at Wadi Lazalim in southern Tunisia 6
When appearances lie: micropedology of palaeosol markers in a Pleistocene sedimentary record from central Po Plain 6
Frost features in soil thin sections as a tool for Holocene reconstruction: a study case from the Northern Apennines 6
Aquatic fauna from the Takarkori rock shelter reveals the Holocene central Saharan climate and palaeohydrography 6
Aspetti micromorfologici del riempimento dei pozzi e delle unità stratigrafiche correlate della Recinzione e del Fossato 6
Paesaggio costiero e dinamiche insediative nel periodo Fenicio-Punico: l’antica città di Nora (Sardegna) 5
Holocene environmental history at the treeline in the Northern Apennines, Italy: a micromorphological approach 5
Geomorphology of the northwestern Kurdistan Region of Iraq: landscapes of the Zagros Mountains drained by the Tigris and Great Zab Rivers 5
The site of San Michele di Valestra: new evidence of Apennines exploitation during the Bronze Age (XV–XII cent. -BC, Northern Italy) 5
The site of San Michele di Valestra: new evidence of Apennines exploitation during the Bronze Age (XV–XII cent. BC, N Italy) 5
The role of archaeological sites in conveying geoheritage awareness: a case from Southwestern Sardinia (Italy) 5
Triggering processes of deep-seated gravitational slope deformation (DSGSD) in an un-glaciated area of the Cavargna Valley (Central Southern Alps) during the Middle Holocene 5
The Khartoum-Omdurman conurbation: a growing megacity at the confluence of the Blue and White Nile Rivers 5
Surface geomorphological features of deep-seated gravitational slope deformations: A look to the role of lithostructure (N Apennines, Italy) 5
Matilda’s castles, northern Apennines: geological and geomorphological constrains 4
Reconsidering the compound effect of geomorphology, vegetation, and climate change on paleopedogenesis in sensitive environments (Northern Apennines, Italy) 4
The Eneolithic/Bronze Age Transition at Tegole di Bovino (Apulia): Geoarchaeological Evidence of Climate Change and Land-Use Shift 4
Site-forming processes and age of the Mid-Upper Palaeolithic sequence at Uluzzo C Rock Shelter (Apulia, Southern Italy) 3
Natura, provenienza e funzione dei materiali lapidei 2
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